Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Cloud of cursing is approaching!

…This is a holy day, perhaps (the) most holy, (the) holiest day of (the)
whole month, (of the) birth month of (the) holy Prophet (Muhammad) sws.
And we are coming from East and West, from Far East and Far West, from
North and South, from (the) Middle East, and we are different
nationalities and different languages- everything (is) different, only
hearts are (the) same. Hearts (are the) same! Hearts’ nationalities
belong to Allah!

We are a humble and small group of people. I like to run away from
people to be for my Lord and my (Creator?)... It is an honour of mankind
to know our limits… and the most valuable target of mankind belongs to
(Heavens?)…: to leave everything and to run to Allah Almighty. All
Prophets were running to Allah and they were asking people to run after
them to their Lord and Creator, but very few people are running to their
Lord and Creator, reaching their positions. Very few people…

So many years we are looking to follow true ones that (they) are most
acceptable servants, true ones. Honour here and Hereafter is for those
people, not for others! Only true ones should be honoured here and
Hereafter, other people are rubbish!

Rubbish- every day we are sweeping and throwing (it) away; we are not
throwing valuable things outside, no! Rubbish, (we are) taking (it)
away. Where (we are) putting (it)? (Into the) dustbin! Put that rubbish
ones (there)! Whom they are? Whom (they are) not true ones. (All people)
except true ones, they are rubbish. “Take them away, put (them) in(to
the) dustbin!... Welcome, o My servant, you are welcome!”

Why (you are) not trying to be welcomed in the divine Presence? Who can
be more than your Lord that may grant you everything? But people coming
and bowing for rubbish people. For what? (Because) they may carry many
(banknotes)…Money (is) going to be rubbish! Never happened- paper-money,
and 21st century people think “We are so civilized people“, because
(they are) using paper money. “No, o Sheikh, you are sleeping! We are
not using paper-money, we use credit card! Never looking, never seeing,
never asking (for money)… Old fashion people use this (money), (but) we
use credit card…” Written (something on it), I don’t know what. Some
people say it is also different accounts on it: “This card you may only
use for 1 million Turkish Lira” for example. Some others may say: “No,
you may use it for 1oo Dollar, more than this, no.” (On) some (is)
written: “You may use (it) for 1 million Dollar“…(on) some (others it
is) written: “That person with this card may buy an amount for 1 billion
Euro“… People (are) keeping their Tesbih (in their hand) and (they) say:
“Dollar, Dollar, Dollar…(33x)”, then: “Euro, Euro, Euro…(33x)”, then:
“Pound, Pound, Pound…(33x)”... their Tesbih, their glorifying is this,
now people (are) worshipping that credit card. They are coming down in
front of machines, they are falling, bowing for technology; (they are)
saying: “Don’t speak about Heavens, no, now our God is technology,
nothing else!” Tauba, Astaghfirullah! Those people, that (there is) no
honour for them, they are not true ones; (they are) on the wrong way.
(For) everything they do, Angels say: “Wrong way! You are not on (the)
true way, you are not a true one!”

Once Ibrahim Adham- Allah bless him, who he was a big Saint- he was in
Jerusalem, Mascid Aqsa, making his humble servanthood… In such a way (he
is) giving to me to say, (because) he (only) knows that happening of
him! When I was asking to speak on it, he said: “Say: That ‘humble
servant’ that (is) claiming to be humble, but his ego (is) never happy
to be humble.”

People (are) learning their doings from Shaitan; shaitanic teachings
(are) making people not to be humble, because Shaitan was not a humble
one. He was seeing himself (as something) and (he was) saying: “I am
something, I am not (an) ordinary person or (an) ordinary being, I am
something else!” When Allah Almighty was ordering: “Bow to Adam”, (he
was) saying: “What? How You order to me? (He) who (is) claiming to be
something, You make me now through Your Order to bow to Adam, (which)
means to be earth under his feet? I am not accepting!” That is shaitanic
teaching. Now (the) whole world (is) under that hegemony of shaitanic

“How many children (you have)?” “3.” “How old (they are)?” “One is 11,
(the) second (is) 7, (and the) third (one is) 3 years old. “ “What you
do for them?” “We send them to schools to learn. Now there is another
new generation we hope coming soon, (he is) through his mum’s womb, and
also we did his registration (already). Before (he is) born, we make
(his) registration in (a) good school, (so that) when he is coming,
quickly (he is) going there to be something…”

Everyone (is) trying to be something, no one is saying: “I am trying to
be nothing”; and these troubles (are) coming after that: that everyone
(is) asking to be something.

