Maulana Sheikh Nazim„Come with me to eternity!“

Welcome to you! Welcome to those who people, whom they are coming from
East, from West, asking something… We are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina
shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa
bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim.

We are weak servants, coming from East, from West, and we are asking
something- we are needy. Rasulullah sws, (the) Seal of Prophets, (was)
saying: “Ad-dinu nasihat”; that the meaning of ‘din’ is advising. When a
person (is) advising to you, that means, he is asking that you may be
happy here and Hereafter. I am advising to you, to keep you from
dangerous happenings that may be the final point of your physical being
or (it) may be (that you are) loosing your faith That faith (is) giving
to ourselves refreshment every time, therefore (a) Mu’min, (a) believer,
always is fresh, powerful, hopeful, happy and enjoyful, but unbelievers,
they are unhappy people. (A) believer day by day (is) getting much more

S.Bilal- Allah bless him… that is a good description about believers
life, particularly their last moment, (when their) last day (is) coming,
what is going to be their position. S.Bilal- Allah bless him- he was on
his deathbed lying and he was so happy and enjoyful, it is difficult to
bring a description for his enjoyment and his pleasure! They were
asking: “O Bilal, o Companion of the Seal of Prophets! We are looking
that every moment you are approaching to death. What is that- you are so
happy!” “Ohhh”, he was saying, “my friends, how you are saying this and
I am today with you, tomorrow I am going to be with My Habib, my beloved
one, and his Companions! Today (I am) with you, tomorrow (I will be)
with the Friend of Allah, (with the) friends of Allah. I am going to
reach to them in Heavens, why, how you are surprising, that I am so
showing you so pleasure and pleasement?”

That is Mu’min’s, believer’s position, when they are approaching to
their end of their lives, but unbelievers- Allahumma (afina), o our
Lord, protect us, not to fall in such a dark position, hopeless
position, so difficult position, because they are saying: “No life after
this life. No Akhirat- only here.” They are saying and they are
believing in such a way, therefore day by day they are going to come
down, to come down and, as a glace (?) getting melted, day by day they
are feeling that their physical being (is) going down, (is) going down
and hopelessness (is) attacking on them and (the) darkness of being
nothing, loosing everything that he was enjoying through this life. He
is looking and seeing: “Ohhh, everyone, everything that it was an
imagination, no reality, and I am going to be nothing, ohhh!”

(A) Mu’min, (a) believer, day by day (is) feeling himself closer to
reach their heavenly Stations. They are asking to reach quickly to their
heavenly Stations that you can’t bring any description (for) the lights
and (the) beauty and enjoyment and pleasure and happiness and
satisfaction, what should be for him through heavenly Stations!
One going to finish- therefore Mu’min, Iman, gives you refreshment.
Mu’min always (is) fresh, hopeful, enjoyful, happy and they are waiting
(for) their departure from this life to (the) second life. (A) Mu’min
(is) believing and knowing that they have a second life, eternal life.
Eternity! Ohhh- so beautiful word in European language- eternity, eternal!
O people, come and listen to Prophets advice! Therefore (the) Prophet
was saying: “My mission”, the Seal of Prophets (was) saying,” is to call
you to come with me to eternity. …’wa-llahu yadau ila Dari-s-Salam…’ I
am calling you for eternal life that it is impossible to make a
description on it, how it should be, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!”
That is their main mission: to call people: “O people, don’t be cheated
(by) what you are seeing and looking on this planet, no! You can have
everything from this planet, but you can’t carry it (with you). It is
not for you. You must leave it and another one must come and to say:
‘That belongs to me.’ “

