Maulana Sheikh NazimCHOOSE THE RIGHT WAY

During this life, people will either reach goodness or badness. If a person wants to have goodness, the Lord of Heavens will give the way free to goodness. If a person wants to have the wrong way, the bad way, the satanic way, it will open up. It is like a railway station, different tracks open up according to the demand. So Allah Almighty looks to see which way the servant is asking for: the good way or the bad way. Does he want the right way, or the wrong way? It is up to you. You may choose. Then you cannot blame anyone. If it is necessary to blame someone, whatever comes on him or on her, they can only blame themselves.

The right way is the good way, the wrong way is the bad way. Everyone who has common-sense may know which is the right way and which is the wrong way. The ones who don't know it don't have any responsibility. You cannot blame that person. The main problem of mankind nowadays is that they choose the wrong way. And as they have chosen the wrong way, they must meet disliked things. On the wrong way everything can hurt, disturb, cause sufferings and troubles. The wrong way is full of bad and disliked things. If you choose that way, you must see for yourself what comes to you. Then you can blame yourself. If you just turn back one single step, you will already find a better atmosphere. Coming from the bad atmosphere you will all of a sudden find yourself surrounded by a good atmosphere. Because if a person is following the wrong way, the atmosphere is full with dirty things, with harmful things. But the atmosphere of the right way is enjoyful and will give you pleasure. Enjoyment will come through your heart. Blessings will come from Allah Almighty. He will make you happy. He will make your future like an open rose. He will show you a bright future. That is the kind of atmosphere of the right way.

1400 years ago Muhammad sws. said that days would come that would be like these. Because the Last Day is coming closer, it is approaching, approaching... And people are changing their ways from a good direction to a bad direction. From a right direction to a wrong direction. This has covered the whole world with darkness. Whoever breathes through their heart will feel a heaviness. You may breathe, but still you are not relaxing with that breath, because something else is in the air to make you feel suffocated. You have the feeling that you cannot breathe enough. That is the time that we are in.

This is described like a smoke, it will also really be a smoke that will cover the whole world, but another meaning is that people of this time will be like people who are sick. It is a heavy smoke. You cannot breathe. In this time people are mostly on the wrong way. They have left all the teachings of heavens. They are following the teachings of the devil. So as a punishment that is coming to them, they are creating that atmosphere through their actions.

Within all nations there will be a few people who will be like stars in the sky. Darkness cannot change their brightness. Darkness cannot take away their light. The darker it gets, the more they are filled with light. These people will be amongst people. They still have not changed their direction from a good direction to a bad direction. They are on the right path and the Lord is giving them lights. Their atmosphere will be different than the atmosphere of most people. It is up to you to have that atmosphere or the other one. The Lord opens whichever atmosphere you want. That is why the Prophet sws. mentions that there will be some servants of Allah Almighty who will be beyond that atmosphere.

A rocket reaches beyond this atmosphere with great difficulties. When it has cut the atmosphere, there is another atmosphere, but it will not be heavy and it will let the rocket fly around freely. But before it reaches that easy atmosphere, it needs a mighty power. Mighty engines make it to reach out. When it has succeeded, it will move so smoothly. The bad, dangerous and tiring atmosphere is finished. It is another kind of atmosphere. Oh, people, as long as you are following the wrong direction, your atmosphere will never change.!
There is no advantage for me to say this to you. You are notgiving me money or anything from this world, but in the hereafter I will get a commission. I will get a commission from everyone who is listening to the truth. The only commission that is worth anything, is the one from the Lord. The Prophet sws. was saying that if you can change the way of a person from the wrong way to the right way, from the bad way to the good way, Allah Almighty's commission to you will be more than if you had been given all the treasures of the whole world.

I am fighting Shaitan. You must help me. Yes, when I am coming to get you, Shaitan gets very angry and he says, "They are my servants, how can you come and catch them? Go away!". In the same way, you are also running after Shaitan and saying, "Oh, Sheik, don't catch me!". But I'm catching you! May Allah put us on the right direction. That is our position. If you have a mind, then it is very clear. That is, if your mind hasn't been stolen by Shaitan. What can we do then? You will be Shaitan's donkey. He will steal your mind, and you will become a donkey. Don't be a donkey! Who told you to be a donkey? Shaitan? Don't do that. Be free to be the servant of Allah, the Lord Almighty. He will dress you with the honour of being his servant. He will place the crown of servanthood on your head. Why aren't you coming. Why? Do you want to be a donkey for Shaitan?

This association is enough for everyone living in East or in West. Because the Seal of the Prophets was addressing all nations. This is a part of his oceans and whatever he says, your common-sense will agree to. Everyone with a mind must accept it. The Jews must accept it, the Christians must accept it as well as all Muslims. Buddhists must accept it. Sikhs must accept it. Hindus must accept it. Everyone must accept this. Everyone knows the Devil, Shaitan. Everyone knows what is wrong, which is the wrong direction. If they don't change their direction, they will always be under the hegemony of Shaitan. Shaitan will ride on them and make them his donkeys and will enjoy himself with them. Because he will be happy when they are falling into sufferings. Every trouble which reaches mankind, makes Shaitan happy.

Don't think that troubles make Allah and His Beloved Servant happy. No! Do you think that any father or mother will be happy when their children have difficulties, or miseries, or sufferings? So how can Allah Almighty be happy if his servants are falling into sufferings? No! Sufferings only make Shaitan happy, very happy! He will laugh even more than Germans...

Germans never laugh, but Shaitan does. His laugh reaches the ears of holy-people, and with each laugh, the holy-people understand that a new suffering is coming to a person, or to a group of people. Just like when you hear a smash on the street, you know that there has been an accident. When Shaitan is laughing, then the holy-people understand that a new disaster has happened by mankind using the wrong way, by having listened to Shaitan. Just like if you are on the motorway and you want to make a U-turn. How many cars do you think will crash into you. If you go the wrong way, a big accident will happen quickly. When Shaitan is laughing, then the holy-people understand that there has been a big crash, a big accident, in which so many people are mixed-up.

Don't go in the wrong direction. That is the last word of all prophets. The last advice to their nation, "Oh, our nation! Don't go in the wrong direction. Anytime you may have a big accident that can catch up with you and finish you."

May Allah protect us and bless you.

London - 07.05.1992

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