First of all, this conference faces a very big obstacle like a gigantic mountain. And until they have moved that gigantic mountain it is impossible for them to reach to their goal. It is like asking an ant to carry a truck. This conference is a good sign that good feelings are still alive in some people, and these good feelings belong to Heavens. And I am happy for this because this is a sign that we can still save mankind. And that it is not wholly finished, no!

Mankind is running in the worst possible way and soon it will fall into a bottomless valley Anyone may see that day-by-day things are getting worse for mankind. And in reality what we are seeing is the degeneration of Adam and Eve. Still among the crowds of people there can be found representatives of goodness and people possessing heavenly characteristics. Through this conference the will of these good ones is evident. They are concerned about the future of mankind. I am happy, but it is the biggest, heaviest and most difficult goal that mankind can set itself. But those good people attending this conference are the weakest group among mankind. They are at the mercy of politicians and they come here to this conference full of hope, but also full of fear. Fearful because fear holds power over all nations, all contracts of mankind on this planet. And the enemies of mankind are monitoring what is happening here at this meeting. These enemies never like for this world to be changed into another more peaceful world, or for there to be a new contract for the whole world. That is because they have arranged their life-styles in order to benefit from the existing conditions.

What this conference is asking for is to completely stop crisis, poverty, violence, wars, troubles and sufferings. But the majority of mankind depends on those aspects. And if anyone were to try and take it away form them, billions would ask, “What we are going to do? How we are going to live if they prevent us form wars, crisis, problem, poverty, from cruelty and violence” They will all quickly rise up against them and ask: “Who are you coming to stop our importance on earth? Who gives you that authority and who told you to do this? Do you have any power? Don’t you know that you are the weakest ones? It is we who hold power in our hands! Don’t think that we will give way to you. And if you insist we will get rid of you so easily!”

Therefore, people are coming to this conference, and I see that the first speakers are politicians. But politicians are also members of this world contract, and they are not happy for a new change to come on earth. Politicians with their tricks and traps are filling this world from East to West and North to South. I had thought that this conference was reserved only for religious pope and academics, representatives of culture, and was without the participation of politicians. But I see that this meeting has no power at all. As I said before, its position resembles that of an ant that has been asked to carry a big truck. If the ant is able to carry that truck, then a conference such as this and those attending, will actually be able to make changes beneficial for mankind.

Therefore it is going to be so difficult to bring a new contract by means of the weakest of people. I myself am pushing ninety and I see so many others here, bishops and archbishops whom are perhaps a little younger or older than me. And they are all thinking to themselves, “How long, until we enter into the Divine Presence? “ We are coming near to our end and we are asking for some young people to awaken, to know who are those against humanity, and which ones are helping to establish real humanity and peace, giving everyone their rights.

Another point that I would like to address to this honourable gathering, all who belong to heavenly religions, is this. You all know what is written about the beginning of this world and about the first contract on earth. It is mentioned in the Holy Books. That first contract also entails believing that Adam was the first man and Eve the first woman. They lived together in the heavenly Garden of Eden and they were happy with their lives. According to the holy Command of the Lord of Heavens, their generations spread out over the earth. Eve always gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, and they were given the divine Order to marry the first-born twin boy to the girl of the second couple of twins. And that one- who mankind is now most friendly to- Shaitan, the devil, who people now take for their most beloved friend, it was him who made Cain not to accept the heavenly Command and to refuse to give his sister to Abel. Shaitan was saying to him, “Don’t accept this, because your own twin sister is more beautiful. So don’t give her to Abel!” And so Satan made Cain to kill is brother and he became the first murderer, thereby causing Adam and Eve to fall into deep oceans of sorrow and misery. Their lives were so sweet, and then they became bitter.

Attendants of this conference! Do you know this from your Holy Books or not? If you do not know, then you believe nothing! As Christians, Jews, Protestants, Catholics or Orthodox you must know this and we, as Muslims also believe in this. The first man fell into an endless ocean of misery and he tasted no more the good taste of life; it was finished for him. And from that day up to now, do you think that Satan has ever left mankind? No one can stand up and object to what I am saying, as I am speaking from the report of all holy Books.

Therefore I don’t believe what is written about the aims of this conference. They propose to do something, and they list some reasons, but they never mention the name of Satan as the cause. They talk about the problems of technology, the fall of the Soviet Union and they say that poverty is the problem. But all of this is of no relevance. Satan the devil is making people be enemies to one another, but he is veiled, so people never curse Satan. Instead they say, “Satan is our best friend!” This is the time of devils and evil. The whole world is full of devils and evil. And we must know whom we are fighting. If we are good and well-intentioned people, we must show other people who our enemy is, so that the real enemy may be recognized.

The Lord of Heavens says, “Satan is your most dangerous enemy, try to know about him and to recognize him!” Don’t say: technology, poverty, the Soviet Union breaking down- all of this, and (e)very movement against humanity, has been woven by Satan. If we do not know against whom we are fighting, we will lose the battle and we are never going to be victorious.

We must know that war is deception. If we attack the enemy directly, we will lose. But if we use tricks or traps, we can be winners. This conference is a good start and a sign that mankind is beginning to awaken, even if so slowly. Mankind is becoming fed up and beginning to stir. It has had enough of cruelty and of the worst of evil and devils. They say, "We must change", and that is a good sign. Throughout history, as we read in the classical books and Holy Scriptures, throughout the history of mankind, these problems have never ceased. As long as Shaitan is at work, problems, sufferings and cruelty will never end. The Holy Books say that people will (n)ever stop disagreeing. People are always fighting, bad ones against good ones. Sometimes the good ones reach to power, but mostly the cruel ones take over. Nowadays on our planet no one can say that good, heavenly people are ruling the word. So peace cannot be established.

When we can expect that the world will be changed by a new contract? When the good ones come to power, then we know that cruelty will go away and the whole world is going to be saved. Therefore we look at the signs of awakening that are appearing now through such a conference. An awakening is coming to mankind now. They were drunk from devils and evil. Now, slowly, slowly, mankind is starting to ask, “Where we are now?” and “What are we doing?”, as a person awakening from a drugged sleep. This is a sign that people are waking up from their drunkenness (to sobriety).

This is my declaration. We are looking for some heavenly involvement, to change the direction of people, to not follow Shaitan, but to follow heavenly Commands. If they do not follow heavenly Commands, it is impossible for this world to attain peace through our own ides, conferences, or by any of our own efforts.

May Allah forgive me and bless you.

Lefke, 05.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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