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Allahu Akbaru kabeera, w'alhamdulillah katheeran wa subhanallahi 'l-kareem wa bi hamdihi 'l-`Adheem bukratan wa aseela!

O our Lord! All glory, praising only for You and we are giving our most high greetings, to Your most beloved one in Your Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). His name so holy one that you are giving his name.

O our Lord! All glory, all praisings for You, from pre-Eternal up to Eternal, and we are humbly asking to be granted more and more honor and glory for Your best creation , best one, holiest one, most beautiful one, Ya Sayyidee, Ya Rasulallah. You are like sun shining through whole creation if you're getting in darkness everything is in darkness. Like black hole swallowing it. When you're appearing, you're rising, your lights rising, giving to everyone, giving from Heavenly lights. In light everything is in existence, in darkness nothing is in existence.

O our Lord! We are bowing to Your greatness. O our Lord! and we're saying by the name of Allah, most Mighty and Merciful, most Beneficent and most Munificent A`udhu Billahi min ash-Shaytani' r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. That is a new beginning, new beginning.

As-salaam `alaykum, O our listeners, wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu!

O mankind! I'm addressing to first to last one. I am nothing but Allah Subhanahu wa Ta`ala may do me as power for destroying baatil, false(hood). They are making me to be, giving much more power through myself to take away false, false, baatil, from earth, from everywhere on this planet. O People! I am using very smart eyeglasses, because someone sending to me such a beautiful form also.
Marhaban ya marhaban, marhaban ya marhaban,
marhaban ya marhaban, O our most beloved one!
Dome dome dome dome, dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome, dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome, dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome, dome dome dome dome

Two meanings; one a singing, second one "dum" - to be continuously ever praising and glory, on the most beloved one. Allah Almighty, only believing in His existence, and His Oneness, wahdaniyyatuh, no one can approach His Divinely Presence except that one.

O People! Hear and listen. Be obedient servants, that is an honor for you. If you are not listening, that makes you down, and down, and down, seven levels under my feet!

As-salaam `alaykum. O our listeners whom they are giving a short time for listening, for hearing. You must listen, O mankind! All of us must listen, and all of us must obey! All of us must be obedient ones. If not, you are being swallowed through a black hole. Don't say, "Today I can't reach to hear." You must hear. This is a song from Heavens that you must hear every time, because it is majestic music, for sultans only. There is a trumpet for sultans. The Lord of Heavens, every moment, every minute, every second, must be a heavenly greeting, salute. That music, salute for every moment, for every second, for every third and down and down and down you may come. O my listeners! I am nothing, don't say that that person speaking something, no! It is a Heavenly Support, taqwiyya (reinforcement, strengthening). It is for every second or third or fourth, this music making creation to stand up and say Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah, Allahu Akbar al-Akbar, Anta Sultan! You are Sultan, You are Subhan, O our Lord's trumpet, through kings palaces!

(Mawlana mimics trumpet)
Doot daroot doot doot doot doot
Doot daroot doot doot doot doot

Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome

In such a way through the courts of kings. O mankind, take care and beware! Don't say, "That person is speaking." I am lowest one, but the Lord of Heavens giving for every creation something through its existence. Must be an appointed wisdom for that One. Therefore if a bulbul, small bird, singer, it is singing because the Lord of Creation created that small bird. What its name? (nightingale) night singer! Giving that secret. It can sing. Not chickens or hens or cocks may sing like this, no, or turkey. Turkey may do, gobble gobble gobble; that is turkey, that is his greetings, in such a way making its tasbeeh, glorifying its Creator.

Yes, everyone from mankind must have some purpose to be in existence. Everyone may have a speciality for their creation.

Yes! I am nothing. But making me for this purpose to shout, to warn, to threaten whole nations even though I am weakest one! But with His order, I am going to be like a black hole, to take inside, to take mankind among themselves whom they are not saying La ilaha illa-Llah, Muhammadan Rasulullah (s) to swallow them. I am so useless one, but specialty given to me to swallow, to swallow every badness, every evil, so when Jesus Christ comes to this place, finding it clean. Doesn't matter. I am even so old one, 90 years old, but when they are sending to me heavenly cereyan (current) coming to me, I am going like a lion, roaring, or I am nothing! But the Lord of Heavens may give to anyone to be like a lion to take away whole foxen and wolves. Because now it is the time that from east to west, whole world, this planet, filled with foxen and wolves and jackals and bears and snakes and dragons! I am that one running after them, to catch and to remove them. I am so weak, but through Heavenly order I am so powerful! I am warning everyone whom they are not taking care, who is saying, "Who is that one?" Tonight I might show them who am I! This authority also just granted from my Lord to His weakest servant, useless servant! Yes!

