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Ay Yaran Shah Mardan Let's say: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Let's say: Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillah al-hamd. Let's say: Alfu Alfu Salat... Alfu Alfu Salam, ala
habibillah Sayyid al-Awwalin wal Akhirin, to our Master (sws) and (salat and salam) to those
following his way and to Shah Mardan. Mashallah, MashaAllahu kan wa ma lam yasha' lam
yakun Know - what Allah wants will happen, and what He doesn't want won't happen.
This new day...welcome to Shah Mardan's... beloved ones, Ay Yaran, Marhaba. Marhaba to
you. You are attending a very beautiful assembly. With your blessings, we'll listen to Shah
Mardan's beautiful words... That will take us to way of Haqq (truth) and make us love the way of
Haqq. Let's listen to these words in his holy gathering. Who is holy? The ones who sit in blessed
assemblies... they are all blessed and holy. Assalamu Alaykum, Ay Yaran Shah Mardan O Lion,
Shah Mardan. The Lion... who stands in the presence of the Habib (sws) and is Habib ur-
Rahman. Habibullah (sws) is the Sultan of Prophets. Habib ur-Rahman is his uncle's son, Shah
Mardan. Draw your sword and speak. A blade is needed for these people. We hope Allah (jj) does
not let us to be from those who will be left to the blade Let's say: La ilaha illallah Sayyidina
Muhammad Rasulullah (sws) Allahumma Thabbitna ala al-Haqq.

How nice. A new day, a new provision Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, what a nice saying. O Shah
Mardan's beloved ones Marhaba. Marhaba to you. Let's say words of truth. Today... what did
we come with? The hoopoe bird... said: "Ji'tuka Min Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin" (27:22) Look,
the hoopoe bird is saying, "I came from Saba/Sheba" I am coming from the Queen of Sheba
with important news. "I will tell you that news", it was saying. Ayyuhal Ghafilun O heedless
people! O people who are not attending the assembly of Shah Mardan... they are losing. Listen,
what did the hoopoe bird say to Prophet Solomon: "Ji'tuka Min Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin"
(27:22) Allah Allah, Allah Allah Now, Shah Mardan is speaking. Pay attention. The hoopoe bird
is saying: "I came with big news, important news," said the hoopoe bird.

The Great Prophet Solomon said to the bird,"what news did you bring, tell me?" "Ji'tuka Min
Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin" (27:22) Allah Allah, the Great Prophet Solomon is listening to a liitle
bird. ala Nabina alayhi salatu wa salam Prophet Solomon, a Great Prophet... he listened to the
bird. "What did you bring?" he said. "Ji'tuka Min Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin" (27:22) and
Prophet Solomon listened to it, "what did you bring?" if your news is true, your rank will be
raised. If you speak truth, you'll be accepted & appreciated in the presence of Sultan. O Shah
Mardan, how nice he is saying: you will be accepted & appreciated in our presence or else, "La'u
adhdhibannahu" (27:21) I'll staughter you or I'll imprison you or torture you because in our
presence there is only the straight & true way, no crooked way. Learn from this. Look, Shah
Mardan is speaking now... from the words of Prophet Solomon. The hoopoe bird... what did it
say to the Great Solomon? "I made a patrol," it said. to see what is going on around us. Search &
inspect... to find a treasure or find nice news. O Solomon, we are servants in your presence. He
didn't say, slave/prisoner. He didn't say- I am a slave/prisoner. We are at your service, because
you are a Great Sultan and Prophet. We are at your service, what do we want?

It was speaking and addressing Solomon- most people don't know this. We are honored with
your service. All our actions, whether seen or not... all our actions are for you, O Solomon. We
can't decide for ourselves. We are servants under our Sultan's orders. We're not slave/prisoner.
We're honored with your service. And for your service, I disappeared for a while. I left your
assembly. I was absent, but... I found something, I found a strange country. You are a Prophet,
even if you know... I am mentioning this so the people will understand. Behind your country,
there is another country that... it is called, Sheba. Our soldiers have not gone there yet. While I
was inspecting around, I... found a country like this, it's called Sheba. Who is its Sultan? A
Queen. A lady is ruling that place. "Ji'tuka Min Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin" (27:22) I saw it, and
instead of reporting rumors... I saw it myself and then came to tell you the news. Wajadtuhum. I
saw that Sheba is a strange country. O Solomon, O Allah's (jj) Glorious Prophet. Whose right is
it to be glorious? It is the right of Allah's (jj) prophets to be glorious.

