Maulana Sheikh NazimCome to Islam!

As-salamu alaikum!

Allah jalla jalaluhu He is is saying that man (is) created weak; we are weak,
perhaps (the) weakest creatures. We are asking from our Lord, (the) Lord of
Heavens, Lord of Universes, to make our minds to understand for what we have
been created!

Allah created (us) and (He was) saying: “Follow this way, that is good for you.
I sent to you (a) guide for guidance, follow him, you should reach happiness
here and Hereafter, you should reach eternal life, eternity. Follow your guides,
their guidance from Heavens! Don’t follow your enemy’s calling, because (it is)
your worst enemy that (he was) coming and getting in front of, (becoming)
disobedient, ‘asi’, rebellious one, that he (was) never listening (to) My Order,
not keeping my divinely Respect and getting rebellious in My divinely Presenc. I
am throwing that one away! Beware, don’t follow that one, the worst enemy for
you!” He was Azazil, his name first was Azazil, that (it is) an honoured title
among creatures. Allah granted (it) to that one. “Then (he was) coming and
standing in My divine Presence, saying: ‘I am not accepting Your Order! I am not
obeying what You are ordering: to make Sajdah. You said: ‘Bow to Adam’, I am not
going to bow to Adam!’

Don’t follow him! If you are following him, you (are) never finding through your
life on earth a pleasure and you (are) never finding a peace, you (are) never
finding a goodness on earth and you are going to lose eternal life through My
endless Mercy Oceans!”

That is (it). Now (the) whole world (people,) they are never asking who created
them and what is His divinely Orders. (They are) never taking any care! Mankind
through (the) 21st century, all of them, they are disobedient ones and as they
are representatives of Shaitan! Everyone now (is) calling people to obey to
Shaitan, never showing the way to be obedient servants for our Creator.
That is trouble!

Don’t think (that it is true,) what people (are) saying: ‘Economical crises’.
That is a big lie! (But there is) no peace among people; no peace, because their
teacher, Shaitan, (is) teaching them, making them to claim that: “We are best
ones and we must follow our way. We are not accepting heavenly Orders and
Invitation. We are saying they are ‘asatir’, fairy tales.” Therefore we are
looking and seeing that (there is) fire, fire, fire... everywhere disturbed
people, disturbed people, fighting people, people killing someones someone else
and all their ‘jahl’, efforts, (are) to make (the) biggest weapons to kill
people. To kill people and destroy their homes, their lands, not to leave them
to live a peaceful life.

Peaceful life only to be when they are obedient servants to Allah.
O people, don’t listen to Shaitan, but keep what Prophets (were) bringing from
Heavens. Keep them, you should be happy here and Hereafter. (The) Last Day (is)
approaching and we are (the) last Ummah, (the) last Ummah... We are going to
pass away, to pass away... We are a small (time here) or (for a) more long life
– (but) all of them (are) just preparing for Akhirat or (for the) Last Day, for
the Day of Resurrection.

O people, come (to) Islam! Leave Shaitan, you should be happy here and
Hereafter. Don’t accept anything from shaitanic teachings and don’t follow
shaitanic teachings! Don’t go on their ways, you should be happy here and

Oh, ya Rabb! I am asking forgiveness for me and you, for believers, and I am
calling people: Come and believe in the Lord of Heavens! Leave tyrants, leave
Shaitans and their teachings, you should be happy here and Hereafter!
My Grandsheikh can do that I can speak to you from today up to (the) second
week. It is not difficult, but who is using his mind, may understand (already).
(People) may understand, if they are using their minds...

May Allah forgive us and grant to me His Forgiveness and Blessings for the
honour of this holy month Muharram and (the) most glorified and honoured, (the)
most honoured servant in His divinely Presence S. Muhammad sws, Fatiha...
(What is happening is) their punishment... Non-Muslims, because they are not
coming to believe (in the) last Prophet that (has been) mentioned from (the)
first man (on); (from) S.Adam, (the) first Prophet, (on) up to (the) end, he has
been ‘mujtalandi’, he was just...whole Prophets they were giving good tidings to
their nations (about him) and (so the) Non-Muslim world, because they are not
believing in him, just punishment (is) coming on them.

And (the) Muslim nations (are being punished), because they are leaving (the)
holy Shariat that just had been sent from Heavens, (because they are) leaving
that honour, (leaving the) honoured Orders, heavenly Orders, leaving to follow
the Seal of Prophets and they are running after (the) Non-Muslim world, to be
like them. They are trying, therefore (it is) coming on them also punishment.
O people, if you are asking to be saved here and Hereafter, come and follow
(the) holy Orders of Heavens that we have been honoured... If anyone (is)
running away, (he is only) running to punishment. (There will be) no saving for
them or no Saviour for them!

O people, you are welcome here. From different distance, from different
countries you are coming here. Keep, what it has been said to do, and try to
follow the sheltered and protected way of Rasul, (the) Seal of Prophets
S.Muhammad sws, you should be sheltered here and Hereafter!

O people, keep (the) holy Shariat, keep (the) holy Orders! Keep your children
from dirty ways. Try to be good servants for Allah Almighty, because (it is)
just approaching the Last Day, (the) Day of Resurrection. We hope that it is
going to be (in) 1500... that we have now 7o years. Other sign of Qiyamat, big
ones and small ones, (are) going to appear, then the Day of Resurrection (is)
just reaching.

Keep your faith, keep Islam, respect Islam, respect (the) holy Prophet.
May Allah forgive us for his honour, the honoured or most honoured and glorified
servant in (His) divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Khutba, Lefke, 23.1.2009 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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