I am asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty for every wrong step that we are stepping on. Every direction which is against or doesn't lead to the direction of Heavens, is the wrong direction. Nowadays people are usually going 100 % in the wrong direction.

'Auzubillah...' (May Allah protect me...) Already when you forget to say this, you are stepping in the wrong direction, because you will be misguided. We are trying to get rid of our mistakes. In the same way, if we do not say, 'Bismillah...'(In the name of Allah...) we are also mistaken, because then you are on your own. You must try to connect yourself with the spiritual world. It is a mistake if you are only by yourself. Correct it! If you are alone Satan can touch you, catch you and use you as his donkey. When you are in connection with Heavenly Holy-ones their spiritual powers will go through you and Satan can't touch you. It is like the currant of electricity running through your body and they can't touch you.

In our countries during Eid-celebrations a lot of sellers came. There was an old person sitting there with a box and a cup with a silver-coin of 3 piaster inside. He called the children and told them, that if they would give him 1/2 piaster they could take the silver-coin instead. The children came and looked very surprised. One child came forward, put 1/2 piaster inside and the box started to turn and water filled up inside the cup. We did not know what was happening, but when we tried to take out the coin we got an electric shock because of the combination of electricity and water.

In the same way Satan can not touch you, if you are connected to the currency of Holy People. But the people of the 20th century are very proud and they say that they do not need spirituality. They are only materialistic people. The only thing they understand is money. They are proud of their technology and computers. But the computers are sending out a bad current and impact on people and they think that computers are more perfect than men. They are using computers and they think that they can reach some knowledge which men cannot. That is a struggle between spiritual powers and the powers of a mind-production like a computer.

By putting the computers there the atheist currency is fighting against beliefs because the minds of the people are made dirty. They are giving people the idea that the computers are much more advanced than they are. But that is impossible. We have a much more perfect organisation in our structure, but we are usually not using it in its originality. We are not looking after it. That is the illness of the 20th century: people are occupied with everything around themselves except themselves. They are seeing everything around themselves, but neglecting themselves. But every power is within ourself. If we didn't have all that power, we wouldn't have been able to produce a computer in the first place. But people with common standards are trembling with technology and they are coming on their knees infront of technology whereby it is such a simple thing. It is made by man, but you are made by Allah! We have perfection. There is no perfection for computers. At least we know that computers cannot work by themselves. They must be programmed, they cannot do anything beyond your will and without your command. That means we have the perfection, not the computers.

The mistake is that we are not looking after the power within ourself. We do not have the time to think about it. The biggest veil for mankind preventing him to reach to himself, is that foolish technology. It prevents you to reach you and you end up not knowing anything about yourself. To be a deputy of the Lord of Universes is something which is beyond your imagination. Your imagination cannot reach that point. So whoever can get a connection with spiritual holy people will always be connected to Heavens. Some of them were saying that if they even for a second would loose the connection to the Seal of Prophets, if they loose his Divine Presence within themselves, they would not consider themselves to be believers anymore.

Every Holy Presence must have a Divine Characteristic. That is why we call it Divine Presence. If it is not a Divine Presence, it cannot be a Holy Presence. Every Holy One must have a Divine Light with him. Otherwise he cannot be Holy and there cannot be a Holy Presence. If they get away from the Holy Presence, they loose everything. We are trying to make people to get in touch with that Divine Presence. If you do not find yourself how can you even get in touch with yourself? You are outside, far away from yourself. How can you then touch the Divine Presence? First come to yourself, find yourself and then you can be in touch with Holy People in their Divine Presence. We are doing so many wrong things and we end up being surrounded by thousands of troubles. When you leave yourself and get out you must get in touch with a circle of troubles. When you leave yourself, when you run away from yourself, you are surrounded by troubles. When you come to yourself, you have no more troubles, because they cannot reach to you. If you leave yourself you are surrounded by them. That is why people have hundreds and thousands of troubles and miseries hurting them. As long as people are running away from themselves they are reaching unhappiness and no satisfaction and no peace. The troubles you find out there force you to come back to yourself, but your ego wants to take you out again and tells you to go. It tells you that it will take care of you. Your ego will order you to follow him. If you don't, it will be very angry with you and shout, "I am hungry and angry and thirsty. Why are you not following me?" But the more we follow it, the more we will fall into troubles. It wants to take you away from your real being.

May Allah guide us on the true way which is safe and peaceful!

London - 01.03.1994

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