O Glorious Prophet. O Allah's (swt) beloved one, Habibullah. Are Muslims glorifying him?
Everyday, Gulbanki Muhammad... in your palaces? O kings, in your palaces... when you wake
up, are you hitting the drums? Tabli Basharat (drums), O kings... the one who's offering you this
mulk (property), who's giving it to you for the sake of glorifying Allah's Beloved, in your palaces...
with Tabli Basharat, mention his name... with muzika, now they say Mizika. The Kings &
Sultans had... drums to greet the Sultans. A Sultan...Sultans are the Sultans of heavens Our
Master, Sarwari Kainat (sws), He is worthy of it... Everyday in your palaces, O King of Saudi
Arabia... O Iran's false ones, O honorable people of Damascus, O Baghdad, Yemen, India,
China... o people o kings. For his glory, in the heavens.... tabli basharat is being played for Shahi
Risalah (sws)... Are you doing anything (for him) on earth? Let him say, his Majesty, King of
Saudi Arabia, ruler of Mekkah, when you wake up, for the sake of the Glorious Prophet... o
people of Egypt, Baghdad, Damascus, o muslims in Indian and China, the ones who put being
Turkish ahead, and throw Islam behind, is there anyone among you, when you wake up... tabli
basharat for the glorification of our Prophet of Mercy... are you playing the drums? Good tidings,
with the blessings of... Allah's beloved one, we awoke. His glory is great. We can't reach it,but...
we are declaring it. Tabli Basharat, for his glory... let's play a trumpet, let's recite gulbank

Ya Rabbi, may the glory and honor of your Habib increase. Is there anyone saying this? No.
Well, by whose blessings... did you become prince or king? Why don't you make this
glorification? O Egypt's drunk leader, O Iran's mindless leader, O leader of those who threw the
Ottomans behind, are you accepting, every morning, Gulbanki Muhammadi... to beat the drums
and call out, Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi, Allahu Allah Allahu Allah, Muhammad Habibullah; to
say Gulbanki Muhammad, la ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah (sws). Do you have respect,
o kings? o leaders, o princes? Your only interest, is to say that you are something. When you
come, you want a band to play for you. You want soldiers to line up and salute you. Who are
you? Why should they salute you? Can you salute a tyrant? Those who salute tyrants become
disbelievers. "Wa min ba'di Muluki Jababira" (hadith) o scholars of Egypt, Damascus scholars of
Arabian peninsula, Baghdad, don't you know...

"Wa min ba'di Muluki Jababira" After kings, tyrants will come. That means, satan's men will
come. They are satan's. Obedience to them is sin. To give them the right to speak is big sin. The
divine whip from heavens is coming to hit them first. Look what is being said now,"Ji'tuka Min
Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin" (27:22) O Glorious Prophet, our duty comes first. You appointed
us. On our heads is your crown, what your Lord has granted to us. Too look around and
search... that is what we are ordered to do. O Allah's Glorious Prophet, O Prophet Solomon,
who is the ruler of humans and jinn, you didn't see this place. Which country did you see? I saw
Sheba. I saw that there is a lady ruling over them. A lady is ruling? They have a queen? Yes, a
queen. If there is no King, what authority does a Queen have? "How can this be", he asked. "Go
and research well". Ladies...we have a right to speak in the assembly (parliament) also. Ladies
should know their place (limit). Ladies cannot do the job of men. But satan mixed up everything.

Go and see what this is, he (S.Solomon) said. He made a patrol and came to give his statement.
There is a Queen ruling her sultanate. Strange and the country is strangely flourishing. Her
throne is solid gold. Even though she is a queen, everyone trembles from her majesty. That is
what I found there, a queen, it said She is ruling over men. What kind of men are these? Can a
lady have power over a man? O Nabi Allah. This is Shah Mardan's addressing, Shah Mardan's.
at the door of the Sultan, tabli basharat is being played. No one can go near because her throne
is such that you can't look at it; your eyes can't look from the glare. Even though she is a lady...
she rules a country. It can't be, he said. She has a throne... no one has seen that throne. Every
morning and evening... tabli basharat is played. According to their religion, they play... to glorify
their queen. They had tabli basharat. These are nothing next to the Greatness of Prophet

However, woe to you o princes, o kings, o presidents. You forget our Prophet and make
yourselves to be glorified. Which one of you has tabli basharat at his door... to make a morning
ceremony to glorify our Glorious Prophet? Which one of you throws a cannon, or raises his
banner? Which one of you stands up with manners & respect to say salat and salam? Let the
king of Saudi Arabia tell me. Let all the other kings and princes tell me. Who dressed you with
that rank? Prophet (sws). Without his signature, can king of S.Arabia sit there? No, they'll bury
him next day. Which one of you thinks about this? O kings, today we woke up. The Prophet of
last days... with his compassion and intercession we stood up. Does it come to your mind... to
play tabli basharat (drums), to say... La ilaha illallah, la ilaha illallah la ilaha illallah,
Muhammadur Rasulullah (sws)? Tabli basharat, play the drums of good tidings, stand up at the
door of the palace or go on the balcony... and say Gulbanki Muhammedi, salat and salam... to
our Prophet (sws).