Therefore (the) Prophet was saying: “The meaning of religion, the
meaning of Islam, religion, (is) to call people to eternity!” Ohhh, so
sweet word- eternity! What is (it) in German language?... (Ewigkeit)…so
sweet word! But people they are like hens and cocks, cocks on the hills
of rubbish. He is getting up and shouting: “Kukuriku, I am here, I am
the King of this hill! This is for me! Anyone here? No!” Another one
(is) saying: “Kukuriku, I am here also, on another heap of rubbish! I am
here also!” Another ‘dik’ (is) shouting: “I am also here!” I am King, I
am Queen, I am President, I am Prime Minister…yes, Sir! Anyone..?
…Understanding what I am saying? Don’t sleep! You have a heap of rubbish?...
And time by time I am going to (the) cemetery for burying some people.
(I am) asking: “Ohhh, so many people, lying under these rocks, and only
(it is) written on your stone: ‘This (is) that one, this (is) this one…’
- what about- why you are leaving everything and coming (here), lying on
this field, on that land of cemetery?”

I was visiting Spain, Madrid. I went, nearby Madrid there is a monastery
(Scurial) that Kings (are buried there), they are carrying dead bodies
of Kings underground. They were taking me also and there is a
photograph, saying… I am asking: “That is hospital?” They are saying
like this, like that, pictures. “What about this?” “Not to be disturbed
our Kings there.” Very, very curious. Then we went in it, I am saying:
“O Kings!” Perhaps more than 1oo Kings are lying on- there was old
bathtub, that people coming in it and washing themselves… like this, I
am looking, ohhh, so many, I am looking perhaps 1oo or more! I am
saying: “O Kings, how you are sleeping here? Everyone (of you) was
saying: ‘This lands, this world belongs to be’ and now you are just
imprisoned through underground, so many!”

And (in) England also, nearby Parliament, in Westminster Abbey, perhaps
you may find 1oo and more Kings, Queens, under it also. I am saying:
“Why you are imprisoning these people? Let them to come out to look
where (are) their royal clothes, where (are) their royal crowns!” I was
going looking, first time that I was going to England that no one (was)
knowing me, I was going to look around- now I can’t, because people
(are) running after me, it is impossible- and I was in London Tower.
They were taking me and showing me so many clothes and crowns. I am
calling one guard, saying: “Come- to whom this?” “His Majesty King James
7th.” “Where he is? This his clothes?” “Yes, this, he was dressing this
and this crown.” “(To) where he left and go?” “They buried him (in)
another place, this (is) their clothes…”

O people, use your mind, use your mentality! Those Kings and Emperors-
their clothes (are) only going to be a show, as a showroom, and that
(person) disappeared. If they are believing for eternal life, they are
enjoying; if not, they are going to be… they are not happy, finishing,
they are crying: “Why we lost real ones and we were looking, occupying
ourselves (with) such things that we left them and now we are without
clothes! No clothes, no dressing from Dunya or no dressing from Heavens-
we are naked people, and only our bones (are) lying here!”

O people, what (the) Prophets (were) calling to you, it was reality, but
you (were) cheated by (something) temporary. “We lost everything for
eternity and he have been cheated (by) such useless things (so) that our
bones (are) only lying on earth!”

O people, come and accept Reality! Therefore (the) Prophet was saying:
“I am advising to you, o people: Don’t be cheated with temporary
materials! Leave that and ask real ones! Don’t run after (what is) no
real, like plastic ones- plastic jewels you may find, but it is not a
real one. Come and ask real ones. Everything through this life (is) like
plastic materials- no value. I am calling you to reach real values
through Heavens. O people, come!”

Yes, you may take a plane and (that) plane takes you from earth up to
maybe (meters) or less or more (of) height, but it is not a real
arising! Come and use (the) secret power that Allah Almighty (has)
granted to you! Make it correct through the hands of (the) Prophets and
their inheritors, so that you can find yourself getting up, arising to
Heavens, without any hindrance, (and the) doors of Heavens (are) opening
to you and Heavens (is) welcoming you!

O people, keep the advises of (the) Prophets that they are on behalf of
Allah, the Creator- jalla jalaluhu- (that they) had been sent to call
people: “Come to Me! Come to Me, o My servants, I am your Lord, I
created you, come to Me! Don’t run away from Me, you can find nothing!”
May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honored one in His
divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

Lefke, 4.3.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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