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A - Everytime that man suffering, that means they are doing something against the teachings of prophets. It is impossible for a person or a community to suffer if not doing something against heavenly orders. You see that sometime in Bangladesh floods or any other places - and prophet saying, don't build your homes on the way of waters, don't say that perhaps 100 years not coming this wali* It is wali and that is the way of floods. One year not coming, ten years maybe not coming, twenty years not coming, but after thirty years may come.
You have responsibility because prophet says something, it is no good to build your homes on the way of rivers, even dry ones. Prophet says, keep yourself clean, no disease. So many illness comes through dirtiness and Islam fights dirtiness. For eating, for drinking, for sleeping, Islam just brought simple and perfect rules, that they are suitable for the nature of mankind and mankind changes those natural rules and usesunnatural rules instead of natural rules. If mankind keeping cleanliness, it is enough to prevent every illness. Do you think that European people are clean? Western people they are clean, perfect clean? No, I don't think. I do not see that.

When I was small and I know how our homes, all Muslim houses, were so clean. Everything was clean. Using things clean, houses clean, around houses clean, everything must be clean. But not now. Our people are escaping from water and Islam calling people to water, all people be friendly with water. Use water for every occasion and now people moaning not to be going where there is black things (llike make up on the face) or white things or red things, never using water. No washing downstairs, no washing upstairs. Dirty. Our calling people - Use water! Some saying to people - Water for every occasion! Because water the main element, main point of life. Without water, no life. And as much as you can use it, some people saying to me, you are seventy years and your skin not looking as if you are that age. And I am saying I am not making like this (wipes his face as though with a paw - like a cat). And that is also relationship with nature, you must use as much as possible water... Drink water and wash yourself. It gives you life. Main pillar of life, water.

Everyone must be clean. Muslim towns must be clean. Everyone must keep the front and back of their homes very clean. Everywhere, inside and outside of our homes, must be clean, so that if anyone comes they must know that this is a Muslim town or Muslim village. Everywhere you must see something that makes you pleased to look at it. That is Islam. If you are keeping that, there is no need for municipality - Muslims must keep by themselves, not be a heavy burden on the municipality by themselves. They should look after cleaning, inside and outside.

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