Maulana Sheikh NazimDefenders of Truth should be happy in this new year!


Therefore, I am now just looking our new year (is) coming... on
first... today, like today next week, it is going to be (the) first of
our new year, Muharram, and before Muharram, the last day of Dhil-
Hijja should be Tuesday, (the) first day Wednesday... 1428 (is)
finishing, 1429 (is) beginning on Wednesday... and we are hoping
(that) something, some power, (is) coming to Islam, to true ones! True
ones! And you must try to be defenders of truth! Defenders of truth,
Haqqani! Haqqanis should be happy through this year, we hope this, and
their batil, false regimes, (should) all (be) down and the Truth
Castles should get up and the flags of Truth, (the) flags of skies,
should be put there!

And it is from Sunnah to be fasting (on the) last day of (the) passing
year and at the beginning of (the) new year and the Prophet (is)
giving good tidings that if anyone (is) fasting (on the) last day and
(the) first day, (it is) going to be like a person (who is) fasting
(the) whole year!

May Allah forgive us and send us what we are hoping (for)... Fatiha,
for the honour of the Seal of Prophets - sallaLlahu alayhi wa

I was not thinking to speak anything, I was so weak, but they are
making me to address (you) in such a way... I never... it is not
something from my thinking, no, (it is) directly (coming), that is a
channel from Heavens to our Grandsheikh and he is granting to me!...

Sheikh Adnan Effendi (is) sending his Salams. I was a little bit late
(today), but just (as) I was coming (for prayer), he was phoning to
me... That is Qutub, and Sheikh Hisham Effendi (also) Qutub... He said
to me that just he is with me, therefore...

Sheikh Adnan Effendi was in Hajj, everyone (was) running and kissing
his hands and saying: "O Sheikh Nazim!" "Ya Hu, Sheikh Nazim? No
Sheikh Nazim!" "No, you are Sheikh, Grandsheikh!" kissing him, asking
something from him... He is saying: "What I am giving to you? If (i
am) giving (you) from my clothes small-small, I am going to be naked!"
Thousands of people (were) coming on him, because he dressed more
greatness (hayba)... Adnan Effendi, ma sha Allah!

There is 7 big ones, Ishraqiun, (and the) first (one is:) Sheikh Adnan
Effendi... May Allah bless him... Aman, ya Rabbi... Fatiha.. .
In Lebanon, ohhh! Awasif, thuluj, rains and snowing and blowing,
uhhh!.... Trablus, I like that place, (it is a) holy place, (a)
powerful place, (with the) Barakat of Sham Sharif, Trablus Sham... I
have been there 1944 first, I was that time 22 years old...

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaha ill-Allah, wa Allahu Akbar,
Allahu Akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd!..

Ila hadrati Nabiyyi l-Mustafa wa ´ala niyyati l-shifa wa daf'i l-bala
wa raf'i l-ghala, wa l-nasra ´ala l-a'da, ´ala niyyati l-futuh wa
farij 'ani l-muslimin, wa li-amwatina wa amwati l-muslimin, bi niyati
l-ghaith... for the appearance of the Sahibu Zaman and Sayyidina Isa -
alayhima salam -, for the fall of the tyrants, the victory of the Ahlu
l-Islam and the opening of the world for Islam


Allah Allah!

Lefke, 02.01.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryNaqshbandi
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