Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimAnd We Have Certainly Honoured The Children of Adam (as)

O people say Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar,
Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi Al Hamd. Say & you will be in peace. Say it & your hearts will be in
peace. Your bodies & hearts will be peaceful & in Heavens in the Hereafter & forever. Thumma
al Salat wa al Salam 'ala Sayidi al awwalin wa al akhirin Sayidina Muhammadin (saws) wa 'ala
alihi wa sahbihi ajma'in. He taught people what is of benefit to them and made them taste or
made them seek a good life. The Prophet (saws) O Master of beginning & end.

O mankind! You are the apex of the creatures of the Lord, to whom He gave honour. Allah (jwa)
gave you honour, an honour that He gave no other creation. O honourable scholars, O people
who know something from the Holy Quran, Allah (swt) said and it is enough for us this Holy
Verse. Haqq (swt) said "Wa Laqad Karramna Bani Adama" (17:70) You understand? Who
doesn't understand his level falls from the levels of humanity.

Allah Is Magnificent! Allah (swt) Glorified human beings."indeed We have honoured the
Children of Adam" (17:70) A Divine honour. Human beings are honoured among all the created
creatures. They were dressed with honour that no one else can give to anyone, except the Lord of
Bounty. He (swt) dressed you with a dress of generosity, a Divine honour, Allah, Allah!

Why you do not teach this to people? O Muslims! And I am addressing specifically the Princes
because they are rulers of nations. And all the sons, descendents of the children of Adam (as), his
children, are in your hands & you have the responsibility to educate the children of humanity,
the children of Adam (as). This is the first order, O people! O scholars! O believers, you must
know first of all what are your attributes, what did your Lord dress you with. "Wa Laqad
Karramna.." The letter "Lam" as an oath "qad" is giving His oath. Haqq (swt) says "Wa Laqad
Karramna Bani Adama" (17:70) The most sweet words are of Al Haqq (swt). With what honour
Allah (swt) says to the children of Adam (as) "indeed We have honoured the Children of Adam"
(17:70) An honour that no one can ever describe. And the Prophet (saws) more than anyone else
knows about the honour of Al Haqq (swt) to the children of Adam (as). And according to their
levels, all the Prophets (as) & the people of knowledge, know.

This is important, it is the first order that needs to be repeated in the schools, to teach the
children: what are their attributes, what are the attributes of the children of Adam (as). Takrim/
to honour, this word that no one knows its beginning or end. The greatness of this honour, no
creature knows it. Except according to their levels. Allah (swt) gave to His Beloved something so
he (saws) knows the Truth about the honour of humanity. And this knowledge is given to
Prophets (as) according to their level & the scholars also are given some knowledge, like a drop
from an ocean. Is the teaching of Al Haqq (swt) for humanity or not?

I am asking the Arab Muslim, first of all. Have you understood something, when Allah (awj) says
"indeed We have honoured the Children of Adam" (17:70)? Have you thought about it? It means
that every person has his honour with their Lord. First of all, the Prophet (saws) of the end of
times, to whom descended the Holy Quran. It was opened for him oceans of meanings of
honour. And he tasted it. It is according to their levels who learnt have tasted.......... a true taste
or an artificial one. They tasted the meaning of the honour from Al Haqq (swt).

Huu, Subhana Allah! "Hal `Alimtum Ma Fa`altum Biyusufa" (12:89) Subhana Allah! From
where this is coming........? "Do you know what you did with Yusuf (as) and his brother" (12:89)
SayYidina Yacub (as) said like this correct? Yes. And his brother... "Do you know what you did
with Yusuf (as) and his brother" (12:89)? What did they learn? Knowledge about Sayidina Yusuf
(as) & his brother first it was opened for Saydina Yacub (as). S. Yacub (as) his yearning for S.
Yusuf (as) was not as a physical appearance, his face was like the moon, full moon. No! Sayidina
Yusuf (as) it was not for his face (beauty) he was loved & yearned for by Sayidina Yacub (as) his
father. No no. Subhana Allah! Allahu Akbar! What do you think O scholars of Al Az'har Al
Sharif & of Al Haramain Al Sharifayn? What do you think? About S. Yacub (as) he was yearning
to look at the beauty of Sayidina Yusuf (as)? Never!

