Maulana Sheikh NazimDeath is written for everyone

O believers, you who believe in Allah and His Prophet and respect
them... Death is written for everyone. The Prophet was saying that you will
leave everything behind and nothing will stay with you- not your goods nor
your family. Today you are here, but tomorrow you will not. Even your name
will not remain...But people are not thinking anymore in this century.
This year so many things from the unseen will come on people. Shavval is
strong, full of heybet and divine anger.

It is snowing very heavily, and if rain follows- to where you will escape
from Allah's Anger? You can only run to Him. Now Christmas is coming and New Year.
The Turks are celebrating, too. The toys are invented by the Jews. They want to
destroy Islam. The whole world is trying to destroy Islam, and our people help them.
They say the religion of toys is better for us than Islam...They say they have no money-
but they are wasting so much money in the night of New Year... Watch out! Allah has
punished people before you with hunger, so that they were searching the
cemetery for fresh dead bodies to find something to eat!

People have to think, they have to believe! They believe that America is
able to watch an ant walking on earth with their satellites. Do they think
that Allah is not seeing them? You must know Allah and believe in Him, you
must be His servants!

May Allah send us His servants to wake us up...Our heart is in peace,
Alhamdulillah! The heart of a believer is in peace, mutma'in, because he
believes in Allah and depends on Him, trusts in Him. And Allah is not
punishing them... Shaitan was refusing to make Sajdah and Allah drove him
away from His Divine Presence. Those people (muslims), who are not praying, are like


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