Maulana Sheikh NazimBlessings of Dhul Qa'dah

(Mawlana Shaykh stands)

Dastoor ya Sayyidee. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, La ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillahi ‘l-hamd. You are our Lord! You are our Creator! O our Lord, we are beginning by giving the most honor and glory that we can give to Your real deputy through all of Creation, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). O our Lord, You are One and You have One real deputy. He is Sayyidina Muhammad (s). You have mentioned on the Holy Throne la ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadun Rasoolullah (s). When la ilaaha illa-Llah is written or wherever it is written, in front of it must be written also that holy name of the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (s.) We have said we are witnesses and are giving our oath to You that we are accepting You as our Lord, and Your representative, Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

Shukr, shukr, shukr, O our Lord, endless shukr for You. Please forgive us for the honor of the most honored one in the Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). F’aktub shahaadatak indak, write our names, as we are witnesses that You are only our Lord and Your representative is Sayyidina Muhammad (s). We are saying la ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadun Rasoolullah (s)! That is our oath! Inshaa-Allah we are not going to change. O our master, master of our dunya; the authorized one for looking after everything on this globe, on this planet. He is responsible.

(Mawlana Shaykh sits.)

You must believe that every creature has a responsibility. Without responsibility nothing is coming into existence, because Allah Almighty is never making something useless. Everything was created with its responsibility; even an atom cannot be by itself. It is going to be incomplete, to stand up by itself is impossible. Who is in existence by himself? Only Allah (swt). Therefore, you can’t say an atom is in existence by itself: impossible. It must be created and must be controlled and must know what it has been created for. Nothing is created without a wisdom or a necessity; you can’t say that as it means you are making shirk.

The Lord of Heavens, the Creator, is only One. La yashbahoo shay, nothing can be like our Lord. Real existence is for Him Almighty and everyone’s existence is through His order to say, “Be,” and it is coming, appearing in existence, created.

O People! It is a Friday night, a more honored night through the week. Therefore, something is coming now which is not going to be like other addressings. The spirituality that is granted for Friday night is something else from the other days of the week. Laylatul Jum`uah, He created and honored this night. Therefore, O People, take care of Friday night and don’t make it similar to other nights. Tajalli aazam (great manifestation)! When Heavenly appearance coming on Earth, the night of Jumu’ah is something else, covering honors and lights of seven days, and coming tonight. We are now in the holy month Dhul Qa`dah, which has been honored amongst others. Also, the Friday nights of this holy month are loaded with spiritual powers and heavenly treasures.

Therefore, O people, listen! Listen! I am trying to listen also. We must try to know where we are, where is our existence and what is our position through such a holy month, holy night of Friday of Dhul Qa`dah , night of Jumu’ah, Laylat ul-Jumu’ah. Allahu akbar! Everyone is created with responsibility. Everything has a different responsibility; one can’t be the same as the second one. You may say hydrogen atoms are all the same; that is your understanding. but fawqa kulli `ilm `ilman `aleem, “Above every level of knowledge is another level of knowledge,” much wider, much more brightened and enlightened, much more granted of responsibility and particularity. This night of Dhul Qa`dah. Allahu akbar!

The important thing is that our master is asking everyone to understand something, giving real knowledge from endless Dominion Oceans of the Lord of Divine Levels, the Divine Presence. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar. It is impossible to give, to understand and to say something for His greatness. We can only say Allahu akbar!

O People! Tonight’s main point is for everyone to know that they have a responsibility. That responsibility is not from one to another one, given something for dunya. A prime minister is responsible, a president has a responsibility, but this is something that people are giving to each other on this planet. You must know, O Man, that you have been appointed to be your Lord’s deputy and are the most honored one through creation. That is not the responsibility of prime ministers, kings, queens, presidents, generals or field marshals. Every responsibility that one person gives to another one is rubbish, because when that person is passing away he is going to be more than rubbish! Rubbish you may throw away. But the rubbish of Mankind who are not understanding their responsibilities, living without taking care, they are going to be more than rubbish, a carcass. Soon a bad smell coming from them and they are putting that bad-smelling body quickly in a coffin and burying it.

O our listeners, as-salaamu ` alaykum! You must give something for understanding. When you are listening to such words that are supported by heavenly ones, you must try to listen much more carefully. Once upon a time I was zero kilometers when I was coming from the womb of my mother, but days, weeks, months, years ran by, then I was not zero kilometers and I was getting old like an old car. O People! Take care to know something. Enough that you are fighting for a carcass. Everyone is running to reach more carcasses from dunya. No meaning! You must try to understand your mission in this world and in this life. That is high speed flying to holy Heavens. Think on it. Those thinking only about carcasses in this world are coming down.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

