Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Century in which Knowledge Leads to Ignorance

The Ottoman Sultans carried the flag of the Prophet* for 700 years. I don't want anyone to object to my growing involvement with the Ottomans. I know what I am doing, I am not asleep. Through the grace of the Prophet* I am aware of whatever is going to happen between Heavens and earth. Shah Naqshband told us that our tariqat is the way of association. It removes the hindrances which our ego puts up between us. The egos want to be alone. They do not want to come in touch with anyone else. That is their characteristic. We want to remove that hindrance and become like one body in the same way we were in the spiritual world. There our souls were friendly with each other. Here we fight, because of our egos. Our egos are like horses which we have been ordered to ride. Instead the egos are treating us like donkeys and are riding on us. That is not a normal situation. Which is why we have no peace.

In this century there has been a permanent struggle, two big world wars, and still there is no peace. Another world war will maybe come before the 21st century and destroy everything which civilisation has built up for centuries. Everything on earth will be destroyed during this biggest war of all which is approaching. The main reason is the ego. One ego is fighting against the other. Yesterday I was informed that Turkey wants to fight the Greeks. For what? For some rocks in the sea! One of them says it belongs to them, the other one says its theirs. No-one is even living on that island and no-one has been looking after it. But now they want to fight over it! Such useless stupid reasons cause nations to fight against each other. The value of one man killed during such a struggle would be much higher than the whole island. In the Divine Presence a man is more valuable than this whole world. To kill one man brings such a curse. But the world is ignorant nowadays.

The Prophet* used to say that there is some knowledge which the umma will learn, but that this knowledge will take them to ignorance. This was said 15 centuries ago. Now look! In those days his words were not understood, people did not know that he was referring to this time. When we were living in Cyprus, the English gave independence to the island in 1960. So they gave us a new citizenship. I did not accept it, but they said that it was automatically. We were now Cypriots. In the same way, when the Seal of Prophets* was born, the time of Jesus* and Moses* was finished. There was only a Nation of Muhammad*. Every believer belongs to that, whether they are aware of it, or not.

Time is coming closer to the end of this millennium. Judgement Day is approaching and everything will be changed. You must try to preserve the way of the Prophet*. Like a miracle, he already proclaimed 15 centuries ago, that his nation would be learning, but that the knowledge would bring them to ignorance. And look! No university, academy and school, even within the Islamic community, is using the Name of Allah. They call it nature. They do not accept the words of the Creator, they do not want the Creator to enter the university. In the same way the United Nations told me in the USA, that their building had no room for Allah. That is why there is a curse raining on that place. I am sorry to say that 15 Muslim countries are under that curse.

They are so ignorant. They put ants under the microscope to see how they function. Allah gave the ant two parts. They want to see the intestine and wonder whether it is on this side or that. Those are the kind of questions they are asking themselves, not the main question, which is: who created them. It is the century of ignorance. They are running away from the eternal reality, which is: there is a Lord, Who is the Lord of Heavens and earth, the Lord of all creation, the Lord of universes... They teach how they should be able to save more money. They are concerned with economy. They have a new tesbih, "money, money, money... Marks, Marks, Marks... Dollar, Dollar, Dollar..." instead of "Allah, Allah, Allah..." That is the century we are living in. That is why I call them 'square-headed people', they can't get out of it. It is the main reason for fighting. Our egos can never accept equality, it always wants to be a bit more. Like the pharaoh, he did not want to be an ordinary god, he wanted to be first.

Allah said to His most beloved praised servant, "Oh Muhammad, if I would give every human-being a chance, men or women, don't think they wouldn't be like a pharaoh. Every one of them would! If I gave the power I gave to pharaoh, the same throne, they would all be like him. But most of them are not given that chance." Now there is a new fashion and most people have become Nimrods. Nimrod used to say, "I am the god of the earth. I don't want your Lord to get involved with my work here on earth." Everyone has that characteristic now, small people and great nations. All of them! You can find them as miniature sized or king-sized, all kinds.

One great Holy Person asked me once, "Are you becoming smaller today?" Our egos want to grow all the time, but Holy People want to bring our ego down. Try to make your ego happy by becoming smaller. It is the main purpose of all worshipping, to make you smaller until you finish. Your ego wants the opposite, to grow and grow and grow until it is a lord. But it is impossible for servants to be sultans. There can only be one King. In our days people become proud of their worshipping, of their ideas, of their actions. They see themselves in the kind of mirror there is in amusement parks, where your head looks bigger than it is. It is abnormal. People today, especially Muslims, are so proud. If they don't undergo a training with a master, they will become like dinosaurs.

Come down to your normal size. Don't claim to be big. When your ego has finished you will receive an opening to Heavens. If you come to Heaven with your ego, you will have to turn back. If you come without, every Heaven will open up for you. That is why it is important for everyone to fight their ego during Ramadan. Make it smaller and to keep it in that normal size even after the Holy Month. Don't let it come out of your control and turn you into an ugly creature.


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