Ay Rabbul Alamin you sent your Beloved (sws) to us as a Prophet, our honor is from that
Prophet. Zidhu Ya Rabbi izzan wa sharafa nuran wa surura wa ridwanan wa sultana. Are there
any kings saying this? Mr. Akmaluddin should say it. You claim to be leader of Arab and Turk
muslims. You wear ironed trousers and walk around with nothing on your head. At the assembly
(parliament) you don't say Salawat ash-Sharifa. What blessings does that have? Man tashabbaha
bi Qawmin fa huwa minhum. Whoever imitates someones, he is from his nation. Europe? What
is Europe? They are unclean disbelievers. Why try to follow them? Why not put the crown of
Prophet (sws) on your head. The hoopoe bird glorified Prophet Solomon... and Allah (swt) gave
him a crown. Those birds have crowns. The hoopoe bird has a crown on its head and Prophet
Solomon stroked its head. It has a crown. Well, if you don't glorify the Prophet of last days...
what honor do you have? what value? what dignity do you have? Nothing. "Ji'tuka Min Saba'iin
Binaba'iin Yaqinin" (27:22) Allahu Akbar.

O Sultan, King of Saudi Arabia, o princes, every morning, go on the balcony of honor and ... La
ilaha illallah, Sayyidina Muhammedur Rasulullah. Sallu alayhi, sallu aleyhi wa sallimu taslima.
Are you saying salat and salam along with your soldiers? Shame on those kings and princes who
are... given that rank from our Master (sws) and... they are not performing worthy service.
They're not saying salat and salam and in fact, one country has forbidden the calling of salat and
salam. What is this disgrace? What is this? How will they answer in the presence of Prophet (sws)?
Say: "Ji'tuka Min Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin" (27:22) Look at Prophet Solomon's...
Majesty...oh...hay...Sayyidina Sulayman I wish I was at your feet to kiss them. Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.

All prophets are kissing the feet of our Master (sws). And you are not standing up. What value do
you have? O owners of palaces, in the morning go out to the balcony of honor when your
soldiers are saluting you, first... make them say takbir (Allahu Akbar) for Allah (swt), after that...
make them glorify Khaliqi Lam Yazid's Beloved (sws), say: alfu alfu salat, alfu alfu salam alayka
ya sayyidal awwalina wal'akhirin. Zidhu ya Rabbi izzan wa sharafan nuran wa surura wa
ridwana wa sultana. Do any of you say this? Is this in your ceremonies? I am asking kings, I am
asking princes. Shame on all of you because you are not making this glorification. But, if it's taken
from your hands, don't cry because it won't be returned. It's taken from those not giving thanks
to Allah. Honor is not given back. If it's taken from you, no king or... no prince will be left.
Don't claim to be something. Go on your balcony of honor with your soldiers below you, and
make takbir and say salat and salam. Say Shukr and Hamd to our Mawla, who granted us these
blessings. For the sake of His Habib... give us good health, dress us with the dress of majesty, Ya
Rabbi and to spend what you gave us for Your way... Dress us with .... Let's spend in your way,
because Habib said: "ati (anfiq) bilaa laa wa laa takhaaf min dhal arshi iqlaalan" Is this Arabic or
Turkish? Akmalluddin, why don't you tell the kings? Is this a hadith or is it made-up? Tell me,
they are looking at you from above. many people, if they don't follow this order, they won't
make it to Ramadan and this is just to pull their ears (warn you).

40 countries when they start govt meetings, do they stand & say salat & salam? If the parliament
members do not, then it is not a parliament. Allah (jj) Ya Rabbi, He sees and looks. Allah (jj) has
glorified... His Beloved (sws), Come O My Habib... and wander in My Magnificence & Beauty.
Who can be above that? Why aren't you making this glorification? O kings and princes. Start
right away, start from tomorrow, Monday... which is the day the world was given honor. Start
tabli basharat, play the music and say salat and salam, Glorify our Master (sws). If not, you'll be
taken. They won't reach Ramadan. O Akmalluddin, say these things to people. If you don't, they
don't care if you say you are president, they'll take you. Don't think that they'll just bury you, no.
Who knows where they'll throw you. This is a harsh addressing, today's addressing.

