Maulana Sheikh NazimThe days are running fast and we approach the Bridge

The days are running fast and we approach the Bridge...For whom we are
living?... We are starting with Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim and trust in Allah. Every
day brings us further on the way we are on and we are not stopping...
Everybody is running after something, trying to reach to it. Everybody has
an illusion, a dream, an ideal. Only a few people are in peace, they are
like children, never worrying or thinking about tomorrow, but from morning
up to evening they are playing. And if you don't become like a child again,
you will not find peace. But everybody is worrying about something, and
Shaitan keeps everyone busy. He holds a picture in front of us, and you run
after it. In the evening you return home, tired, but you didn't reach
anything. And it is endless. One illusion follows the next. It is connected
to the ego, Shaitan catches us with the wishes of our ego and uses us for
his purposes. He is telling us: ,This is your aim. If you can reach it, you
will be in peace'. But never- whatever you may reach, there is always
another aim.

And man who has been honoured by Allah serves his dishonourable ego. The
most honoured creature lets himself be cheated and runs after illusions. You
should run after Allah, not after Dunya, because you will never catch Dunya.
But who is running after Allah, Dunya runs after him and he will never have
to miss anything. Man is created to serve Haqq, Allah, and Allah created
Dunya to serve man. But they say our aim is Dunya and that we should look to
satisfy the ego. Like this they cheat us. And we are making plans for our
life, we want to progress, always to increase. No one is saying that there
is death and we will have to die.

Rumi said about this: That everyone is running after an illusion and not
two people have the same illusion in their heart. And it has no value. But
we are supposed to find Haqq and get value through it. Without reaching Him,
you have no value. And so many people die without any value. They are in
Batil and vanish. But in the Divine Presence there is no Batil. Prophets
came to save people from Batil, to seperate them from their ego and to take
them up to Allah. That is why always those who served their ego were against
Prophets, because they didn't want to let go of the service to their ego.
Therefore the Wahabis are against Saints, who reached to Allah. They destroy
their tombs and want people to forget about them. And so many stupid Muslims
are following them...

You have to find someone who reached to Allah-
otherwise how you want to reach to him? But they are the partners of Shaitan
and they want his friends to be respected, not the Saints. And Allah informs
in the Holy Quran about the Saints, saying that they are those who have no
worries and no fears (... la khaufun alayhim wa la hum yahzanun). For them
He gives good tidings. For what Allah sent this Ayat?! If Bin Laden was a
Saint, he would be able to defeat the Americans without weapons. A
Mutassarrif Sahib would finish them with his armies of Jinns... So many
people are dying. Where is your power? Are you asking help from the Saints?

In Hijaz you only look for gold and business, you don't ask about Saints,
where they are. If there were no Saints would Allah send this Ayat? But
they deny everything in the Holy Book and so everything is finished for
them. Now they call others for help for Bin Laden... Without the help of the
Saints everything is in confusion, you are lost. The Sahabas were like
stars, the Prophet said. After them- who is there to show the way? There are
someones, but people are not asking for them. And so they will vanish along
with their illusion...

Lefke - 28.11.2001

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