Maulana Sheikh NazimBrilliant Heavenly Currents of Light
There are so many invisible untouchable powers surrounding us from the outside and the inside. If you can reach some of them you will be guided to an Honourable Presence which can take you to His Holy Presence. You can reach it, touch it. If you lose this opportunity, you will be stuck on this earth, unable to move beyond it. There are some occasions in which mankind can reach such currents in their hearts. Which is why it is important for everyone to look after their hearts more than their physical beings. Only hearts can reach a connection with Heavenly Currents which will make you happy here and in the hereafter. This is why the Seal of Prophets*, the most praised one, Sayyidina Muhammad* was ordering mankind to take care of their hearts.
Your heart is like a fist, maybe 1/2 or 1 pound of flesh. That is what you can see. There is a real part, without which this flesh would never work. When the power from the real heart starts, you will function. You cannot imagine this engine, which sometimes works for 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90 years without getting tired. Did you think that the heart was doing this on its own? You must be foolish! It is the connection to your real heart which makes it work according to the time programmed for your existence. When that time is over, it will be taken away.

You must believe in realities beyond the material world. People living in the 20th century only look for the material world. They do not want to look behind it and see the spiritual world, not realising that the material world cannot function without the spiritual world. The spiritual world brings the material world into existence.

When you cut yourself off from the spiritual world your problems will increase and there will be no solutions. Everything will be contrary to what you want them to be. It will not make you happy. Everything will be coming against you. Your desires will make you unhappy. Everything will attack you, harm you and make you unhappy. You will be surrounded by endless sufferings and fall into endless deep oceans of misery.

That is the point which mankind is not being careful about. This is why we need to touch those currents of power which surround ourselves inside and outside throughout our physical and spiritual being. You must use your will power, once, twice or more daily and get in touch. If you do not use your will power you cannot reach it.

Don't think that your natural desires are your will. No! Physical desires which you feel have nothing to do with your will power. Physically you ask for so many things for your physical body. Eating, drinking and sexual desires keep your body alive. This is not your will, animals also have it, but they have no willpower.

Willpower is an honourable attribute which has only been granted to mankind. It is a grant from Allah the Almighty to you, the most honourable one. It has only been granted to mankind. Even angels did not get it. They have no free will, only you do. Your will can be used to make contacts with Heavenly Currents running around yourself. But most of you don't. You can only achieve such powers by fasting. It is a practice using your free will. This is why it has been a command since the first man for people to fast. All Prophets were told to order their people to fast. By fasting you can come closer to the Currents of Heaven and touch them. A fasting person will be closest just before breaking the fast. If it was not ordered for you to break the fast, you would reach a level on which angels could touch you. But when you start eating you get back to normal. It is a practice and also a training in which you learn how to use your will power.

After this Holy Month you must try not to cut yourself away from Heavenly Beings and Heavens. Try to continue. The most important time in which you can reach these Heavenly Currents is when people are sleeping. Get up, stand in the Divine Presence and ask to reach the Divine Presence. The currents will surround you and bring one hook to take you up. Try it after Holy Ramadan. Don't cut your relationship to Heavens, the spiritual worlds beyond our material world. This is nothing. You belong to the spiritual world, to Heavens.

Finally you will be called to your special station to be there. Try to be there, to reach it. If you are able to within this life you will be a brilliant star in Heavens. If not, a dead star without any lights, becoming smaller and heavier, falling down. Bring yourself up. Don't make yourself heavy by falling into the worlds of darkness. Make your way towards brilliant Heavenly Stations. Don't follow the worlds of darkness. Use your free will, your will power and you will be happy. You will find happiness running around yourself. You will be swimming in endless oceans of happiness, endless tasteful love oceans, oceans of light. You will be in endless oceans of life which death can never reach. This is an endless grant from Allah the Almighty to you. May Allah grant this to you and forgive us. Ask Him for His Pleasure and you will be happy forever.


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