Maulana Sheikh NazimThe days are passing...may Allah protect us from Shaitan, so we are not becoming his aim

The days are passing...may Allah protect us from Shaitan, so we are not
becoming his aim... One day in Damascus Grandsheikh was sending me into town.
When I asked him if he wanted something, he said: ,Saglam git, saglam gel',
'go firm and come back firm.' This is an important advice. What does it depend on? On
awareness. Who is not aware, cannot go and come back firm. Who is driving a
car and he is heedless, will cause an accident or will be hit by something.
Heedlessness will be the reason for his death.

Sayiddina Musa (Moses) alehi salam, was asking Allah if there was a time when
His is sleeping. As an answer Allah in His wisdom asked him to take two jugs, fill them and to go
to a certain place. Musa was about to take a step in a place where there was
a hole in the ground, when Allah sent one moment of heedlessness over him.
So Musa stepped into the hole and dropped the jugs and spilt the
liquid... Like this Allah showed him what would happen, if He ws sleeping for
one moment- all the creation would be upside down...

Don't trust those who are not on your way, who are not like you! Now the
Muslims trust the Kafirs (nonbeliever) - so many things they did already to us; we will
see, what else they are going to do to us. Don't trust the world of Kufr.
They are cheating and lying. And who is not cheating like them, cannot be
with them. No one will be a diplomate, who is not knowing to cheat and to
lie. Be careful with things coming from the world of Kufr! Be happy and
content with what Allah has given you in your country. Everything coming
from the Kafirs contains some harmful chemicals. Someone was telling me that
the cigarettes that they send here, contain chemicals which destroy the
manhood and the feminity. These goods they send especially here, they don't
use them for themselves. This is because Kufr is the declared ennemy of
Islam. What comes from there, is dangerous, harmful. The ennemy uses all his
tricks. They make advertisement for so many things. That are all cheap things - gold
and jewels don't need advertisement.

You must wake up! Who takes his enemy as a friend, will perish at the hands
of his 'friend'. They are running after the world of Kufr, they say: 'We are
modern Muslims.' Is a modern life an Islamic life? They are being cheated.
It is the modern life, where there are no more limits of Haram and Halal.
The whole islamic world accepts the modern life-style, and then they become
the milk-cows of Kufr. They milk them, because the islamic countries are having
all the precious resources...

Modern life makes people slaves of their ego. That is the modern slavery.
The world of Kufr made the Muslims slaves, because of their heedlessness.
You are slaves - they dictate what you should dress, how you should live.
And the Islamic cities don't look like in old times anymore. I was in
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. It is an Islamic country, but when you go there, you
don't see this. Skyscrapers everywhere, and even if there are mosques, they
are modern building and you don't recognize them as mosques...

Does Islam not have a personality? They say: ,O Sheikh, you are
old-fashioned.' I am like it was before, but you changed everything, because
you don't like it. I have a human head, but your heads look like the heads
of apes, wolves, snakes or oxen... New fashion heads.
In London I saw a shop full with plastic heads. Each of them has another
hairstyle. The barber shows them to his customers and lets them choose,
because they want a new head, a different style, to look like this or that
model. They want to change their outlook, and they also dye their hair.
Women are worse than men, especially the elderly ladies. The wear wigs to
look like 18 years old... Alhamdulillah, we are old-fashioned!

Modern life means a life without Haram and Halal. (forbidden and permissable)
All fighting is about that. Therefore the government is against us. Either we will go or they will
have to go, there is no other way. Don't think you are safe and you can do
everything you want and our hands are tied.

Before the election they say: 'We can do everything.' They make promises, and
it is all lies, propaganda, to cheat people. They think in the position of a
president they may do everything. When they are elected, they find a red
telephone on their desk. When he enters the office and sits down, it starts
to ring. He gets up, because that is a call coming from the hidden
government. 'What is you order?' 'We are those who brought you into this
position. In the drawer of your desk you find a booklet with our conditions.
If you are not fulfilling them to the letter no matter what people say, we
will remove you from there.' They hang up the phone. And he was thinking he
could do everything as he likes. No. Therefore I am saying: Our hands may be
tied, but they are thinking, they can do everything. I am saying: You can't
do. You cannot do anything to us, you are also tied in another way. And we
have Allah as our support, you don't. Therefore you will fall down - you have
come too far up - and you will not rise again.

This is our quarreling and the quarrel in all islamic countries; that is why
the people fight their government. The rulers don't realize that they are
nothing without people. Now they may still keep themselves in their
position, but only a few weeks or a few months, and they will not be there

The world of Kufr wants to destroy Islam and make people into 'modern
Muslims', who don't know Haram and Halal anymore. Their business is lying
and cheating, because they want to maintain their Sultanate. Don't make
yourself an aim for Shaitan like those heedless people. They put themselves
right in front of him and certainly they will be hit and destroyed. And he
has so many tricks. Don't let yourself be cheated, keep yourself, be with
Allah, then you will be protected. Therefore we are saying: 'Audhu bi-llahi
mina shaitani rajim', to be protected and not to become an aim for Shaitan,
not to die...This is an important information...

Lefke - 22.12.2001

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