Maulana Sheikh NazimBuilding for Islam

Wintertime you can't live here, difficult. But we are looking another land
downstairs. We are intending to built like old houses style. So many kinds,
styles. Two people, four, six, ten people in a house, or which style, they
may look what X. is drawing. We are not going to build palaces, we are in
need to build as Shariat saying, we are not going to build buildings that
are going to be 100 years, no. Time is over now. We are only asking simple
and humble places to be there for a short time, because when Mehdi alayki
salam is coming, people must run to Damascus till Dajjal is going away, just
killed, and Isa alayhi salaam is coming.

After that, people are going according to their destination; they may go
through East and West, Dunya is empty, and moving is easy- we are not in
need to have cars, trains or planes, no, not even ships, because the time of
Mehdi a.s. is just opposite to what we are in now. Now everything is going
to happen through, 'Adatullah, natural laws, natural rules, you must follow
them. 'Adatullah- Sunnatullah, that Allah put rules for the life of
mankind, but mankind now they are so foolish ones, leaving the rules that
give to people pleasure and contentment and that make their lives easy and
in pleasure. People left them and follow the ways of shaitan, satanic
teaching, they are building such buildings that they think as long as these
concrete buildings are standing up they think that they may live with them.
That is the main purpose; they think that concrete buildings may give to
them long life, because buildings are suitable for a long time, and they
think that simple buildings, Arabic buildings, old style Islamic buildings,
quickly come in ruins. They think that this is a reason for their lives to
be a short life. Therefore they destroy old buildings, even on the top of
mountains, and you see that concrete buildings just reached from the highest
points of living centres on earth up to lowest places on earth; it is only
for concrete buildings. If not from concrete, the buildings are blocks, just
made with cement. Even simple buildings through countryside people try to
build them from cement. Cities- concrete buildings, like cities of 'Kaum ul
Ad', strong buildings.

Therefore, in our days now, everything is opposite to the natural rules.
Natural rules, as we said, were an easy way for our lives, but we left it,
we destroyed everything from past time and build on it concrete buildings.
Those foolish people even reach to the mosques, they even destroy the
mosques that are historical monuments for Islam and they say: 'We are
rebuilding them with concrete'. Old mosques attract people to pray in it,
those new buildings make people not to enter them. Such disliked buildings
for our souls; no life, no attraction, no spirituality in them - nothing.
But we must pray. Where we may go?

This is the time everything is opposite to the natural rules that Allah
Almighty put for His servants to live easily, easy life, not to be their
lives difficult. 'Allah yuridu bikum yussir, ma yuridu bikum 'usr.' Allah
Almighty likes for His servants an easy life, not a difficult life. This is
a difficult building and makes difficulty for our lives. But people follow
satanic teachings and leave heavenly directions, heavenly advices for them.
And everything is going to come in existence with so many difficult
conditions. This building- it is not easy to build such a building. So many
months or years you must give your life to build such a building. When you
enter in it, going to be unhappy also.

Even people if they are doing as Allah Almighty ordering to them or advising
to them- sometimes Allah Almighty ordering, sometimes advising, leaving to
our minds to think on it- advising ourselves and saying: 'I like for you easy
life, follow My natural laws and rules. Use it for yourself, it is easy.'
When you get against the rules of natural laws, going to be our lives more
and more difficult. Even if you are going now as before easy life, according
Sunnatullah, natural laws, that is going to stop the time of Mehdi a.s. And
instead of Sunnatullah going to be in act Kudratullah. Kudratullah also
taken for servants of Allah Almighty, another way of power.

Now whole modern life is depending on one source of power. One ray from the
power oceans is reaching on earth and giving authority to mankind to use it,
and that is electricity. If taken away, modern life like twin buildings in
New York coming down, finishing. One ray from power oceans is authorized for
mankind to use, and modern life came on it: Finished. Therefore when Mehdi
a.s. saying: 'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar', it is going to be
off. On, quickly coming to off, just cut off, finished.

Kudratullah- that is miraculous powers. From Holy Quran coming
also. Miraculous powers coming that time, because all people are believers;
no more dirty people on earth. Now the earth is full with dirty people.
Therefore these wars and troubles are coming to clean mankind. Must be,
because they are not cleaning themselves by themselves, and coming that-
cleaning of earth from dirty people. The time of Mehdi no dirty one, no,
clean ones, and clean ones. As Allah Almighty said to Sayidina Musa, Moses
peace be upon him: 'Kuni kama urid, wa akun laka ma turid': 'O Moses, try to
be as I like you to be. When you are going to be as I like, I am going to be
for you as you like'. Balance. But people only asking now to be everything
as they like, no one thinking that we must also ask the pleasure of our
Lord, if He likes or not. That is main troubles, that you can't find a way
to take away. No way to be taken away troubles, because people are only
asking to be everything as they like and no one is asking if our Lord He
likes this or not. No solution for mankind now for their problems, no
solution. And solution must be both sides, this equal that. If you are
giving your will to Allah, He is going to make everything as you like. If
you are keeping your will, not taking care, not asking the Will of Allah
Almighty, you can't reach anything.

And it is just finished the time that Allah Almighty gave to mankind as a
chance to do everything, to make everything. And they try to reach
everything as they like and it is so difficult. Now just cut- no more chance
for mankind, for states, for statesmen, for big man, businessmen, rich men,
to live as they like or to do something as they like, no, finished.

One month just finished from 1423. First month Muharram just began cleaning
of earth from dirty people and it should continue. Then coming a time people
going to be clean, and Allah Almighty giving to them an authority from His
miraculous Power Oceans, so that if he may ask to be in a moment from
Damascus to Mecca Mukarrama, he may be there in a blink of an eye, to reach
to East or to West. Everything with miraculous powers is going to appear.
The life style is excellent, because the obedience of people going to be on
a high level in the time of Mehdi a.s. and Jesus Christ.

Now we are preparing ourselves for that time, and ask to reach to those most
enlightened days, most enlightened life for mankind. We are asking from
Allah Almighty to reach. Up to that time it is going to be a very short
time, but we are in need of some places for ourselves, for one years, or two
years, or three years. And we have been advised by the holy Prophet, the
Seal of Prophets, most honoured servant of Allah Almighty S.Muhammad sws, to
be in Damascus. Therefore our hearts begin to run to Damascus.

And it is not easy to live as people live under tents. We must use some
buildings, simple buildings, suitable for Islamic style, till reaching the
time of Mehdi a.s., then should be buildings. Dunya rebuild by Jinns. They
may do quickly Islamic buildings: from out looking and inside decoration
should be 100% Islamic. Anyone entering to his home, never asking to get out
to enjoy himself through these dirty places.

Now people never like to be through their homes, because so difficult. They
are asking to run away from their homes. That is a biggest cursing reason or
curse on people, that they are not happy, when they are through their homes.
And happy one, lucky one, is who may be happy through his home. Those who
are not happy through their home, they are not happy ones or lucky ones,
no. Wa min Allah at-taufiq, Fatiha.
Damaskus, Rankus - 20.04.2002
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