Maulana Sheikh NazimBreaths are counted - can't be more or less, and prepared to be in different places
Breaths are counted - can't be more or less, and prepared to be in different places. When breaths finish here, we must look to move where going to be. We are in Damascus. When finishing, we are moving to X., when finishing there, we are going to Aleppo, Baghdad, Hijaz…in such a way. In this room, when finishing, we must get up and go.
Everything is fixed and we must follow it. We think we do as we like, but you never do as you like. Can't be. Only His will covering everything and no one's will may be able to cover Allah Almighty's Will and Judgment.

When your breathings finish, it is impossible to make an artificial breathing. It is cheating of people. A person may die, but they put a tube with oxygen in nose, showing that he is breathing. It is cheating, finished. Believers must take care not to be cheated. Now treatment of ill people is going to be as a big business, and physicians and medicine factories so big mafia, only thinking to get much more money from patients, not thinking to give a good treatment for patients. Not leaving them to die and rest, but giving so many troubles till person passing away and several days putting under…(?) that should take much more money. Now in our days treatment is going to be for the benefit of the mafia and doctors and medicine factories.

May Allah give to us, His servants, from His endless mercy oceans not to be disturbed in this life, but to live happily and to die happily, restfully.

Adam was always longing for his origin, Paradise…Unless one comes home, one doesn't find real rest. And the soul of a believer finds rest only in Paradise in the Presence of Allah's rest and the angels greet him: 'As-salamu alaikum tibtun…'

Damaskus - 11.05.2002

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