Maulana Sheikh NazimDefenders of Truth

Since the beginning of time people have been warned that satan is their number one enemy, but they don't want to know. They consider him to be their best friend. They help him and support the kingdom of satan, instead of helping the Kingdom of Allah. Billions of people are supporting satan and his kingdom. He has established his kingdom now and his wish is to destroy everything: all of Europe, all of America and the other continents. The fire is everywhere. Anytime it can explode and satan will come and sit on a hill of ashes and laugh, "Finally mankind is finished. It was because of them that I was thrown out of Heaven, now I got rid of them!"
This is what politics and all the programmes of education are about. They are designed according to the wishes of satan and his friends. But in spite of that we know that Allah's Will is over theirs and they will be defeated. Finally the truth will appear, which is why I ask you all to be defenders of truth.

Prince Charles says that he is the Defender of Faith, but a faith can be wrong or right. A person can believe that his belief is right, even though it isn't. You must be defenders of truth. Everyone believes in so many beliefs, but they are not all true just because you think so. There is a reality, only one, only one truth. It could be that you are living in an imagination. This world is full of wrong beliefs at the moment. But there is only one truth, one religion, which has been since the beginning of time, since the first man on earth.

May atheism and materialism be destroyed. May the satanic ways and beliefs be taken away. May the lights of real faith be established and everyone become sincere servants of the Lord Almighty.


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