Maulana Sheikh Nazim The Creator is giving everything their creation

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu- Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah...Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim...

By the Name of Allah Almighty, the All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent, the Creator, (who is) giving everything their creation. If He is not giving creation, nothing (is) going to appear in existence. From (the) smallest part of matter, everything’s existence is a grant from the Creator. Its creation is a grant that you can’t imagine its greatness. (Even) if all (the) imaginations from people (are) coming together, (they) can’t imagine. (The) greatness of (that) grant is according (to) the Greatness of the Creator, not according to (the) smallness of creatures, no. You must not look (to) that gift, that grant; (it) may be an atom- don’t look (to) the amount of that grant, but you must look from whom (it is) coming to you!

(A) Sultan may send one cent, one piaster, one penny to you. If you are in a perfect understanding, you are not going to look what has been sent to you, but you must be happy (and say) that: “It is a grant from Allah Almighty to me”, and you must make its value the value of a Paradise, (as) if you have been granted a Paradise. Because we are always (in an) imperfect position, (the) imperfection through mankind (is) making man to look (to) the bigness or the value, the amount of (a) grant. That is imperfection for man. Perfect people are looking from whom (it is) coming. They (are) ever looking to that gift and its amount, but (they are) looking: “From whom it is coming? From Allah Almighty (it is) coming” and he should be so happy! That is (signing the) perfection of a person: to look: “From whom that grant (is) coming to me?” Allah Allah, Allah Allah…

It is not similar- if a person (is) giving to you one orange (it is not) as (when) a Sultan (is) giving to you an orange, no, can’t be. It is same- this is an orange, that is an orange, but its value (is with) who sent (it) to you, from whom (it is) coming to you: from the Lord of Heavens (is) coming to you an orange. Or- I may give you, I am putting there boxes, I am giving. (If) anyone (is) coming, (I am) giving oranges (to him). But- because I am nothing (and) He is our Lord- if He is sending, that has another value, and (the) same orange that has been sent by the Lord, by (the) Sultan, its value (is) so high. And (if) from (a) common person (is) coming an orange, its value is something else.

I was in Turkey 194o, 65 years ago or 64…I went to a shop that they were selling some drinks, old style. That time (there was) no Coca-cola and such things... I saw in that shop a glass, written on it that he- that now people are making his bust and worshipping to him- he once came there and (he) was drinking with that glass from that drink and therefore they were putting that glass on a golden protection. And I was surprising. That was an ordinary glass, but (it was) going to be valuable for people, because that one just drank from it. Even (there is) such a little value for that glass, and they are keenly trying to keep it, to protect it.

Therefore anything (that is) coming from (a) Sultan is valuable and according to the Sultan’s position it is getting much more valuable. A big Sultan’s grant is much more valuable. (A grant) may be given from a high title person, but (a) King’s grant is something else.

Therefore- the creation is a grant from the Lord of Heavens. Even if a creature is going to be (as small as) one atom, it can’t be in existence by itself. Creation makes things to come in existence. Therefore existence really is the grant of the Creator. Therefore everything (is) knowing this and they are glorifying (Him) and their glorifying (is) never stopping.

“Kullu shayin yusabbihu bi hamdihi”…Everything (is) glorifying Allah Almighty, because He granted to that ones to be in existence. And existence can’t be given from anyone else except Him only, He granted. They are knowing (this) and (they are) giving their high glorifying, highest glorifying to their Creator, Allah Almighty.

Mankind- we are heedless creatures, particularly in our times; we are (the) most heedless ones through all historical periods. From beginning up today (there has been) no any nation, no any people (that were) heedless like (these people that are) living now, not thinking for their Creator. Most heedless (people are the) ones now living, because they never give any time to think on their existence and to say: “Thanks to our Creator Allah, the Lord of Heavens!” They are so heedless ones!

