We are very weak servants. If you appoint an ant to be your servant, what can it do for you? We think that we are doing so much. We are fasting and praying and we think that is so much. It is not as if we were fasting for 30 days without breaking our fast, like Adam did. When he touched and ate from the forbidden tree, it took exactly 30 days for his body to be cleaned and for the last piece of poison to leave his body. During this whole time he did not eat or drink anything. This period of fasting for 30 days has been kept and given to us by Allah Almighty. But because of His Mercy, He has granted us to break our fast every evening. If a person would fast for 30 days the way Adam Alehi Salam did, he would quickly be in connection with Heavenly Beings. But we can't do that.

Adam fasted to become clean again. That is the main purpose of fasting, to become clean. If you in this Holy Month can reach a connection to Heavens in the way that our soul will be in connection with Heavenly Beings, you are lucky. You can then say that you have fasted. No matter how close you have come to such a connection, try to keep the distance you have reached and then next year it can become less and less and less.

That is the reason why Allah Almighty is making the Night of Power. It is the chance for fasting people to touch and to reach Heavens. But only a handful of people in a million can reach that level and get the connection. This is when you have reached full cleanliness and your soul has come to your station in Heaven. It can be in the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth or Seventh Heaven. It is a chance which is given every year once, on the Night of Power, and it is hidden. Sometimes a person can sit all 30 nights waiting for this moment, but if he is not close to that level, he cannot understand. It happens within the blink of an eye. This night is now approaching. It can be tonight, the 21st. It can be the 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th, and it is hidden.

It is important to make people to contact Heavens. The soul of whoever reaches that level will control him. His ego will be finished. Satan will have no more hope and will cry beause he has lost one more person. The ego cannot control that person anymore. He will now belong to Allah Almighty, he will be a servant of the Lord. But now in the age of part-time jobs many people want to be part-time with Allah and part-time with satan. Is there anyone here who is not working part-time for satan? Everyone here is! It is only the people who have given everything physically and spiritually for Allah who do not: they live for Him, work for Him and die for Him. They are not part-time workers.

If Allah Almighty trusts you, He will call you to the Night of Power. But these are very, very, very... I could sit here and say "very" until the next week, that is how few there are, few, who are trustworthy enough. But we have good news: whoever attends meetings like these and who sincerely want to reach that point, will finally do so. That means that we are lucky. Even if we are part-time workers for satan, we must repent every time and ask for forgiveness.

The door to repentance is always open. He knows that we will be cheated, but the point is to return to your good intentions. You will always be accepted. Satan is telling us that his job is to get us off the straight path and to make us do evil. But he also admits, that the moment we repent, his whole job is destroyed. The Lord of Heavens knows that we have not been created as angels. He knows that we have an ego and that satan is trying to attack and to cheat us. That is why He has left the door to repentance open for us. If we ask for forgiveness and say that we are sorry, and do not want to repeat it, He is always ready to forgive us.

But even if you know that Allah Almighty is ready to forgive, you must be ashamed to come to Him and to admit your sin. You must try to control yourself and not to run after satan. Don't be heedless, because you can then lose your faith. All your good deeds, worshippings and every precious thing which Allah Almighty granted to you may be lost. If someone will loose his faith, it is finished. If someone, for example, backbites on someone else, 7 years of good deeds will be wiped away from his book of good actions. Beware of heedlessness! You can lose too much. You can even lose everything. Wake-up believers!

Once upon a time someone put everything on his donkey to take from the village to the market in town. It was so full of things, that he did not have space for himself even, so he was leading the donkey with a rope and walking infront of it. Two robbers saw him and came slowly with the intention to take everything from him. One of them took the lead from the mouth of the donkey and put it over his own head. The other one took the donkey and all the things and lead it away. The man did not notice anything, he was holding on to the rope, thinking that he was leading the donkey. After some time he turned around and saw that he was leading a man, and not a donkey. The thief started to sob and to throw himself on the ground, "Oh, Allah, you know that I am a big sinner and that is why you have changed me into a donkey! I am asking forgiveness!" The man was shocked, thinking that for all these years he had been using the donkey thinking it is a donkey, and now it has become clear that it is a punished man! He was so surprised that he just took the lead off the head of the other man. He was completely heedless. Even if a man has become a donkey and then again a man that can be understood. But where were the things? The thiefs brought everything to the market to be sold, even the donkey. When the donkey saw its owner arriving at the market, he made a big noise. The man looked at it and thought pitiful, "What did you do again to make Allah turn you into a donkey? May Allah protect me from your company!" So he was escaping from his own donkey! In this story the robbers were satan, the ego and the worldliness. They want to take everything from you. Beware of satan!

Italy - 01.03.1994

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