Sayyidina `Ibrahim (a) was calling Nimrod, “Come and believe you have a Creator; don’t say ‘I am your lord.’ You are a creature and no more! The whole world is laying down under the mighty Power Oceans of the Lord of Heavens. Come and say la ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadun Rasoolullah (s). If any prophet is not saying la ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadun Rasoolullah, he can never be granted to be a prophet. Sayyidina `Ibrahim (a) was saying to Nimrod, “Come and say la ilaaha illa-Llah, Rabbul arshi’l-adheem, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) is His deputy. Believe in him!” And Nimrod was surprised, saying, “I never heard such a thing, only from you. Our idols making me god of this planet and you are speaking to me of a God that His sultanate, His kingdom is in the heavens. I shall try!” According to the science of that time, his grand wazir Haman said to him, “I may make an instrument so that you can try to reach the Lord of Heavens. Look if anyone is there or not.” He made a simple chair and bound to its four corners the biggest falcons. One, two, three, four. Those four big birds were left hungry for many days then Haman made four pillars and bound the carcasses, here and there. Then he said, “I am coming with you also and we shall try to get up.” Nimrod and Haman sat in the chair and put the carcass up to lure the four hungry eagles who, smelling the carcass, began to go up higher and higher. Nimrod said, “What you are looking at, Haman?” The world is going to be like a small city. They reached there. “We reached now, our territory below and His territory up. Cast your arrow,” and the arrow went up and struck a fish which the angels brought from Dominions Oceans. Blood fell into the chair and Haman said, “Now we have reached and finished, we are winners. Our arrow reached that One and came back with blood on it and now we may go down. They directed the birds down using the carcass, and came down. This is a story mentioned through holy books and the holy ones are knowing this. Nimrod and Haman were thinking, “We have just finished Ibrahim’s God, now heavens and below is all our territory.” Therefore, Allah Almighty did not give fish blood and never cut its head because it volunteered for cheating Nimrod to come there. Subhanallah!

People are of two kinds, some asking to reach up, up, up, but mostly people are asking to come down, down, down. All of the world running for what? To take the carcass of the Earth. Only a few asking to get up. They are like those half-eagles (buzzards) asking to eat carcass. Dunya is full with carcasses and everyone is running to take something from it. As much as they are taking, they are going to be unhappy because they can’t finish it. But people are running and they are not asking to go up. Whoever has strong imaan their faith making them up, and those who lost their beliefs in front of the Lord of Heavens are coming down to eat the carcass.

O People! You are looking at what is happening in our times. People are killing themselves and asking to reach more carcasses. You are not finishing carcasses. Mankind is living on this planet for 7,000 years and we are reaching the seventh step. We are Believers.

Each morning after Fajr prayers, the Seal of Prophets, the most honored one, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) was asking, “Anyone has a good dream? Say it to make my nation happy.” One day he asked the Sahaaba (r), his holy companions, “Anyone has a dream to make me and also my companions happy?” One saying, “Yes, O Seal of Prophets, your Lord’s most beloved one.” “What is your dream? Say it so all your friends, my beloved companions, may hear.”

When the Prophet was saying, “my beloved companions,” do you think Sayyidina Abu Bakr (q) was there? Sayyidina `Umar (r) was there or absent? Say! Whoever is not happy with Sayyidina Abu Bakr (q) and Sayyidina `Umar (r), what is the reason? The Prophet (s) was asking, “Say, to make my companions happy.” The Prophet (s) was accepting them to be his companions or not? How are some people attacking on them and swearing at them? It is no good. I may say only this and I am sending what they are doing to the divine presence of Sayyidina Mahdi (a). I may do that; it is easy for me! I am sending and asking what should be their punishments, and Sayyidina Mahdi (a) making like this (Mawlana gestures admonishment with his forefinger) and he (a) answers, “When I am coming, I am making judgment. We know; don’t be worried,” they are saying.

The Sahabi (r) said, “I dreamt that I am in a green field and I looked and saw that a mimbar was brought and put in the middle of that green field. Then, yaa Rasulullah, I saw that you came and climbed on the stairs of the minbar. You stepped on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh; you tried up to seven steps.”

I shall ask Wahabi imaams and scholars and Salafi people, where they are getting this from and why they are not climbing more than three steps (on the minbar). It is wrong; they are wrong! As many steps as they were putting, the Prophet (s) was climbing them to make people look at him and to hear from him. That was wisdom. But those people, no wisdom with them! Why three steps for the Prophet (s), but 300 steps for your people making skyscapers? High buildings, how many stairs? How you are getting up? If the Prophet (s) was not getting more than three, how you are getting up to be more than Ka`aba Mu`azzam? Say to me! I shall ask you in the Divine Presence also!

The Sahabi (r) said, “Then you, O most beloved one, were getting up to the seventh step and you were sitting.” The Prophet (s) said, “Yes, your dream was real. That means umr ‘d-dunya, life on this world is 7,000 years and I am the Seal of Prophets, the Last One. I am coming at the beginning of the seventh thousand. Now we are in it and are looking to just pass 7,000 and beginning. After we are going through 7,000 and that means I am the Last One and the life on this planet going to finish on my time.”

O People! We are believing in holy knowledge of the holy ones. They are reaching to the Seal of Prophets (s) and taking real knowledge from him. O People! We are reaching the end of dunya. Don’t think that by destroying old buildings and making towers around Ka‘aba, you are building a new world. No, can’t be!

O People! Listen! This is something for this holy night and the honor of Shaykh Adnan Effendi. No one is knowing his level. We are knowing but we can’t say, therefore, for his honor we are reaching something from his heart. I am nothing. I am asking forgiveness from my Lord, asking something from my Lord, Allah Almighty and His most beloved one’s intercession.

Dome dome dome dome
Allah Allah, Allah Allah.
Dome dome dome dome
Allah Allah, Allah Allah.
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, SubhanAllah jalla jalaaluhu

Fatihah. Ya Rabbee sen bilirsen.

(55 minutes) For the honor of Shaykh Adnan Effendi I am not passing more than 45 minutes, (but added) ten minutes for his honor!

Allah, Allah.

Lefke, 05.11.2009

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