Sayidina Yusuf (as), his beauty was like the full moon, but this is what you say as a final thing. But
from the beginning to the end, Sayidina Yusuf (as) his beauty, masha'Allah! On his face appeared
traces of the honour of Al Haqq (swt) to the children of Adam (as), visibly not veiled. It appeared
on him, on the face of Sayidina Yusuf (as). This door opened a little bit with Saydina Yacub (as)
& it appeared to him the honour of his son. Not for the rest of his children, but it appeared only
in him. The honour that was not shown on anyone else. Sayidina Yacub (as) was yearning not for
looking at the beauty of S. Yusuf (as) but it appeared to him the honouring of Al Haqq (as). And
he could not carry, he could not carry it.

La Ilaha illa Allah, Sayidina Yacub (as). "Do you know what you did with Yusuf (as) and his
brother?" (12:89) Do you know what you did? They were 11 brothers & they were also longing
for their brother. But what was opened for their father to see, was not opened for them. For this
reason they lost their minds. They went crazy, "We want to see him, we want to see him!" Then
what happened, happened. "Qala Hal `Alimtum Ma Fa`altum Biyusufa Wa Akhihi" (12:89) At
that time according to their station they were longing for the honouring of Al Haqq (swt) to His
special servants, from among them S. Yacub (as) because he was able to see his son Yusuf (as).
From what appeared on Sayidina Yusuf (as) from the ocean of honours, it was the highest level so
that it was not possible for any person to carry looking at him. La Hawla wa la quwwata illa

Human beings are honoured. "Indeed we have honoured the children of Adam" (17:70) Who
met Sayidina Rasulullah, Sayidina Muhammad (saws) from the honouring that was granted
among the creation, no one, no one knows it. Never! And it is not possible to be able to reach the
Divine honouring of Sayidina Yusuf (as) that Sayidina Yacub (as) saw, & the honour of Sayidina
Muhammad (saws). And he (saws) has an honour that is different from the one of S. Yusuf (as).
And every person has an honour from Al Haqq (swt). "Indeed we have honoured the children of
Adam" (17:70) With what? With what? With things that they do in this world? This, never! O
people, may Allah (swt) forgive me & forgive you. The brothers of Sayidina Yusuf (as) stood up
from extreme eagerness to see, to see the signs of honouring on him. They went crazy & said,"we
would give our souls just to see him." Until what happened, happened up to the end of the Holy

A little bit their hearts became peaceful & they made sajda. Sayidina Yacub (as) made sajda and
his mother, then all his brothers, his 11 brothers made sajda. They were longing for his
honouring, the honouring of S. Yusuf (as) & so they went into sajda at the end. It was not easy for
a person to see him & not long for him, no, never!

O scholars, you are scholars you know something, but Allah (swt) grants His servants as He likes
& pleases. This is a simple thing. If we speak longer about this matter, up until the morning, up
until next Jumaa, we will not finish. And so we shall stop and we hope that what was inspired to
my heart today, Wednesday, the day where some regretful things happened in the area of Sham
& this is not suitable what is happening in the land of Sham. The land of Sham is Kinanat-Allah.
And this may take a long time but I like to remind every person that they are honoured by their
Lord (swt) and nobody can touch except the pure ones.

The physical & the soul of mankind is clean. It is pure, right? And from the extreme envy of
shaytan this fitna happened with the brothers of Yusuf (as). And continuously the devil, the
cursed one, wants to make fitna between the children of Adam (as) who are honoured by their
Lord. And he pulled them into war and made them fall in troubles with his lies and human
beings left honouring each other, like Allah (awj) honoured the children of Adam (as).

But the events that happened today, that cannot be accepted in the area of Sham. I am sorry, I
am sorry! But there are deep meanings with clarity, with full clarity. We hope from our Lord
(swt) to correct mankind; their ideas & their steps towards each other and each one should
honour the other one that our Lord (jwa) honoured us with and Alf alf salat, alf alf salam 'ala
Rasulihi. The Prophet (saws) of Allah (swt) the Prophet (saws) The Throne of Allah. Salla Allahu
Aleihi wa Sallim. Wa min Allah Al Tawfiq. May Allah correct all situations. We hope from Allah
(swt) that it is very soon.


Lefke, 19.07.2012

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