Sohbat Collection


Here you will find two quite large PDF files of SohbatS from MaulanaSheikhNazim categorized by 240 SubjectS:
  1. 10.693 pages document (PDF, 22MB) with some 1.978 lectures and a font size of 13pt. cut lines were corrected
  2. 9.256 pages document (PDF, 27MB) with some 1.580 lectures and a smaller (10pt) font size.

In either case, you can navigate from one category to another and from one sohbat to another by both bookmarks and the highlighted links (green). The PDF file is fully searchable and can be downloaded and viewed with any device, including smartphones and tablets. The sohbats with Germanic umlaut in the title were not included.

It is highly recommended to make use of a bookmark capable pdf reader such as Adobe Reader (good) or Good Reader (excellent).

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