Find someone who will give you certain news, that is the meaning... The hoopoe said: "Ji'tuka
Min Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin" (27:22) You listen also. Prophet Solomon listened to the
hoopoe bird. And I am a weak servant, but Shah Mardan is speaking to us. O Shah Mardan, O
Shah Mardan Have mercy on us, oh Sultan of the arenas, Shah Mardan. We are watching your
sword. With your double-pointed sword... sweep away all the bad people who come against
Islam. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, Mashallah, La Quwwata illa billah. I am not the one saying this.
This is a direct... inspiration, or you can call it whatever you want. These words are words of
Haqq (truth). Start from tomorrow... to say Gulbanki Muhammad and Salawat Sharifia in your
palaces. Say salat and salam from the minarets. If you don't... you won't reach Ramadan. None
of you, neither kings nor princes. Don't even ask about presidents - presidents are... low, the
lowest of people. They are the lowest. The people at the bottom will me made the head, feet will
become the head... Those who overthrow kings and come to power are the feet (lowest people).
Whether you like it or not.

If not, Shah Mardan's sword... is drawn. It isn't afraid of America, or Russia... or China. The
Chinese who are the nation of Makruh - they eat mice, they eat centipedes, they eat lizards, they
eat impure things. These people... are not worthy of addressing. Do not get offended. I am
neither afraid of China, nor Japan, nor America. But I will make them afraid. When I say "I", it
is refering to Shah Mardan. O Shah Mardan, let there be love. Let's say, Marhaba. Marhaba Ay
Yaran Shah Mardan. Beauty is with you, good understanding and ideas are from you. Prophet's
satisfaction is for you, Allah's (swt) happiness is with you... and will reach to you. Ay Yaran Shah
Mardan. Listen O Iranians, O Alawis, If you don't listen, something terrible will happen to you!
There are 700 of those with horses waiting in heavens. There are 7000 angels being kept waiting
who didn't come down on day of Humayn, They are in front of Sahib az-Zaman. There'll be 7
heads on each spear. They are like dragons, beware.

O scholars of Azhar, why are you afraid? Speak truth; authority belongs to Shariah (Allah's
divine laws) but because of ignorance, Kama Takunun Yuqalla Alaykum let's correct ourselves-
When you're righteous,crooked ones can't rule you. Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi
Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi Allahu Hasbi Allahu Allah Ya Rabbi. Your holy servant... Your
Victorious Lion, Asadullah al-Ghalib, Shah Mardan, for his sake,for the sake of your Habib, in
order to destroy satan's sultanate... send us a Sultan Ya Rabbi. We are left without a Sultan.
These sinful disbelievers are playing with us. We do not fear anyone other than Allah (jj). No!
Why should we be afraid? They should fear us! However, we have a strange cannon that they
made. They control us with that- it shouldn't be! Don't put it at the borders. Say Allahu Akbar
and walk. Why are you throwing these on people's heads? Why do you throw fire on people's
heads from those airplanes, O oppressors. Aren't you going to die? Yes you will, you will die. But
in the grave, you will suffer. Aman Ya Rabbi, Tawba Ya Rabbi.
Let's repent. O kings, especially the king ruling in Saudi Arabia. He is respectable. He is
respectful and does good things. Unfortunately he gives most of it to rocks & dirt. His service to
people is little. It is necessary, every year for the poor people... not a billion, but to say, "I give 1
trillion to the poor" for the sake of Allah. "anfiq bilaa laa wa laa takhaaf min dhal arshi iqlaalan."
Don't forget o kings. Why are you hoarding? This bank is mine... This chest is mine, this country
is mine...Don't say this! Say: My Lord gave this to me. Why? Anfiq (spend). Spend...Bilala...this
has 2 meanings. First, Hz Bilal al-Habashi. Second, without saying no. Don't send people away
from your door. Don't kick them out. When you give, don't think that... the Owner of the
Throne, our Lord will reduce what you have. Man Zada Lillah Zadahullah. Ya Rabbi tawba Ya
Rabbi tawba. Shah Mardan is saying: Ya Rabbi tawba. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. O Iranians...
Don't make weapons that kill people.
This is the news. "May Ahya Wahidan, Kama Ahya Ummah" (if you give life)... it's as if you
brought them all to life. How many people are brought to life? Why are you accumulating? Be
careful, the coming month of Rajab... the awliya call it, Terrifying Rajab. Scary Rajab. It will
start with oppressors, their heads will be cut. Protect yourselves. Spend (for Allah), give, save
yourself. If not, your head will go in this world. and in the hereafter and they won't allow you
into paradise. This is a threat. I'm not one to look and read from books... This is from Shah
Mardan and it is always from him.He is sultan. It's his speech. Who listens, wins. Who doesn't
suffers what befalls him. Don't be an oppressor. Keep justice. Don't be stingy. Be generous.
Generous ones are accepted on earth... and accepted in heavens. Why are you accumulating?
Don't hoard, give. Shah Mardan is saying: Don't save, give.
Habib ur-Rahman, Ay Shah Mardan. Your advice is gold & silver. It's gold. It's more precious
than jewels.Dress us also with the dress of Majesty. So those who hear the name of Islam will be
in fear. If not, they will bring down the one in Egypt too. They will bring down the oppressors in
Syria too. They will bring down the oppressors in Turkey and Russia... and China. Whichever
country has oppressors... And they'll bring down America too. Hey, Divine Anger... if it just stirs
a little, they'll be finished! On earth only 1 out of 5 will remain. Out of 5 people, 1 will remain...
The rest will go.