“In Iraq you fight for what?” “For Allah.” They are liars! Everyone is
asking to be something, to be Nr.1.

Subhanallah- Shaitan (is) teaching them, to be a title for ladies
(also): to be ‘First Lady’. I am asking: “(Is there) no ‘First
Gentleman’?” “All of us (we are) First Gentleman. We may cheat ladies,
saying: ‘You are First Lady’. We say for our wives: ‘You are First Lady
in my home’, but we are not saying (that) there are also a lot of First
Ladies in other places“…

And ladies are coming and saying: “We have rights; you must grant us our
rights! Those foolish men (are) never giving (us) our rights, women
rights“, and people, men, are very clever, (saying): “We are doing you
‘First Lady‘, what you run after that? We don’t say (that) you are
Second Lady, we are saying (that) you are First- but we have other First
Ladies (also)- how we are not giving your rights?... Tomorrow I bring to
you another robe…’

Everyone is asking to be First One, but men (are) clever, (they are)
saying (to women): “You are First One!” Then they take the way to be
something, trying to be First One- like Shaitan…

Shaitanic teaching (is) making that trouble that no one can bring any
solution (for it), finished! I am that one who is making this on them,
East and West, to close this, so that they can’t save themselves, until
they are surrendering to heavenly Commands, to accept (them and to say):
“I am nothing, I am Your servant!” We close it, no one can open (it)!

So- Ibrahim Adham was saying: “Say: ‘a humble Servant.’ Even my ego
(is) never happy to be humble, but I am forcing it to be humble!… I was
in Mascid Aqsa- sharafahu-llah- after midnight, Seher Wakit, at dawn. I
was there, trying to make my ego under my feet and to stand up for my
Lord’s divinely service, (for) servanthood, and I was looking, when
(they were) opening (a) way to me, (I was) looking Angels coming. Two
Angels were coming and sitting further than me and one (of them) was
keeping a book, written in it so many names. They were looking which one
not written or just written.”

Ibrahim Adham Hazretleri was saying: “O my Lord’s Angels, my name also
there?” (They were) looking (into the book and saying): “No, (it is) not
written your name.” (Then) he was making his head down and saying:
“Please write my name that I love them! Even my name (is) not with them,
but my heart (is) with them! I love them!” Then a declaration or
announcement was coming from Heavens, saying: “O My Angels! Who is
saying that he loves My beloved ones in My divinely Presence, write his
name on the top of all of this list!”…

Ya Rabbi, don’t separate us from the Salihin, don’t leave us to run
after those heedless peoples’ ways, but keep us and our soul to be with
Your beloved ones! Until people leave Shaitan and come with good people,
true ones- all of them (on the list) were true ones- (there is) no chance for
(the) whole world to be saved! They should burn themselves, they should
destroy everything and they should die, only true ones should be saved, (be)
protected and under divinely Protection they should be sheltered.
Now coming cursing on (the) world! Don’t think (that) Blessings (are)
coming, no, because Shaitan brought all nations under the Cloud of
cursing. Cursing (is) raining on nations, raining on governments. Only
who Allah Almighty is sheltering, should be saved, here and Hereafter.

O our Lord! Don’t write our names with those Nimrods or Pharaohs, don’t
(let) be written our names under their list! We are on Your way, trying
to come to You, and we are asking to follow Your true ones, Your beloved
ones! Keep us, to be with them! For the honour of the most honoured one
in Your divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws…

It is going to be his birthnight tomorrow night. May Allah forgive us
and change everything quickly to make dirty Shaitans away, to come true
ones and to establish (the) heavenly Sultanate, (the) heavenly Kingdom
on earth!
For the honour of the most honoured one, S.Muhammad sws…
I am intending to run away, after those people, to disappear…

Lefke, 8.4.2006 for the Maulud-un-Nabi

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryIbrahim
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