Maulana Sheikh NazimConnection is an obligation. If you have connection, everything going to be easy for you

Audhubilahi minesh shaitana rajim…Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyu-l Aziem…Destur, ya Sayidi Sultan-ul Awliya, Meded…

Connection is an obligation. If you have connection, everything going to be easy for you. Connection means an association, making connection our spirituality with heavenly positions. If you can reach a connection, it is for you. If no connection you are just like this case working by batteries. When battery finishing, this finishes. But there is a place through every tape, that you can us to make a connection with our electrical system, that we are in it now, and from the center of electrical area always running in it…it is not depending on batteries, no, always tis power running. And no need to use batteries that time. This instrument going to work as long as the power of electricity running through wires, it is working. We also, we are in need to have or to reach a connection to Heavens. If you have a connection to Heavens, you are easily going to do what you are asking to do, particularly what you are asking to do for your life here and hereafter. Therefore I am sitting here and I am asking a connection through my heart to my Grandsheikh that he is in connecting with Prophet's line salallahu alayhi wa sallim, and Prophet always in divinely Presence. Or we are going to look according to our batteries, to hear and trying to keep it, or trying to understand it and trying to live on it- it is so many complex going to come on our lives. And it is a teaching that they are saying our Tariqat, our way, is way to Heavens, and we must ask who is there to make a connection through our hearts, that we may be easily reaching a connection to heavenly stations for ourselves. When you are forgetting, you have been forgotten.

You are forgetting Allah, and His divinely Heavens and divinely Presence, when you are forgetting, Allah Almighty making you also as a forgotten one. That means you are only working with or you are a creature only living on your batteries, no connection with Heavens. And we must ask connection to Heaves, because we are not created for earth. If we have been created for this life, it was continuous forever without a cut-off, always, continuously, of cause that we are not created for this world, we are only loving as much as you can say 1o years, 20, 40, 60, 80, 90 or 100…and you are living. You are finishing. You are not going to finish, and Allah Almighty saying : 'O My servants, I like for you that you may ask a real life, Haqqani life, for eternity. Come and ask how you can reach.' And first condition for reaching a servant eternity, he must try to make a connection for eternal worlds, for eternity. And when you are asking the ways of eternity, that you are in need to make a connection, you must ask whom authorized or whom their authorities for that purpose, authority to make people to reach to Heavens, to make a connection with their eternal life. But now people are not asking; they are saying: 'Only one life, we are born and live and die, passing away, coming and staying we are passing away.' Passing away means we are finishing. Sometimes we are appearing in existence as a creature, as a man, looking and seeing, smelling and tasting, hearing and listening, running, reaching, thinking, doing, making, for sometimes, then little by little you are losing, your power coming down, coming down, coming down and going to be zero, you are going to be behind one. We were in front of one, we have a personality, when we are coming back behind one, no value, finished.

Therefore, if you like to reach your eternal life, you must have connection. A person can't fly, but if he takes a plane, a flight, flying. With that instrument flying, but by himself can't fly. That flight going to be a means, wasil, to make a connection from here to South Africa, from here to London, from here to East, to West, your connection going to be with planes. If no plane, you can't reach. Therefore whom saying that no wasilat, no shafaa', they are so square-head people, mm-square-head people, they are knowing nothing, because their minds never reaching to that level for understanding what is wasilat. Wasilat in Arabic and in English it is connection. There is an engine in front of train, so many wagons behind it. There is a hook; if no hook, you can't reach anywhere, you are remaining at train station, finished. Those Wahabi people are no-mind-people, they are saying: 'Everyone can reach'. They are liars, they are destroying our beliefs, trying to destroy the biggest wasilat, biggest engine to carry people from lowest level to highest level, that is the Seal of Prophets Sayidinna Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasallim. And Allah Almighty showing to whole nations, to Arabs, believers from them and unbelievers, and through centuries, that He Almighty just called his most beloved servant to His divinely Presence. And He was saying to him, when he was asking for his nation, for his Ummah, Allah Almighty saying: 'O My most beloved servant, ask them to connect with you; I am making you engine, wasilat. Tawassul- anyone putting that hook with your engine, they should be taken. Where you reached, they may reach.'

If not using that connection, if no connection, wagon only on station remaining, and engine going away. They are thinking that Prophet just finished and went away. No, it is a very wrong idea, and it is a satanic teaching, asking to destroy the beliefs of Ahl-ul Sunnah was Jamaat. They are making Rasul salallahu alayhi wasallim as an ordinary person or postman- he brought Quran and left and went away. For what this? Why he lived with his companions, with his nation? If it was only his mission to bring book, first time that Archangel Gabriel coming to him, bringing that Holy Quran to him and saying to him: 'Take this to your nation, put in a place, leave and go away.' That is postman-bringing letter and going away. No, Allah keeping him up to end, 23 years, for a completion of Holy Quran; for every occasion, for every reason, for every problem, for solutions for every trouble, to take it away. It is mentioned in it. Therefore he was remaining with his Ummah 23 years, teaching them and saying: 'Follow me! Fa tabiuni', means 'Follow me, follow me with your good will'. Allah Almighty never likes forcing His servants, no. Let them… with love you may follow a person. If you follow with stick, it is no value for you. No, a slave may follow a person, his owner by stick. No value. But who following a person through is love, that is valuable on divine Presence. Therefore saying: 'O My beloved one, say to My servants to follow you.' It is not only for Sahaba, but it is also for every period up to end of the world. It is a divine order through Holy Quran that everyone must follow him with love; and to follow means to make a connection. Without connecting to him, you can't follow.

So wrong ideas bringing Wahabi people, they are from satanic sects, no value. Therefore they are rotten, finished, no more their ideas going on, because everything that standing up with material no value. But everything that standing up through spirituality, it belongs to Allah, never falling down. And they are now living their last years, because their material support going to be ended now…

O people, you must come to understand a real understanding for prophecy and for Holy Quran and the mission of the Seal of Prophets alallahu alayhi wasallim, and the mission of Awliya, his caliphs, his successors up today. That means Allah Almighty is asking a connection to His divine Presence. You must try to find someone for that connection. If you go to Wahabi people, they deny everything about divinely or heavenly positions. They never accept to be a person a heavenly being; they never accept anyone to be in connection with Heavens, or to have spirituality. They are denying. They are material sect through Islam to destroy real essence of Islam, beware of them! But they are finishing now, coming down.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured servant S.Muhammad alallahu alayhi wasallim. Fatiha.

Lefke - 08.06.2002

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