This is news, it's near. "Ji'tuka Min Saba'iin Binaba'iin Yaqinin" This news is similar. It is from
Shah Mardan. Iran, get your head straight. You call him... the 10th imam. He's not an easy
imam, he will strike those who are crooked! He is Sahib az-Zaman, Mahdi (as). You also believe
in him. You say... many nonsense things. There will be Qisas (punishment). Whoever... kills an
innocent person, they will be punished according to Qisas. Punishment on earth and in the
grave. Protect yourselves. Wal Hadharul Hadhar ya ibadallah. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya
Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. Shukr Ya Rabbi, Shukr Ya Rabbi Shukr Alhamdulillah. Yaran
Shah Mardan... they are not the Baktashi, nor Alawi, nor Shia. They're the ones on his way.
Don't make empty claims. Your chair... don't think it's sturdy. One day they'll break it on your
head. They'll throw you and run over you. I am speaking words of Haqq (truth). I'm not saying
names, whoever stands against shariah(divine law) and Islam... whoever oppresses for people... all
their heads will be on spears. A strange situation is coming. Rajabun Ajayibun. Be careful.
Kings, every morning say Gulbanki Muhammad, arrange your soldiers in front of you in the
room of honor... Make them say Takbir - Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd. Then
say salawat to our Master and make dua. The king's supplications are granted. Then order for
dinner tables to be given to the poor. Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq May Allah (swt) forgive me and
you. Fatiha.

Azhar scholars can give their comments. They are respected, they shouldn't fear. The pillars are
in egypt, they shouldn't fear. Speak truth, you are dragons. Those who don't listen to Haqq...
crocodiles will eat them in Egypt. Crocodiles will wander the streets. They'll eat some people and
not others. People of Egypt should be careful. Don't say: I am president, ikhwan, this and that.
Does Allah (swt) like what you are doing? If not, your work is rotten. Crocodiles will eat them,
they won't be killed by people. Crocodiles will catch them all of a sudden, a crocodile will be
found inside their home & eat them. Tell them this also, it is also from Shah Mardan. How can a
crocodile be inside the house? They are found in the Nile. Allah (swt) will send them wherever
he wants. Crocodiles will eat them inside their homes. And those in Egypt who are ruling... and
not implementing Shariah, claiming to be this and that... these words have been said to teach
them, Alim Allah. Inside their homes, crocodiles will eat them. Otherwise, there's a poisonous
little animal... that animal, if it bites them... neither their manhood nor their life will remain.

This is an announcement & order from the pillars in Egypt, what I am saying Tawba Ya Rabbi,
Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. Say, O Azhar scholars, don't fear. There are pillars
there. There are holy ones in Egypt, a sultan. Sayyidina Hussain. Ya Rabbi Tawba, Ya Rabbi
Tawba. Don't let us follow bad ones. Those who have minds, don't follow. If they do, crocodiles
will eat so many. The Nile will overflow, it will flood & countless crocodiles will come out. In
other countries, there are floods but without crocodiles. In Egypt, when there's flood, there are
crocodiles, coming out in armies. They can't be killed with guns, or tanks, or cannon. Beware.
Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. Fatiha.

Shah Mardan has announced this. Who accepts, will be saved. Who doesn't accept, their work
will turn to dust. People of Egypt shouldn't go out at night. Because strange... creatures wander
outside and will swallow them. Especially if they find ladies, they have no chance. Don't make
meetings. If the leaders are oppressors, there is a crocodile... that will swallow them. Tawba Ya
Rabbi. Let's repent and say Aman Ya Rabbi Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Lefke, 06.04.2013

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