From beginning up today every nation was (either) taking a little bit or more or most care to give their highest respects and highest glorifying to their Lord, but through (the) 2oth century and now- that we are in the 21st century- people are becoming so far away to think on it; they are so heedless, so ignorant ones and so dark heart people, perhaps their level is going to be under the level of rocks. Rocks (are) knowing and they (are) saying: “Subhanallah, Glory be to Allah!” but people living through the 21st century are never saying this. They are never taking care to say: “Thanks to our Lord” and “Glory to our Lord” and: “This existence just it is a grant from the Lord of Heavens to ourselves and our being is (the) most perfect being through creation, through creatures.” (They are) not even thinking on it.

People are running after computers. They are asking to leave their abilities to be out of order; they are trying to make every ability that Allah Almighty (has) granted to them (to be) out of work and they are trying to make some instruments to give every ability- that big grant from Allah Almighty to mankind- to that machines: computers, internet, fax… and they are so happy: “We have so many computers; we can count how many galaxies (there are), how many stars, how many suns, how many distances…” (and) all (of them) they are liars, all is imagination, their imagination.

They are trying to make themselves only for their egos, to feed their donkeys. They are asking not to give to their donkeys straw, but (they are) trying to give their egos baklava, sweet. If you are bringing and putting in front of a donkey a tray full with best sweets, and putting there straw, the donkey is coming and looking…(and it is) never eating from this, (but) eating straw… Particularly for old donkeys- that have no more teeth (and) its owner is making a soup from straw and ground barley and a little bit (of) flour, mixing (it) and putting- if you are putting this there and here a good Kebab, (the donkey is) looking, but (still it is) drinking (that) soup, (and it is) very happy…

Now 21st century people they are feeding their donkeys with soup, never tasting from these best foods…(and) therefore their level is going to be under the level of animals. Animals (are) not changing their natures, they are not eating that sweets, but they are asking to drink (that) soup of barley with water, without cooking also… If you are putting salt also, they should be very happy…(But) if you are asking to come and look, (they) may kick you (with) two legs, because you are disturbing it when it is drinking and you are coming from the back… I heard that it was written in the newspaper that one person was disturbing its donkey and the donkey was biting his hand and breaking three bones...(Donkeys are) very angry when you are coming (near), because they are thinking (that) you are coming to be (their) partner for the soup and (therefore they are) kicking…

These 21st century people, everyone is coming to learn through universities. And there is here also now one (of these) foolish ones, coming to be student- no money, no food, no place to sleep…and I am saying: “Ya Hu, what you are doing? Finally, if you are finishing, what you are going to take?” (The) university should give to them a black hat as priests or rabbis (are) putting on their heads and finally a paper, (and) they are saying: “That is diploma for you. Take it. You learnt something.” And (when) I am asking: “What you learnt?” They are saying: “Nothing.”

“(You are) knowing Allah?” No. “No rights of Allah?" No (answer). “What are the rights of a person?” No (answer). “What is the aim and target of mankind?” Knowing nothing (about that). “What is the benefit of this world, this universe? From where (it is) beginning, to where (it is) ending?” (They are) not knowing. “And who is its Owner?” If you are asking (them), they don’t know… May Allah forgive us!

Oh people, give much more glorifying to your Lord Almighty Allah! He is not in need for your glorifying, but you are in need (and) you must give (your) high and highest respect to your Lord that He created you and granted to you to be in existence. This is the biggest grant from Allah Almighty, because His Kingdom is endless, His Dominion countless, His Power Oceans (have) no end. Try to take His pleasure, to (make Him) say to you: “Oh My servant, come, I am accepting you for My divinely service in My divinely Presence. I accepted you, come!” Where (they are) going these people? (They are) finishing. (The) 21st century people (are the) most heedless people, most ignorant people. May Allah take (their) ignorance away, because ignorant ones are in darkness and who is in darkness, they are full with fear. And if a person is full with fear he is never going to taste the goodness and pleasure and peace of this life or after this life. May Allah forgive us and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…

I don’t know, but when His teaching is coming to me, I know to speak and address to you…

Lefke, 28.04.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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