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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim.

Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim. You must say this; it means you ask protection from Allah Almighty from the most dangerous enemy of the Children of Adam. He was the most dangerous enemy for Adam a.s., and his enmity and hatred continues from beginning up today. It is never going to be less, but getting more and more. He was never happy about the creation of Adam, and he was unhappy when he knew that Allah was creating Adam to be His deputy, which is the highest position for a person or a creature. The highest honour, over which there can be no other honour, is to be Khalifa, deputy of Allah. That honour was never granted to anyone but Bani Adam.

Allah created Shaitan before Adam. The importance or position of everyone that is created is to glorify Allah ‘yusabbihun Allah’. Every creature created through Heavens and earth is glorifying Allah; that is their level. And Shaitan also was glorifying Allah Almighty; he was praying and making Sajdah, and he was taking more knowledge, learning and asking, and Allah Almighty granted to him more and more knowledge, and Shaitan was so happy.

Then Allah Almighty declared to all angels that He is going to create a new creature to be patron for the universe. To be given patronage means to be Khalifa, deputy of Allah, to be Number 1 through creatures, to be on top point, and that the highest honour has been given to that one. Shaitan expected that top point of honour to be given to him, the highest honour to be granted to him and to his generation, but Allah Almighty created man to be given the patronage and to be deputy, and Shaitan was so angry and envious, so proud and stubborn, you can’t imagine. He said to the angels: ’If that one is going to be over me, if Allah Almighty is going to give to him that honour, I am never going to accept this from Allah, but I am going to refuse, not to accept, and I am not going to be obedient to that new creature. And if Allah Almighty is making that one under my rank, I am going to destroy him and his generation.’ Either way Shaitan was so unhappy about the new creation of Sayidina Adam a.s.

When Allah Almighty created Adam and ordered the angels: ’Bow to Adam, make Sajdah to him’, all of them made Sajdah, but not Shaitan, and his anger was not coming down but getting up more and more, and his envy and pride were getting more and more, also. And he has so many tricks for cheating mankind, to make them to fall into depthless suffering and miseries here and hereafter. He is coming friendly to people, as he did for Adam, when he came to Adam and Hawa in Paradise, saying: ’Ohh, I am coming to you to make you much more happy, I am coming as an advisor to advise you. Now you are here in Paradise, but I am seeing that you are unhappy about that prohibited fruit, because your Lord gave to you everything through Paradise, only making you not to approach that tree, not to come closer and to eat from its fruits. I know something that you don’t know and I am going to give an advice to you; I know about that tree. I am so friend to you, but I am crying that you are going to be out of Paradise because of that tree.’ He was saying the truth, but he was asking to say something else. They were asking him: ’For what we are going away from Paradise?’ He said: ’Because of that tree of eternity. If you eat from it, you are not getting out, you should be in Paradise forever up to eternity. But if you are not eating from it, after a while you may get out. Therefore Allah is preventing you not to eat from that tree. Listen to me only once!’

Sayiddina Adam was never listening, but Shaitan was coming to Hawa, saying: ’Look, your husband is never listening to me, and I am saying what is good for you. If you like to be here forever, you must taste; you must eat only one fruit, you eat half, Adam half. I am not saying to you to eat all the fruits from the tree. Only one; you should be here forever up to eternity.’ That was his advice to Adam and Hawa a.s. Yes, he was saying the truth that for that tree they are going to be taken out from Paradise. But what he said: ’Eat and you should be here’ was cheating, and he was so friendly and kind to Adam and Hawa. Hawa just believed and she took…

From that time he has been cheating mankind and his method of cheating is to come to people friendly, saying: ’O my darling X., no one can be like you. I am with you always, so friend of you. Your beard is so long, I like you too much. Do this and that, run, shout…’ For everyone he is coming friendly, lovely. He is not keeping any orders, he is free. And he is cheating and cheating, up today. From the time that Adam landed on earth up today Shaitan is the chief-master of all trouble, wars, enmity, suffering, tragic events and every Fitna that happened. He is the first troublemaker, and every troublemaker graduated from him.

