Maulana Sheikh NazimBIRTH & DEATH (42)

Islam says make everything at home. Therefore, in Islamic homes we have enough rooms for parents, for small children, for older children, for girls, for boys and for guests and for patients. Even funeral services should be made quickly at home. We used to have a cemetery around the mosque areas for people to be buried there, not having bigger areas as a community function.

One important thing for Muslims is to help neighbours look after patients, look after funerals and look after new babies. Births must always be at home in Islam by midwives. Without paying anything neighbours were doing everything and they were happy to help each other with the birth. Or to help each other with weddings. Or to help each other with funerals. They were saying this is our honour and our obligation.

It was an obligation for families to look after patients and for funerals, for weddings, for births, in their homes. Now everyone who has a baby is running to hospitals.


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