Maulana Sheikh NazimCome from yourself to Yourself

Welcome to you! Shukr Allah! We are thanking to Allah, Shukr and we are saying:
Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah wa ashadu ana S.Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa habibuhu wa
rasuluh sws. We are now Muslims.

Now we are living in a time that ignorance just reaching to everyone and so many
people they are not using their minds and objecting (on) subjects of Islam. We
are asking from Allah Almighty not to be from those no mind people and we are
saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. That is
the sign of Muslims.

We have been ordered to run away from most dangerous and difficult enemy of
mankind, Shaitan. We must ask from Allah Almighty His Protection. If we are
trying to fight or to defend yourself by yourself, it is impossible. But we must
ask protection and we are asking Allah Almighty’s shelter to be in safety. You
must not forget that you are servants of Allah Almighty. Who created you? Ask!
Who designing you? O man, you must ask this and must try to teach yourself as
well as your children. But Shaitan, he did his worst for whole mankind, using
hundred and thousand tricks and putting countless traps for mankind to make them
to forget who they are, how we are in existence, but... Shaitan (is) trying to
make people not to remember, making them to forget. They are not asking. People
they are not asking. People asking for a useless, tasteless question, but main
question that man must ask: Who am I, how I am in existence, from where I am
coming? No one (is) asking and people, universities, education systems, they
(are) never taking any care to carry books, heavenly Books. They are not using
or asking- how people (are) going to learn?

They are teaching so many nonsense subjects through hundreds of books and they
are teaching only to deny and they are teaching to students not to ask: “Who am
I”? No! So many branches of their knowledge- it is really they are not
knowledge, because real knowledge, if you are using it, every knowledge must
take you to (the) divinely Presence of Allah Almighty! That is knowledge! So
many branches, but if you are taking that, going to find books of knowledges,
but now people they are using and looking only outlooking of trees; they (are)
never interesting how that apple happened. How that tree that we are thinking it
is (a) dry tree through winter time... we are thinking: “Oh, that finished, no
more on it leaves or fruits, or, now we are looking that just that dried!” But
when coming spring time, they are surprising, saying: “Oh, yesterday we were
thinking that this tree just dried, how now it is beginning (and) brings fruits
and leaves and getting in such a beautiful new, beautiful show from that tree,
how happened?” They are not asking!

They are saying: “Eh, that is apple tree” or: “That is a, so many fruits, just
awakening. We were thinking that it is dried one, but now we are looking that
(there are) growing new leaves, new flowers and after flowers coming so many
kinds of fruits!” They are not saying this, not thinking on it! I am asking: “Ya
Hu, why (you are) not asking to (the) pine tree: ‘Where (are) your fruits, where
is your flowers?’ They had also, but it is not well seen like other trees.
Mankind now they are drunk ones and drunkenness (is) coming from their
heedlessness, coming from their ignorance, coming from that those people are not
using their minds. If they are using their minds they should find so many
things- but they are not using, they are only looking (to the) outlooking of
everything (?).

Then we are coming to mankind. Mankind how, how they are coming? What happening?
Mum and dad sleeping and then coming a baby after 9 months and some days. They
are not thinking on it, who can be able to do that. No one (is) asking. That is
all knowledge, they (are) never thinking or asking to learn anything, they are
saying: “Nature, nature...” Their ways up to Hells with their nature! What (is)
happening? (There is) dry earth and coming on it rains and that dry earth (is)
beginning to bring so many plants, so many kinds of flowers and plants and
trees- what (is) happening? It is only earth and (there is) coming on it rains
from up- how (these flowers are) coming (up)?

