The Definition Of Man

Madad Madad Ya Rijal Allah Madad. A'udhu Billahi Mina sh-Shaitani r-Rajeem Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim. As-salamu Alaykum, Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Salams to the beloved friends
of Shah Mardan. To Shah Mardan's beloved friends, the ones who love him & follow his way,
Marhaba. Say - Marhaba. Let's give Salam and say Marhaba. May our day and our work be
good/blessed. May our end be a good one. May our dunya (this world) & akhira (hereafter) be
good. Dastur, Madad O Shah Mardan. The field is yours, go ahead. We want to listen to you,
you are Shah Mardan. And those who listen to you, are Yaran (beloved friends of) Shah Mardan.
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim - we said this and made the intention to listen to Shah Mardan.
Now, the field belongs to him and he has the power and mightiness to punish those who have
crossed their limits.

Let's say - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Shah Mardan has said Basmala Sharifa. The field
belongs to him. We are weak servants. We need a refuge. Weak ones search for strong ones to
protect them so they won't be oppressed. Shah Mardan is the Sultan who protects weak ones.
Dakhilak Ya Shah Mardan. Accept us, we are weak servants. For the sake of the sultanate that
was given to you, shelter us under the wing of your sultanate.

People have become animals because they don't know themselves. Animals are aware of their
animal state. People are not aware of their humanity. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, the field is
yours. Today is the first day of Rajabul Murajjab... or the second or third day. Allah associated
His Name with this month and called it - Rajab Shahrullah. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, the field
is yours. What should people learn? They should learn about themselves. People today are
considered by ignorant ones as - talking animals. No other animals can talk. The ignorant,
mindless, stupid people are describing humans as - talking animals. (Hasha) Go ahead O Shah
Mardan, the field is yours. Not everyone can describe mankind. Allah (swt)...Dastur Dastur...
Our Mawla... Subhansin Ya Rabbi. May this weakness be lifted from us. The philosophers of the
21st century... What are philosophers? The ones running after satan, not searching for truth,
nonsense ones. Philosophers have described people as talking animals. What shame! Strike these
foolish ones on their heads O Shah Mardan, because they could not describe mankind.

Mankind represents Allah (swt) on earth. They are the highest creation. They are an honorable
creation. Mankind is created for their Lord, for the servanthood of their Lord and the whole
world has been created to serve mankind. That is why people need to know for whom they were
created. We were created to be servants of Allah(swt). Since we were created for the servanthood
of Allah (swt), then everything in this world is created for mankind. Madad Ay Shah Mardan.
The field is yours, go ahead. People have been created to be servants for the One who Created
them. The rank of servanthood is the highest rank. You must know this. But now we are in such
a time that people are ignorant about themselves. How do they describe themselves? As a talking
animal that walks & runs on 2 feet. This is shameful, disgraceful. This isn't the honor of mankind.
Allah said, I created jinn and man. I created them to be honored by My servanthood.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan, the field is yours. And the people of today are heedless of their
nature, about who they are, heedless of their true identity. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Go
ahead O Shah Mardan. Now everyone has an identity card, what do they call it? Identity card.
What is written there - This person is Hasan or Ali or Veli, and in other countries their names
are written in their own language. It is called an identity card. Who are you? Give me your ID
card so I can see. Let's look at the ID card. You are such and such... This identity card has no
value. It doesn't say - I am the servant of the Creator of the worlds, the Lord. It says - Turkish
citizen, Egyptian citizen, Russian citizen. This isn't an identity. Be ashamed! Mention your real
identity, your real identity - I am the weak servant of the Creator of heavens and earth.

People of today don't know their own identity. Shame. And they are saying that people are
talking animals. Whoever says this is worse than animals. Mankind has honor. One person is
more valuable than one world. The value of one person is more than all the treasures of this
world. We have such an honor. People are not aware of this. However, the One who Created us
has informed us about this. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. People who have forgotten their
humanity have become strange creatures. They can't describe themselves. They have written
thousands of books but they haven't been able to describe themselves. They can't because they
are not the Creator, they are created. The famous cars, Volkswagen, Ford, Chevrolet... can they
describe themselves? No, how can they? People cannot describe themselves, because they are
created. The One who creates can describe.

