Maulana Sheikh NazimBy ourselves we are weak ones. You can't do anything

A'uzubillahi mina-sh-shaitan-ir-rajim, Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim.
Tariqatun-as-suhbat wal khairu fi jami'a,. Meded ya Sultan-ul-Aulia meded!
Meded, meded!

By ourselves we are weak ones. You can't do anything. This is an
association, even if it is going to be a short one, but every association
makes a new connection between attendees and Heavens, through the one who is
authorized to make associations. Therefore, in the most distinguished
Naqshbandi order, it is important to make association with the Sheikh. In an
association with the Sheikh, murids must open their hearts to their Sheikh,
or the Sheikh is ready to open a way from his heart to attendees, so that
heavenly power can run from the Heavens through the heart of the Sheikh, to
the attendees. Therefore, it is important, perhaps, it is a pillar of this
Tariqat. As the pole in a tent, if it is not standing up, the tent can't
stand. In our Tariqat, the Imam of our Tariqat, the most distinguished
Tariqat's most distinguished Imam, Shah Naqshband, he was saying that you
must keep association with the Sheikh, because the Sheikh's heart, is going
to be in connection with heavenly stations, and then he may give to you.

And we are always in need of support, according to our needs. There are some
plants, you must give water to them daily. Some plants, maybe day by day,
some you may give once in three days, or once a week, or once a month. OK!
Therefore, according to the positions of murids, followers of most
distinguished Naqshbandi order, the more you are in need, the more you must
ask for association that is connecting your hearts with an authorized
person, who is in connection with heavenly stations. Therefore, it is

Tariqatun as-Suhbat, Shah Naqshband was saying. Our Tariqat is
our way. What is your way and for what is your way? He means to say, we are
looking for a way leading us to the Divine Presence. For what are we running
to Tartiqats? For Dunya? No! You know the way to Nicosia, the way to
Kyrenia, the way to Lebanon, the way to Istanbul, the way to Europe, and to
east and west. You know it. In this Tariqat, that means way, we are asking
to reach the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. That way we are looking.
Because time is short, if you reach, you reach. If you don't reach, you are
lost. No other chance for you to once again come here and to ask for the
way. No! It is important for our souls, our souls are asking for the way to
Heavens, and from the Heavens to the Divine Presence and in the Divine
Presence, to keep their divine servanthood.

We are losing our time. We are losing our time, we are like a person who
leaves diamonds and runs after filth (manure). Leaving diamonds, valuable
jewels and precious stones, and running after filth. Whole world! For what?
To enjoy our physical being. And our physical being, day by day, grows to a
limit and then starts coming down, down. Down to become zero. What you are
collecting? The ways to Allah, endless treasures! Aql-e-kamil, perfect mind
people, most clever ones among people, they are the prophets. No prophet
ever lived a high life. They did not make even one building for themselves.
If they built something, they built it for the honour of Allah. Sayyedina
Sulaiman (a.s), King Solomon, he built a huge temple, the like of it you
can't find on earth, and he used to sleep on a mat! When he was sitting for
his kingdom, he was keeping his greatness. Kings are dressed by greatness by
Allah Almighty. Must be! They must not be like you and me. No!

These 21st century people make their No.1 person like themselves. They even
throw bad eggs on him! No respect! When respect is taken away, the life of
people falls into chaos, and no one is able to control anything. He used to
sit on his royal throne and everyone used to tremble in front of him. He was
dressed (with greatness), must be! Everything has been made dirty since
1789, the French revolution, making everything in the community upside down.
From that time till today, finished. No control on people. No fear, no
respect. And we have been ordered to respect our rulers, but now, no
respect! 'Democracy' they are saying. It is the dirtiest system for holy
countries, governing people. No Holy Book accepts this. No! Old testament,
new testament, never accept this. I am asking Jewish people, I am asking
Christians, through their holy books, old testament and new testament, is
there democracy, or republics or parliaments? I am asking them, how they are
keeping their religions? They are cheating! Why do they not speak? There are
Bishops, Pope and Archbishops and priests. Why they are not saying that our
books never accept this? But they are also banned to speak the truth.
Democracy has banned religion to speak the truth. No, it is prohibited, you
must not say.

King Solomon sat on his throne, and people paid full respect
to him. They did not build for themselves. If they were building, putting
one stone on another stone, it was for Allah. For the honour of Allah. You
must be for Allah. You must do for Allah, you must live for Allah, you must
die for Allah, for His honour. For His honour only. There is no honour
except the Lord's honour that dresses His servants. (Recites a hadith in
Arabic). The seal of prophets, he was saying, "Those in the community, who
don't give respect to respected people and are not merciful to the weak
ones, they are not from my nation!" He is throwing them away!

'Kabir' means, that Allah Almighty dressed them with greatness. Not like your
friend, no, you can't be like friends with a Sultan, with a King, no, you must
keep your respect. You must keep your respect among yourselves according
to their levels. (Gives example of a jahil, ignorant person without beard or head
covering, standing behind the Imam in a disrespectful way). This is an
example. You must look where your station is, to be there. Everyone must
know where he should be. Everyone must try to put his ego in the last row.

There is a traditional story, that there was a person, a good one, he always
used to wait outside the masjid till all the people came. And when the Imam
said 'Allahu Akbar' for praying, he fearfully entered the mosque as last and
stood in the last row. And before the people came out, he left before them.
He just made du'a and escaped. Someone asked him, oh you, why you are doing
this, what for do you wait so long? Why you are coming last and leaving
first? He replied, "I fear that the people might know my badness and when I
appear, they might throw me out. You are not a good one to enter the mosque,
get out! Therefore, I am quickly praying as the last one and the first one
to escape"'.

But we, we must come to sit first behind the Imam! If we ask
him alif, ba, (abc) he does not know! Alif, ba, ta, doesn't know anything,
but comes (and sits behind the Imam). Therefore, I am giving this example, I
am asking to hit them. You must keep your station! Make yourself the last
one, not the first one. The first ones always carry a heavy responsibility,
the last ones don't carry it. Hisham Efendi (Sheikh Hisham) knows me and he
is also escaping. He has the right, he is a Khalifa, deputy of Grand Shaikh.
And he escapes, leaving me with the heavy responsibility. I am saying I
can't stand up on my will; but he never listens to me and just escapes. No!
You must keep yourself here. If I am saying come, then come.

None of the prophets .... it is an ocean. If we were to open this, it would
take many days to speak on it, but we are speaking of only a sign from the
Sultan's attributes. Now there are no more Sultans, finished. Everyone
thinks he is a Sultan. No one tries to learn to put himself in the last row.
Sit in the last row, and if you are not one for the last row, then Allah
will send someone to take you, protocol people may take you, "'Please, your
Excellence, your Highness, your place is not here, please come". Let people
bring you first, don't come. If you come yourself, someone will come and
carry you out.

Ya Rabbi, Ya Allah! Send us from your precious and sincere
servants to give us good training for good habits. We have lost everything
from goodness and people are running after every badness. Oh people! Run to
Allah, run to eternity! No eternity in this life. As much as you are trying,
it is a very, very short time that you will be enjoying yourselves and
nothing remains of that enjoyment, because it is such a short time. No
eternity for your egos, for your physical being, but eternity for your real
personality, which is represented by your souls. Look after your souls to
reach eternity, for eternal servanthood for your Lord, Almighty Allah. May
Allah bless you and forgive me. For the honour of the seal of prophets -
bihurmatil Fatiha.

Lefke - 01.06.2002

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