In the 20th century Shaitan did his worst for mankind, teaching them everything. Now he is looking and saying: ’I am ashaming to be with my successors; so many of them are graduated, but I have no graduation. Therefore I must learn from them and a ask a magister, doctorship.’ Then he is gathering all his deputies, asking: ’Now I must have a title also, as you have, because people through the 21st century always ask from which university you have a graduation. If you say I am nothing, they will not give any importance to me. Therefore I am asking a title for me.’ And his deputies dress him like a doctor, putting that black hat on his head, a black coat, giving him: ’Now you have also, after this meeting you should be called Dr. Shaitan, magistrate, doctor, professor Shaitan.’

Now he has a title and a card also, his name, and mentioned: Dr. Shaitan, and under it 28 letters to show that he understands about everything and to everything make up and down. Doctor Shaitan, PhD, magistrate, professor and doctor. Now he is well-known among his friends as being graduated from all the universities on earth, which granted to him the titles of magister, PhD, doctor, professor, etc.

He is so angry and anxious to make all living ones to be killed and destroyed, to make all nations against one another. 21st century’s people only think to invent new weapons to kill people and to destroy cities and everything, nothing else. All nations give 99% of what they have from financial resources for armies’ weapons. They make new weapons and after one year they say: ‘This is finished we must have new weapons.’ No one is saying that secret point why the economical situation is going from bad to worse and worst: it is because of weapons and armies. They waste billions and billions of Dollars only for one purpose: for the armies. You can’t put a limit to them, because always they are asking new weapons and then there is no money left for civil purposes.

For one missile that they threw in Afghanistan they spent 1 million Dollar. They threw two, which makes 2 million Dollars, and trillions of Dollars all together they threw away in Afghanistan. How people can stand up and save themselves from the economic crisis? It is impossible, it is finished. But no one can say this. And all governments are going to be bankrupt like Argentina; everyone is going to fall down.

Impossible not to, because the greed is so dangerous that you cannot stop it. Armies ask all the financial sources to run to them, because they need to renew their weapons every time, because the other one invents new weapons and they say: ’We must also have new weapons every year.’ Therefore it is impossible now for the world to stand up on its feet, until that biggest war, Merhamet Kubra or Armageddon, should be; and that is the main target of Shaitan and devils: to destroy everything on earth, men and buildings. And Shaitan is going to sit on the ashes, when everything has burnt, and he is going to laugh and say: ’I am so happy now!’

That is coming now. Impossible, no way for the economy to stand up on its feet, finished. We are entering that tunnel, and day by day it is getting more narrow and more difficult, finishing, and from that side a few people will get out

Shaitan’s anger, hatred and enmity for mankind reached the top point and he is waiting for the moment to see the whole world destroyed, and globally people killed. Running on it. No one can stop it, only Allah. He will order Mehdi to say: Allahu akbar, three times, then it will stop. Taking power from technology, killing it, it finishes and trouble finishes also. With technology trouble comes and it climbs and climbs and becomes more and more to the point of explosion; then it finishes.

Shaitan is coming to all nations now, saying to the Germans: ‘I am so friendly to you, German people, you must be all together for the Euro.’ To the Russians he says: ’Why you sleep here like a bear? Wake up and look; Europeans come on you, claiming to be boss of Europe. What about you? Wake up and stand up.’ America is saying: ’When I am here, what is Europe, Russia or China?’ China saying: ’What about me? I am gigantic state, so powerful. No on asking me anything?’

Shaitan is putting envy among nations, and technology is making all nations to be destroyed. From six people one will remain, five die, passing away. So friendly Shaitan! But people are happy with him, dancing with him, keeping his way so strictly. If they are happy to sleep with a dragon, a wolf, a bear- up to morning you will not find even their bones anymore.

There is one way to save people: To say: Allah, to call Allah, to be for Him. Live for Allah, you should be saved. Who is not for Allah should be killed, destroyed, taken away.
May Allah forgive us and bless believers the honour of the most highly honoured servant and Prophet S. Muhammad sws.---Lefke - 22.01.2002----CategoryArmageddon, CategoryShaitan, CategoryAdam, CategoryWar, CategoryEconomy
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