Perhaps also you have never been born, when I was going to Medina Munawwara-
‘ala sakina afdala salat wa taslim- Prophets holy city, with my Grandsheikh,
maybe now more than 5o years. I am going with my Grandsheikh for a seclusion
through that holy land that Allah Almighty (is) giving holiness through that
earth. We are coming from Damascus to (the) Prophets holy city. We are coming
down, we are taking our car to reach to (the) holy city and we are passing
through deserts. (It was) whole sand, sandy, nothing on it. We passed away and
(we are) coming. Then, when we are making, as we have been ordered for
seclusion... seclusion (is) taking people from outside to himself. Now people
mostly their eyes (are on the) outside, around themselves. They are forgetting
themselves, but their interest (is in) what is around themselves. No! Begin
first from you! Look to you, then look what (is) around! Seclusion (is) taking
man from outside to his real being inside. Therefore, no one can be a ‘Delil’,
(a) guide, if no guide, no one (is) learning anything. You must find a guide for
guidance, because you can’t find the way to you without a guide. Therefore
seclusion, it is most important; (it is the) most important thing that makes
ourselves to reach to ourselves. If you are not finding a guide and living 70
years, 80 years or 90 years or less, but you are going, knowing nothing about

Therefore Allah Almighty (is) sending His Prophets: to make you to know who are
you. Making, taking you from outside to inside, taking you to yourself. Or you
are ignorant people, like so many kinds of animals...

Now people they are thinking: “Oh, doctor Z., doctor A., doctor S.”- so many
doctors... and they are knowing nothing... you must... Therefore Allah Almighty
(was) sending first Prophet, S.Adam, (the) first guide for his children and
after himself (there were) coming from his grandsons, grandsons, grandsons...
reaching up to the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad sws and finally he is coming to
take people to themselves, to make them to know who are you.

(The) last and biggest guide for mankind (was) S.Muhammad sws. (Even) if life on
earth (is) going to be up to eternal, he is enough! He is enough to be a guide
for billions, trillions people that may come. Therefore- his guidance (was) just
granted to him through (the) Holy Quran. (The) Holy Quran is enough for every
nation through centuries. Up to eternal! (There is) no need to come a new guide
with a holy Book, no, (the) holy Quran (is) enough to take you to you! That is

Yes, we are going for that purpose, to make a way, my Gandsheikh (was) asking to
make a way from me to me. I was in seclusion three months (then) coming back,
coming back to Damascus when I finished and Grandsheikh was there. By his orders
I am coming and I am looking that sandy plains, sandy lands: (there were)
countless coloured flowers! How (it) happened? Because once that we were in
seclusion, (there was) coming a rain. That rain (was) giving life with (the)
holy Command of Heavens and it was like so beautiful, beautiful lands, with
every kind of flowers! Subhanallah, (the) sun (was) giving different colours. In
Europe you can find lands with flowers, but it is not so (many) different kinds;
maybe 5 kinds, maybe 1o kinds, but (in) those countries (the) sun, by (the) holy
Command of Allah (is) giving so many countless colours, so many plants. We
looked. Then I was thinking that: “It is like a carpet just worked (walked) on
it, so beautiful!” Therefore I am saying...

Why they are not asking: “How that happened? What is its secret power?” They
are saying: “Nature”- what is nature? Nature (is) under the control of one
Angel... I am ashaming to say that Allah Almighty (is looking)... If Allah
Almighty (is) looking once (to this) earth, this earth (is) going to be
Paradise. And His Territory, divinely Territory, (is) countless...

O people, come and learn before (it is) coming to you (the) Angel of Death to
take you from this life to (the) graveyard! Try to learn something! But people
only they learning how they can reach material aspects through this life and
their only targets (are) how they may be, how they may give their physical
beings pleasure. (They are) getting much more money- for what? To give their
physical being much more pleasure. And it is going against.

If a person (is) not taking so much care for their physical being, they may live
after 7o, 8o, 9o, 1oo! But those, whom they are asking to give much more
pleasure to their physical being: Go and learn, go and look through (the)
cemetery the day of their death! They are not getting up more than 6o years, or
5o years... O people, think on it!

May Allah forgive us... It is enough for anyone, who can think on it. If (he is)
not using (his mind), he is like animals. Animals they are not thinking. The
main part, difference, between man and animals (is that) man (is) thinking,
animals (are) not thinking. And whom they are not thinking on such a subjects,
their level (is) going to be (the) level of not thinking creatures, animals.
May Allah forgive us and grant us from His endless Blessings to follow Prophets
and their inheritors. For the honour of the most honoured one, S.Muhammad- peace
be upon him- sws, Fatiha.

Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam,
Salatan tadumu wa tughda ilay, mamara layali wa tula dawam...

Lefke, 15.7.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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