The cane is a plant, but if cutting it and putting it to your mouth, it is beginning to speak. (There is) no value for it, and everywhere you can find a cane, but not every cane addressing to you or making a warning to you, no. But if cutting and preparing it, and some authorized one blowing in it, it is beginning to speak. As all people, you must have heard about Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, may Allah give to him higher ranks! And I am asking such a special beings, that their speciality through all Creation is by blowing that cane and listening from it. He wrote six big volumes of his Mathnawi, the well-known book in which he was speaking, "O my listeners, isma`, hear what this flute coming from a cane saying to you! Why it is singing? And why it is such a mahzoun, sad one, and crying, for what? Like this (a piece of cane), but that flute giving something to people, speaking to people, but they are hearing only some ones like Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Allah blessings on him.

O grand master (s), you also help me! You can help, as my Grandshaykh helping me, and ordering me to address whole nations. I know nothing, but they are making me to speak, to address people. And everyone is like that cane: they may say, they may feel, they may cry, they may laugh. O people, whom they are looking, and everyone who is not looking. I don't like (only a) handful people (watching), but coming such a heavenly power on earth, and I am a weakest one, most weak one. Making me to trembling whole world. If one (becomes a) higher-position-servant, going to be a big trembling, zilzaal, earthquake!

Our addressing not for destroying but to take away (already) destroyed buildings, and soon coming another ones, for building new buildings, to correct everything that mankind is in it now, and all of them wrong and false! I know nothing, but whole world now is full with wolves and foxen and bears. They are coming through mankind, and they are only out-looking there for mankind. Innerly (inwardly) some of them they are scorpions, some of them they are dragons, some of them foxen, some of them are bears. But outwardly you may say they are mankind. But their real being according to their egos, they should be like a dangerous snake, dragon. It is so difficult to run after that dragon for killing it if that one is not experienced for killing egos' dragons. First authority granted is for removing dangerous dragons and wolves, and such most dangerous beings.

First knowing-people they are prophets. They are special creation, chosen ones, and dressed with such a power. As if a person has a honey hive. When they are asking to take out honey, they are dressing to protect themselves (from stings). Yes, they are fearing from them but they are taking from the hive honey, (with special clothes) protecting them. And such a people that their number is 124,000 through east and west, they are not in need to put on themselves (special protection) for wild people; they are not fearing from them. And they have such a heavenly power, if looking like this, that one may fall dead, instantly! But they are not using now such a power. Now it is a beginning, because the period of wrongness and the period of lions, the period of tyrants, going to finish. Now, one after one, getting to be seen.

I am weakest one, I am weakest one! I am only ordered to address east to west, north to south, warning people. O people! Look after yourself! If you are not keeping the Lord of Heavens' glory, glorification, and most high respect to His orders, coming on you now wild ones, to take away; majority of people should be sent away. Those tyrants and those wahshi, beasts, they are coming to swallow you. Come after Haqq! Come and accept truth, to save yourself here and hereafter. I am one of weakest and weakest and weakest ones!

Don't say of that one, "shaykh." I am not shaykh. I am a simple person. Simple! Zero! Zero behind one! No value. But sometimes zero may be put in front of one, then zero giving a power. Behind a one, zero is zero. You may put hundred zeros, still zero. But after one, zero going to be ten, two zeros going to be 100, three zeros going to be 1000, four zeros going to be 10,000. Beware, I am zero now, but Who created this weak servant? If the Lord of Creation asking to give a power, we are not asking value, but we are under the holy command of heavens. If He is asking to give a value to nations, putting a zero in front of right hand of one, then beginning coming power, coming power, coming power, and that power may take away whole struggles for scientists that they were inventing so many terrible weapons, nuclear weapons, may take it all at once, so fast! Beware, don't say, "who is that one?" That one is zero. I am zero! But Who is making me zero, if He is using that zero to the right side of one, you may see who is that one!

I am nothing. I am nothing but a warner. That is holy order from heavens. And therefore I am saying - not I am saying, they are making me to say - such heavenly supported ones are 124,000. Weak one, weakest one of those, may take away dunya wa maa feeha - this world and everything in it, like football (soccer, sports). Haha! Shoot from east to west, from west to east.

O People! You must try to learn some new talents that you never heard before, but it is mentioned through all holy books: Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Ten Order (of Sayyidina Ibrahim), and all of them just put through Holy Qur`an.

Tooba, highest good tidings whom they are happy from hearing and listening. Their hearts opening and they are finding a support against shaytans and their followers. They are feeling a support for weak people against tyrants.

O People, good tidings from east to west, from north to south. Whom they are adheeyat, harming you and making an honor under their feet, beginning their time to be taken away! If they are not fearing night-time, throw out the tyrants. That is heavenly anger that now just dressed whole heavenly ones.

