Maulana Sheikh NazimO people, come and make peace with your Lord!

O people, whole people they are now heedless and ignorant and drunk;
never thinking how they have been on this planet, who is sending them on
this planet. Never thinking on it and Allah Almighty (is) saying: „O My
servants, don’t run after Shaitan, fire may reach to you! Come to me,
accept My heavenly Orders, be obedient for My Orders or I am able to
bring a fire from East to West!” As He was sending flood of Noah all
over world and never left anyone, except whom in that Arch of Noah. He
can do everything, you can do nothing!

O people, come and believe, come and respect holy Orders of Allah
Almighty! And you are in very holy month Shaban and Allah Almighty
giving honour that honoured moon. You, if you are asking to save
yourself here and Hereafter, you must try to dress Dress of Honour and
Angels looking, whom dressing Dress of Honour. Dress of Honour is
obedience to your Lord Allah Almighty. He is Allah Almighty, if He is
saying to fire: “Burn!”, may burn, if saying: “Don’t touch!”, never

Nimrod prepared (a fire) like hills, making big fire to burn S.Ibrahim, but Allah
Almighty ordering fire: “Don’t touch! He is My beloved servant, don’t
touch and be for him a rose-garden” and ordering earth: “Bring a spring”
and ordering air to be so cool and so pleasant giving atmosphere.
Ibrahim a.s., he was there ??? through fire and was so happy! If Allah
saying: “Burn!”, may burn, if saying: “Don’t burn”, no one touching. If
Allah protecting His servants, no one a harm bringing to them!
O people, come and make peace with your Lord! If not coming and
surrendering and asking: “O our Lord, we come and surrender to Your
heavenly Orders, accept our obedience, we are running to You here and

And this is holy month that after 15th, Laylatu-l Bara’a, 15th Night of
this month, just changed everything and should be changed much more
after next year.

We hope enemy and much more friendly to Shaitan, Dajjal, Antichrist,
should come and S.Mehdi, that Prophet he is giving good tidings about
him, should come, Armageddon should come and then Jesus Christ may come!
We hope that through year from Night of Bara’a up to second Night of
Bara’a so many things, so many unexpected events, coming.
O people, believe what heavenly Sources, what heavenly Books, what
heavenly People, Angels and Prophets, (are) bringing: Messages to you.
Don’t run after Shaitan, or you should be also ashes… May Allah forgive us!
O people, after ten days coming holy Ramadan. Keep respect and keep your
obedience for your Lord Allah Almighty, may protect you your Lord under
His divinely Protection!

Khutba 31.8.2007, Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryIbrahim
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