Maulana Sheikh Nazim (The) biggest danger for a person (is) to be heedless!

Destur ya, Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah...Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allahumma alhimna rushdana wa aidna min sharri anfusuna…May Allah Almighty protect ourselves from (the tricks and traps of) Shaitan!

(The) biggest danger for a person (is) to be heedless! (A) heedless person may be caught by a trap or may be cheated by (the) tricks of Shaitan. And we are in need (for a protection), because Shaitan (is) always asking to cheat and steal your faith, Iman. As the Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured Prophet in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, was saying: “No hope remained through Shaitan that people (who are) living in Mecca and Medina (will ever) come back to worship idols. Finished. But Shaitan is (still) happy. (He is) making people to do something that is not a worshipping to idols, it is not like that, (and) he is happy if people step on the wrong way.”

As now people in the Islamic world are just cheated. They are not saying: “We are Christians or Jewish or (of) an other religion”, but they are followers of (the) Western life routine. Shaitan (is) cheating them and (he is) insisting (and saying) that: “Muslims must try to be ‘Westernised’ Muslims, or Western people should (always) say to you: ‘You are not on our level. Always your level (is) under our level. You always should be backward. You can’t be like ourselves that we are representing modern civilization. You never reach, as long as you are Muslims.” (So) now they are not saying: “You are Muslims (and that is why we don’t accept you)”, but they are saying: “As long as you are not following ourselves you are not going to be on our level.”

“What we can do?” our first class square-head leaders and doctors (are) asking. They are saying: “You must renew (Islam), you must look after your religion, because your religion belongs to (the time of) 14 centuries ago, but now we are (already) living 14 centuries after S.Muhammad sws. Therefore you must think on it! If you are asking to come on our level, you must try to leave your religion’s principles.” Islam (is) bringing some principles that (are) unchangeable, but they are saying: “You must change it. You must take some (of its) pillars (away)”- that they are principles (of Islam)- “ and (then) you should be like ourselves, on our level.”

Last Eid-ul-Adha in Turkey, in Konya, (on) the first day of Eid a building (of) eleven floors through seconds (was) coming down- all of them. How (it) happened? They are saying that (the) first floor was a big gallery to be used as a showroom for a big store or something like this and they were renting this place to one company. That company was looking and seeing (that) it was a big area, 8oo square meter. What they said? (This is something (that) happened to (be) put in front of the eyes of (the) Muslims, (so they understand) what they are doing. Subhanallah! Allah Almighty is saying: “You must tell some events for people to think on them.” And just they are giving (this) to me to speak to you. It was (a) 8oo square meter hall and there were so many columns or pillars. Who was renting (that building), he was saying: “These columns (are) no good, we must take them (away) to make (a) big store, (so that) when people (are) coming these pillars (are) not giving any trouble to (them to) go right and left.” And (so they were) taking (away) all (the) columns, that (the) building (was) on, and suddenly, after that happening, (because there were) no (more) pillars, (the) whole building (was) coming down. (That) 11 store big building (was) going down, and 11 stores (were) going to be 5 stores, all of them were coming down, one over the other…

Europeans (are) saying: “You must leave something from your religion. Take away some columns to be ‘Modernised Muslims’. You must take some pillars from it like (the first one): to pray. For what prayer? (And the) second pillar? Fasting? No need! Others? Zakat? No need, everyone is working, no need. Hajj? For what Hajj? Take holiday, going, coming. Why you are going there?” This (originally) was holiday for people (in Islam): to go on Hajj, to (be able) to move… ”And then you should be modernised Muslims. And- what you are saying? La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah? Say: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Come and say, (and) we shall draw also paintings”- their imaginated paintings. “Look! That is Father, that is Son, that is Holy Ghost. Look! You are saying: ‘Allah’. Where is Allah? Show me Allah. Look, we can show you (god), look!” And our heedless people (are) saying: “Oh (yes), I think it may be better to look (to my god) and to make like this, like that (cross).” And (they are) making (a) theatre now for Jesus Christ (with that new film) that (the) whole world (is) going up and going down… And it is far away from reality, (it is an) imagination production.

They are teaching (those Muslims) whom they are going to Western countries; their educational systems (are) on that false. And making (that to come) also to Muslim countries and (they are) saying: “You people live yet (like) 14 and 15 centuries ago. You must change everything, you must be modernised-head people.” And (so they are) taking (these pillars away,) one after one, one after one… That is Shaitan! He (is) saying: “I am very happy if (I am) cheating people and they should be from outlooking (Muslims, but from inside not).” (And if you ask them:) “What is your belief?" They may say: "Islam." “What is your praying?” “No prayer.” “What is your way? (The) Islamic way?” “No, (the) modern way.” “Now you are coming to be like ourselves. If you are not doing this, you are always under our level.”