I am not from those people. I am only from common people, but heavenly people now beginning to reach our close surface, atmosphere. The time is running, therefore beginning earthquakes, everywhere. Beginning heavenly revenge rays coming under oceans or coming from above. (Evil) countries coming down. Take care, O people! Why are you not asking who is sending this? Who is doing that? Why you are not believing? You must believe or you should be taken. May Allah forgives us. Huuu, Allah, Allah, Allah. O people, try to listen, give time! Don't say, "I was working, I just lost today's warning." This is a warning! Give time through 24 hours, half an hour to hear and to come to spirituality.

O people, prepare yourself for heavens. You are from heavenly stations and you have heavenly positions. Yes! Try to give even a short time for that purpose. O when a strong sail... sail... (current, stream) when coming up and taking everything, flooding. Are you sleeping?! You must give all your hearing, (because) every (suhbah) is like a heavenly warning. The Lord of Heavens saying to unbelievers and to tyrants, "O tyrants! O those whom they are inkaar, denying that through heavens nothing (comes)! I am here! I am approaching! I am sending my warnings to you!"

Don't say "hurricane coming to islands through Pacific Ocean, and coming an earthquake under Pacific Ocean and we are fearing that its waves may take away our cities and everything that we have." Hear and try to understand what has been said to you! That is a heavenly warning. O People! Beware and come and listen; daily listen. We are not asking money from you or to be commander of this world, no. Our last wish to leave this life and we are believers, last target. That only.

O people, as-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakaatuh!

I am hearing also your baraka, I am hearing also heavenly warnings, and I am trembling, and I am asking, O my Lord, forgive us! Send us someone who can carry ourselves and may wake us up. O people, this is a warning to make you to come on safe side, not to be on dangerous side. Dangerous side has so many reklam, advertisements. Don't be cheated. We are making through a weak servant a whole warning for nations. (Mawlana mocking) "Where is Mussolini, where is Hitler, where is Stalin, where is Mao, Mao Mao, where is Abdul Nasser, where is Napoleon, where is Russians, where is Victoria, where is the kings of Spain, where is whole emperors or kings now?"

Just I had been once in Spain, near Madrid. They are taking me to an old monastery, and I went. And they said to me under that monastery, there is a huge graveyard and in that area just buried there kings and emperors and queens and empresses.

"You like to see them"?

"Yes, why not. If I am coming up to here, I may look and may take a lesson for myself."

And they are coming down seven steps and going. Perhaps Jamaluddin (a mureed) was there, coming and walking through a narrow path. There was a sign, a photograph. (Mawlana mimics gesture to keep quiet, sshhhh).

"Keep quiet, don't speak, don't shout! For what I am saying? Because inside it is graveyard of queens, kings, emperors and empresses."
"They are hearing"?

"Yes they are hearing, and they kindly are asking that no one speaks loudly."

I am going and I am looking through a big hall, like this big places, and in each one of these there was old-time people what they are using for bath. They are putting one over another, one over another, perhaps more than 200 places that they are lying and nothing for them in that place (mausoleum hall). And I am looking. Nothing. O my Lord, all of them they were so proud ones, so brave ones, so rich ones. What happened to them? And Heavenly answer, "Once upon a time, We are putting our secret power through them and they were showing themselves in existence as such most powerful ones. But they were not knowing that We are putting through themselves a small battery. When battery finishing, they were falling down. Dead bodies. They were heedless people."

O everyone on earth now, everyone they have a small battery here (pointing to heart). Some of them one day, some of them only for one hour, some of them for 10 hours, some of them 10 years, some of them 100 years and finishing. When finishing, falling down (becoming) dead bodies, because heavenly power for them to be in existence just finished. Take your lessons. O my brothers in big human family. I am also now waiting when my battery is finishing, no any doctors can fill the batteries of people. If they can do, they can do for kings and emperors, but they can't. Finished.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings)
Oooh my Lord,
Oooh my Lord,
Oooh our Creator,
Dome dome dome dome,
Dome dome dome dome,
Dome dome dome dome,
Dome dome dome dome,
Dome dome dome dome,
Dome dome dome dome,
Dome dome dome dome,
Dome dome dome dome,
Huu, Huu

For the honor of our Lord, and most beloved representative for Him, we are giving our high respects and we are crying for whole humanity that shaytans making them to fight to each other, to kill each other, to destroy each other! And finally, whom they are giving that trouble and suffering to mankind, they are going just tomorrow, down and no one knows (if) their bodies buried or disappeared.

As-salaam `alaykum. Alfu' s-salaat was-salaam `ala Rasulullah, Sayyidi 'l-awwaleen wa 'l-akhireen!


Thank you for listeners! May Allah gives them pleasure, a pleasement here and Hereafter.

Lefke, 05.10.2009

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