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- Death of Pope Johannes Paul II

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded…
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ’Azim.

What is obligatory for a servant? A servant must listen and must obey!

If you have a servant, he must listen to you and do and obey to you. That is the description of servanthood. If you have a worker (and he is) not listening to you, not working for you, he is not a worker or a servant. We- all of us- (are) servants. Servants to whom? To your Lord that created you and is giving life to you and granting to you everything before you are asking. The Lord of Heavens is One, because He is Sultan; (there) can’t be on a throne two Kings. This seat (here)- can’t sit two Kings on one chair.

In Europe in the time of Kings they were using two chairs for some occasions; for ceremonies they were using two chairs, thrones, putting one chair for the King, and one chair for the Queen. That was their customs. It is not a Christian, real Christian custom to put two chairs, no! Through the history of Kings, before Jesus Christ- peace be upon him- only the King was sitting on the throne, not the Queen. I never heard that King Solomon was sitting with his wife, his Queen. I never heard that King Solomon was sitting with his Queen. Even they were Kings and at the same time Prophets. And also it is a new custom that people were bringing their Queens to sit next to the King. No! It is not written or mentioned through Holy Books!
You know and everyone that the Pope or Patriarch has a throne, but never (there is) going to be next to the Pope a Chief Nun to sit after him and to say: “What do you think?” or to ask. For the Pope there is one throne up today. He passed away and he was keeping that old custom.

He just passed away, the last Pope, that the whole world was happy with him. So many people were happy with him and were loving him, respecting him. He passed away. Just his life is going to be such a scenario, a film; a 85 year old person passed and all his life is going to be like a dream. And they showed some parts of his life (on TV) that just became a dream:
Yesterday he was living, today his life just finished and he reached from where he is coming, there he is going. He was believing in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and I was informed that he was also respecting and saying from the Holy Quran that it is from Heavens. Because a Pope can’t be Pope without accepting all Holy Books- he may say (it openly) or he may keep (it secret) through his heart, keeping that for his Lord.

That one I have been informed (by the late Mufti of Syria Ahmad Kuftaro who had a private meeting with the Pope) that he was respecting and accepting that the Holy Quran is from Heavens (he revealed in that meeting that he never goes to sleep without reciting parts of the Holy Quran). And he passed away. He was a person who never harmed anyone and he reached the age of 80 that Allah Almighty is looking and saying that: “Who passes over 8o they are My ’Atiks’, I am making them free” (like you are setting free a slave). His face was a good face and I was asking from the Lord of Heavens, our Lord Allah Almighty, Friday night to be granted a mercy from Allah Almighty’s endless Mercy Oceans. And that is accepted. And one of our spiritual powers was attending when he was leaving- his soul-, not to be touched with any bad soul. (He was) protected.

That is a good tiding for all mankind who may keep the respect of people. That is an Islamic attribute: to give respect to everyone and to be respected, and that one therefore was respected and no one is knowing for a person how he is leaving this life! Everyone is reaching up to a station that (he is) making his way to Paradise and someones last station is going to be on Hells, taking their ways to Hells. That is a secret part of the life if mankind. Only for some spiritual people that are Saints, Friends of Allah, they may be witness when their soul is taken where they are going to be- on Paradise way or the way of Hells. And some attributes that Allah Almighty likes to be seen on His servants and that attributes carrying that person to Paradise. The Prophet sws was saying that Iman, belief, comes in 7o layers. The highest is the belief of “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah (sws)” and the lowest is to remove an obstacle from the way. The Prophet was saying this sws, the last Prophet that he honoured the whole creation that was created for his honour, all universes. Just created Adam for his honour, Noah created for his honour, Abraham created for that one’s honour and his sons Ismail and Ishaq and the son of Ishaq S.Yusuf was created for that one’s honour, and the 12 tribes, that one tribe’s line was only for Prophets that from that line was coming S.Musa, S.Daud, S.Solomon, S.Zakariya, S.Yahya, S.Isa a.s.- all of them created for that honoured one’s honour. Anyone accepting this should be honoured! Anyone accepting Shaitan… he was refusing to accept that honour of that honoured one S.Muhammad sws. What happened to him (when he was) falling down? From Heavens (he was) falling down to the last level; just (was) taken from that one every good thing, (his) good appearance (as Azazil) and just it changed into a dirtiest and most ugly shape; just dressed on him (to be) Shaitan.

Yet that one is asking that people don’t accept that honoured one. Doesn’t matter! Allah Almighty is swaying that the Ahlu-l Kitab, Book given people must believe in him finally! That one (the Pope) he accepted. May Allah forgive us and that one that passed away. Now he is in his Lord’s divine Presence and He knows what He is dealing with that servant.
We are servants, He is our Lord Allah Almighty. Lordship is for Allah Almighty- Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya- therefore there is one throne, not two. The only throne, the divine Throne, is for the Lord of Heavens. No one is sitting on His right or on his left hand, no, can’t be! Do you think that the Pope, when he was sitting, there was someone on one side, and another sitting on the other side? And Allah Almighty is not a man! No one says that our Lord is like us! No, can’t be! He is Lord, Sultan, and everyone they are servants. And your Lord, our Lord, is asking from you to keep His divine Service- that is our honour! Don’t claim: I am this one or that one!

Yes… he (the Pope) was dressing so many dressings… magnificent clothes. When you are taking (them) from him, what is remaining? The late Pope was dressing and he was well-known through his dressings. If you are taking that clothes and leaving him with a short trousers and a shirt- who is saying that is the Pope? How! A Pope with a shorts and athlete, underwear? Or overwear? That is the Pope? I don’t think. Oh my brother, they say this is the Pope. I don’t think! (But) when he is dressed and coming, (they say): Oh, the Pope! That means: That robes dressing is the Pope, not himself. A person, if he is well-known through clothes (only), (has) no value, if this (clothes) is giving to you honour (and) people run (after) such nonsense honour with clothes, grand uniform…For some occasions generals dressing grand uniform, putting belt, putting sword…Who is that? If taking (that from him), going to be like an ox (?)…That is the field-marshal? How it can be! Look there! If these clothes giving to you honour, it means you are nothing!

Therefore when you are passing in the Islamic Law (Schariat), they take all clothes from you and that servant that passed away is looking to himself and waiting, looking which kind of clothes are coming to him from Heavens. Angels are bringing dressings of Heavens- that is honour! An honoured dress (comes) from Heavens, not from people! But people are cheating themselves with such nonsense things, making decoration, putting and coming in front of the mirror: “I must be like this”- never smiling…Smile a little bit! I can’t …

O people! Look which dress is coming to you on the last day that people take from you the dress of this world- honoured or dishonoured dressing (coming)? If you like to reach an honoured dressing, keep (your) servanthood (to your Lord) and then you should be dressed the honoured dressing of servanthood. That is your honour!

May Allah forgive us and bless you to reach from His endless Mercy Oceans forgiveness! We are asking pardon from our Lord Allah Almighty. Forgive us for the honour of the most honoured one in Your divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

Lefke, 03.04.2005, Transcribed by Khairiyya Siegel

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