And this is (the) big cheating from Shaitan!

And I am sorry to say that (the) Islamic world (is) just falling in such a terrible position (that) they are destroying themselves by themselves. Everywhere! First in Arabia; Arab countries they are going to be enemies to each other and (also) inside (each country) Shaitan (is) making them to be Shia- so many parties- and to fight to each other. Here there is a Cypriot Turkish government and we are only a handful people and they are saying (that there are) ten parties, fighting to each other. And (Shaitan is) making them to worship to idols also.

Oh people, you must be awakened! Wake up, oh Muslims, wake up! Because dangerous and very terrible and horrible events (are) facing you! And you are looking what (is already) happening in (the) Islamic world: everywhere (people are) killing each other, (everywhere there are) explosions. If these people were real Muslims or real followers of Islam, Allah (was) never assaulting them (with) Christians, Non- Muslims.

Don’t think that Non-Muslims can be supporters for you, no! Don’t be heedless! That, to be heedless is bringing every kind of troubles on Muslims and Muslim countries and (the whole) Muslim world, until they are coming back to put (the) pillars (of Islam) (and) to make (the) pillars more stronger. Then they should be sheltered by Allah Almighty. If they are not taking care, Shaitan (is) carrying them under that building without columns and (then the) whole building (is) coming on them, and they are disappearing…

We are believing that Islam will be renewed, because Allah Almighty (was) promising (this) to His most beloved and most honoured servant, S.Muhammad sws. He was promising and also giving good tidings for the future of Islam. Allah Almighty is saying: “I am the Protector for Islam! I am keeping Islam and no one can destroy (that) Islamic building. What they are doing, they may do- they are trying to make Islam to be taken away, (and) they are using every kind of tricks and traps- but I am keeping it, because Islam belongs to Me and I am the Protector, (the) Shelterer- I am sheltering. (I am the) armour for Islam - everything (is) coming (and) touching on Islam, (but it is) never touching (the) real Islam. I am (the) Guarantor for (the) Holy Quran and I am (the) Guarantor for Islam. They can’t touch it, no, no! They may do everything, but everything (is) finally coming on them and they should be repented. They are destroying themselves.”

As Egyptian people- they built a big dam to prevent the Nile to run freely, asking to make it under their control. A high dam. Nile mubarak (was) never saying anything: “Doesn’t matter. Put your hindrance on me. I am looking (for the) holy Command of my Lord to take (that) high dam and (those) who built it and their cities also, (and) to carry them to (the) sea as Allah Almighty (was) carrying Pharaoh and his soldiers through (the) Red Sea. Leave, they may do”… Their dam is so weak now (breaking down)… (And like this) they are trying to stop Islam, but their dam is so weak and the power of Islam is so big, but (still) they are trying to stop it. And Islam now is ‘sakin’, keeping quiet, never objecting: “Let them to be- Europeans, Christians, Jews, and ‘mesokotor’ people”- (‘mesokotorman’ means: never belonging to Islam or to Christianity, you can’t say this is a Christian or a Muslim- it is a Greek word.) They may build everything, they are trying to stop Islam. Yes, do it! (But) now (there is) coming a power, (that) not (only the building of) one Christian world’s, (but even) seventy Christian worlds’ buildings through one minute they should be taken away! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

Therefore heedless people now are on the side of Christians; they are looking and claiming that their safety and their success and their future is to be with (the) Christian world. (They) should be taken away with (the) Christian world! Those people that they are running with Europeans and Non-Muslims and (the) Christian world, they should be taken away…

(There is a) handful people here, inside (our Dergah that) they are saying: “We are not following Christianity, we are not modernised Muslims. That is only a cheating word that they are saying ‘modernised’. ‘Modernised Muslim’ means: Christian Muslim. Same time Christian and Muslim can’t be, no! They are liars and they have been cheated and they are cheating also (the) Islamic world.” But the Lord of Heavens is looking now. (There is) coming (such) a power (that) their building, that hindrance for preventing Islam to run through East and West, from North to South in a minute should be taken away. Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

Don’t look what (is) happening now- everything that (is) happening and you are looking (that) it is against Muslims. If they were real Muslims, never were going to happen such sorrowful events (as they are) coming (on them). We must ask forgiveness from Allah and we must come to the safe side, to the Islamic side, not to be cheated.

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 25.04.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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