Maulana Sheikh NazimChanging Gold and Silver Money for Paper Money is Against Allah's Command

Ya Kareem, ya Hayy, ya Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, `Azeez Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kareem Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah!

Subhanak, subhanak, subhanak. We are Your servants, Oh our Lord! Ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulallah, salat and salam on you, Oh most beloved servant of our Lord! Send us from your Holy breathing to destroy Shaytan and Shaytan’s sultanate. Day by day I am asking a power to make sultanate of Shaytan under my feet. Fatiha.

Welcome, Oh people! Oh mankind! May Allah send us from Heavenly Support, Heavenly breathing to take away Shaytanic traps and tricks, to clean this world from Shaytan and its supporters!

O people! You must say A`udhu billahi mina ’sh-shaytanir-rajeem. That means, “Oh our Lord! We are running to You from Shaytan and its traps and tricks.” We are saying, we are weak ones and we are asking Heavenly help that just granted from Heavens to most honored nation, the nation of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). We are asking support and whole awliyas are asking for Heavenly support because so weak, so weak, and those people and mostly every nation including Arabs and Turks and Pakistan and Afghani people, Iranian people, everyone they are fearing from Shaytan and its tricks and traps.

And I am asking from my master that masterhood (is) given on earth and on Heavens also masterhood. People running now for masterhood. They are trying, giving everything, for what? To reach a title, Master of Science, yes? Master of mathematics, master of astronomy, master of literature. So many masterhood, they are running after it and they are not asking from real masters. They are running after imitated masters, whole masters that their masterhood, from man to man, from man to women on earth, all of them, they are not real masterhood. Real masterhood must be granted from Heavens; if not they are imitated, no value, no value.

As we have money. It is paper money, paper money never seen before, but Shaytan making people to use paper as money! And when coming a crisis, economy that they are saying economical crisis, saying “Ooooh, we are bankrupt!” What we shall do? But they are not asking what is real reason that whole nations now falling in a deep valley, trying to save themselves, and they are saying, “(This) never happened through history of mankind, from beginning up to today, such a big economical crisis.” Ahhh! And they are coming and asking, “Oh Shaykh, what is your opinion? Do you know any way according to your knowledge, what do you think, how we can save ourselves from such a big economical crisis?” They are coming and asking to me.

I am saying, Oh people! You are dealing through each other, people and governments, governments to governments, working people, no working people, it is just based on a wrong base. It is not true, because you are changing the pillars of economical powers. And I am saying to them, Oh people! What is your opinion if I am saying to you, I'm asking you. For example, there was a castle for a person and he intended because we are living through 20th century or 19th century or 21st century, according to principles of economy they are putting on now, some people they are coming and saying, “Oh Shaykh, I have a big castle just built with stones. Very strong building, that it had been used as a castle for kings or queens or prince, but now I am thinking to destroy that huge castle and taking everything in it and putting a flea market to take much more money, and instead everything in that castle to be from cartons, cartons. I may do same, build same building but not from stones, taking stones keeping and putting this cartons or like cartons, something. And it can be easy for building if you are building such a castle on its model may take years and years but if we are building from cartons, we may finish it through days or weeks or months.”

And people coming and hearing the lecturer say, “Oh people! Don't worry, we may take this huge castle down. Taking its stones and putting on every stone a number and we are going to keep them and instead that we are bringing carton and building same building from cartons. If we are going to do a wrong thing then we may bring that number stones and putting everything as it was before, then we have same castle.”

Some of Shaytan’s angels saying, “Don't worry, very good idea to keep stones and to put cartons, it is okay.” And they are building, taking that huge castle and building from carton a castle, it looks like much more gigantic because they are using so many colors and writings and decorating. Really that is so easy to be built and so magnificent view if anyone looking, forgetting if it is from carton or not they are running in it and saying, “oh, so beautiful, so magnificent castle!” and putting soul (?) there. What do you think? And after a while coming a storm taking away that castle that built by cartons and flying away, throwing castle into sea, into lake, through jungles, each part on different direction. And people saying, “What happened?” And I’m sorry to say, big crisis coming, taking new carton castle and now you are looking where is that castle?

Those people through this century are trying to do what I am saying now. They are asking to take from people gold and silver and putting instead of it a piece of paper written on some of it 5 Turkish pounds, on another I am looking and seeing in another color and big numbers and it is writing 100 Turkish pounds. It is only three times bigger from 5 pounds. Then there is some of them also written on it, same size of paper, written on it 200 million pounds. And I am asking, oh economist people, what do you think? You are laughing to people, you are cheating people, you are saying, “We are economist people, bringing a new system to be useful to you and ourselves. Bring your gold and take this paper that it is so easy for carrying. Where I may keep my gold? Bring to us; we have a safe that no one can touch it because just controlled by electricity; if anyone touching may fall down dead. Don’t worry, bring and take one. The people saying, “OK, sir.” Bringing gold and silver, giving to bank and economist people, and taking papers, and then now they are making, what? Saying, tricks, tricks, and traps!

Now saying, “Oh, we are bankrupt, we have now 700 billion debts. We are bankrupt.” US, may be bankrupt? Yes why not? Why not? Our 700 billion dollars, oh Shaykh, if it is not being billion, trillion finished because it is only written on paper 700 trillion dollars. Where going? On paper! On paper! And now they are crying, crying. We may say, doesn't matter.

Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh. What is that sound? That is sound of wolves coming on sheep flock. Coming, coming, coming and what they are coming, they are coming and crying, crying, they are saying all sheeps just disappeared and now we are so angry ones, what we can do? We can’t eat trees like sheeps, like cows, like asses, like donkeys. Where is our sheeps? Don’t ask sheeps, sheeps passed away. Huh? They must cry, small ones beginning. What happened? Sheeps went away. What we are going to eat? Eat grass. We are not sheep to eat grass, our custom to eat meat. Our provision, our provision if they are not sheep they are wolves, bears also are even lucky than ourselves because bears may eat also pears and apples and everything may eat, animals also, and they are not asking animals, if it is going to be dead one or living ones. Eating. But they are wolves never eating, we can’t eat dead animals, what happened ourselves, oooh, finished, finished.

(Mawlana singing)
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm.

(Mawlana speaks very playfully) What is that sound we are hearing? That is sound of dead people, they are taking dead animals to cemetery wah wah wah wah wah wah beginning to cry, they are after those people coming to you, to take you to your cemetery!

rum bom rom bom rom bom

Because our king’s order is, we are taking you to your cemetery because you are so troublemakers we must take you away. And now first Americans wolves crying, secondly French wolves they are laughing. So many times I am giving to you nasiha, advising to you. England saying so many times, Bank of England was saying to you, don’t take gold from you, don’t use paper money. So many times that ever happening, such a thing, even first times of mankind that they are on earth, but you are not listening to me.

Then, then, then, then, I take my pipe (Mawlana puts miswak in his hand, like smoking) because I am keeping whole gold, to say, Oh Bank of England. We are not listening to kings of jungles, we are lions. We are not listening. Eat carcass of people. We are very happy when we are eating carcass. Yes sir.

That is history of crisis. Which clever one giving gold and taking paper? Never thinking what is finally what is coming because the Lord's Heavenly Orders, Heavenly Orders of Heaven. Lord of Heavens ordering, Oh people! If you are doing trading, give gold and buy it, give copper and buy it. Never the Lord of Heavens was happy to be changed gold and silver into paper. That is a warning, Heavenly warning that one day all of you going to die for that wrong way. You can't find anything to buy or to sell by papers.

O people! Come and listen Heavenly Order of the Lord of Heavens. If you like to save yourselves, don't try to do so many conferences and saying what we are doing now? And all of them they have fields of gold but laughing to people and saying, what we are going to do, our paper monies just finishing. What we can do, Oh people? Oh people! What is your opinion, sir, for saving people? Oh Your Excellency, knowing that we are thinking on it since crisis beginning, yes sir, but crisis was beginning at the beginning of this century when you changed gold into paper monies. Yes sir, but to do everything according to our ideas, new ideas, because we were thinking to build a new life system on earth, therefore useless. But I am sorry to say it is like a sila, gun, not going forward, coming back as we now knowing nothing to do to save ourselves. Oh our brother, don’t say that we don’t know, we are knowing so many things, but if we are doing that… new economical system, yes sir.

(Sound cuts out)

Don’t worry sir, our cases full with gold and give to people so many promising that, Oh people! Don’t worry after two months we are giving to you what you lost 10 times more. All of you agree? Yes sir, we want 20 times more, no sir we can give our people 100 times more. Yes sir, yes sir. All of you agree? Yes sir. We find it that after 100 years we are giving to people 1000 times, don’t say 1000 times. Too much. Doesn’t matter, we are only writing, even you can write this. After 100 you are coming and saying where is 1000 times more? Huh? Who is living in that time? We are in cemetery and they are also in another cemetery.

That is true, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray! Salute to all of you, finished. He he he.

What we are saying today? I forget, because I am not preparing something but I am only transmitting. Therefore, what coming I must say. It is like theater. Two theatres. One theatre there is like drumming a person he said he is lucky, another saying crying. Therefore, we are under Heavenly control now as they are saying, I must say. Because I am blaming whole nations, for what? Oh Shaykh, for not sending me even paper money to make advertisement for their paper money. If not sending, I am making X on their big oak tree.

May Allah forgive us and send us a Holy One to correct everything, because everything now through the life of mankind on wrong way. The Lord never happy with their ways and He is going to punish them, then to send someone, Holy One from Heavens, to correct every wrong thing.

O people! Think on it. Think on it. This world… (adhan is called) It is okay? Happy or not? Hearing and happy.

(Sultan is singing)
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm.

O people! Come and listen to me. I am with you listening. The Holy Ones of Heavens coming for you. Such Holy Ones that they should guide you to the ways of Paradises. If not, whole responsibility should be on your shoulders, should be, and nothing can save you from your wrong steps. You may cry here, and through cemetery and the second world that the Lord of Heavens calling you for your judgment. May Allah forgive us.

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm.

“Dumm” means continue on to true way, you should be happy. Be true ones (and) you should be saved here and Hereafter. Ameen. Fatiha. La illaha illAllah, tawbah ya Rabbi, tawbah astaghfirullah, tawbah astaghfirullah! Fatiha.

Lefke, 01.08.2009

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