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When the last days approach, the signs of the End of Time will come. One of them, is that people will be occupied by buildings. They will not take care of their real life, their life after death, they will spend all their time building skyscrapers that look as if a person would be living for 1000 years. They never think about their real life, their eternal life, even though they are so close to death. There are so many reasons for dying. In spite of all that, these people make buildings as if they would live for 1000 years or more.
That is a sign of the End of Time, and the Prophet sws. is unhappy with that kind of umma, because their faith is getting weaker and weaker, and every time our faith gets weaker, our care for eternity gets less and less... The faith of the whole world is decreasing. It is normal for the world of unbelievers, but not for Muslims. And now the Muslim world is competing with the non-muslim world. They want to be like the unbelievers. Even in Hijas, in Saudi-Arabia, in Mekka they are building like this. It is against the warning of the Prophet sws. he never liked such buildings. Nevertheless they continue to build these buildings in Mekka and in Medina. On top of that they even blame the Muslims who are faithful to the ways of the Prophet. They say it is bida and haram.

People who want to separate themselves from this nowadays need strong faith. And even if they do have that, it doesn't mean that their children will have the same and will want to do the same. Even their husband or their wife might not want to agree to live in that way. So they might have to be patient and say 'Astaphirullah'.

It is not necessary to build high buildings and to be crowded in such a way that you need high buildings. Allah Almighty said, "The world is big enough for your accomodation." All these things are against the rules of heavens. Those who are crowded in huge cities make endless problems. Maybe all problems of mankind at the moment are created by these crowds in the huge cities. You can't control them.
London - 14.03.1992
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