O people, O sons of Adam, O mankind, I made you My deputy on earth. The most honorable
rank. I made you My deputy. What a great honor. There is no honor above this. Well, teach this
O foolish ones. For whom were you created? Ask why you were created, teach it, know it. There
is no creation more honorable than man. Allah (swt) is the Creator. Go ahead O Shah Mardan,
your words are like Dhul Fiqar (his sword). Your words explain the unchanging Truth. They
describe mankind. Allah (swt) has given man a sultanate so you can rule on earth in My Name.
Rule in the Name of Allah (swt). I made you My deputy on earth. People and jinn will follow
you. This honor is for you.

What are our foolish people saying? They say - we are mankind, no one is ruling over us. There
is a ruler. Who is it? The One who created you. Why don't you say this? Why don't you learn so
you can teach it - "Wa 'allama adama l-asma'a kullaha" (2:31) Allah (swt) taught Adam (as) all the
names of all creation. Adam (as) knew the names. But the Prophet (sas) knew everything with its
wisdom. Adam (as) knew superficially. The Prophet (sws) is the absolute deputy of Allah on earth,
not just on earth but Allah's deputy for all of creation... Hz. Sahib Risala, Risalatu Mutlaqa (the
Absolute Messenger), the Master of Prophets, Hz. Muhammad al-Mustafa (sws). Go ahead O
Shah Mardan. The value of mankind is the highest. The invocation of the Prophet, "Allahumma
ahsanta khalqi fa ahsin khuluqi" "O my Lord, you created me the most beautiful, make my
morals/ nature beautiful also." They aren't teaching this. They consider mankind at the level of

Men are not animals. All animals were created for mankind, but mankind is not created for
animals. Animals know for whom they were created. Hasha min al huzur. A donkey knows its
condition. A horse knows that it is a horse. A cat knows that it is a cat. It also knows what it's
supposed to do; it knows to catch mice. Dogs know why they were created. A horse knows why it
was created. A donkey knows why it was created. A camel knows why it was created and it
follows that way. But the heedless ones who don't know why they were created, are men. Shame
on them. They teach everything except teaching humans about humanity. " 'Ala ya'lamu man
khalaqa" (67:14) - Allah (swt) said. Doesn't the Creator know? He knows and informs us. Men are
the representatives of Allah (swt) on earth. Live and rule under My Name, then you will come to
My Presence.

O Shah Mardan, your Yaran love you. Your request -Ridha ar-Rahman (satisfaction of the
Lord). What you are teaching is where Allah's way will lead us. Why are we living? We are living
to make Allah satisfied/pleased with us. O Shah Mardan, the world has become in such a way,
people are not aware of their own creation... the nation of ignorant ones. The ignorant ones have
been going around and turned this world into a shameful place. It wasn't like this before. The
world was made disgraced by satan & the satanic people it teaches. Satans are of 2 types - those
made of fire and those created from dirt. Those created from dirt weren't created to be satans.
Those who follow the way of satan have become satans. What is satan teaching? It is teaching
satanic things, every bad thing. It is teaching every dirty, shameful, wrong action. And for the
training of people, Shah Mardan is witness, he is saying and we are listening.

Habibullah (sws) said - "Addabani Rabbi, Fa Ahsana Ta'dibi" O people - Innama bu'ithtu
li'utammima makarimal akhlaq. Mankind has been created with a wild nature. Wild animals are
taken and trained. Who is the teacher who will take away the wildness from mankind? Who was
the teacher of all Prophets? It is Habibullah (sws). Listen, learn, and teach. We hope this world
won't be afflicted by floods of blood, rains of trouble, and storms of disaster. The curse of today is
that people are following satan. They followed it and we came to this situation. Despite the fact
that all Prophets say - Aslam taslam. The Sultan of Prophets (sws) said - surrender, accept truth
and find salvation. Satan says - "Don't listen, do whatever you want." No. The ones that do
whatever they want are animals, bears in the jungle. Mankind must have Adab/good manners
towards his Lord, and Adab towards our Lord's Beloved One (sws).

O our Lord, for the sake of Rajab Shahrullah, which carries Your Great Name, may those who
disgraced mankind be disgraced themselves. The spirituality of mankind has been disgraced. And
now it's the time for finishing off mankind. Satan is saying - First I will corrupt them, then I will
kill them off, until I can rule the whole world. It isn't saying "I want to be khalifa", it's saying, "I
want to be ruler". Let dunya be a burden for you, O dirty satan. Do you think this world was
given to you? "I don't think, I know" - says satan. "I will teach mankind, whom You made more
honorable than me. And they should follow me. I will make them to be worse than me. I will
teach them how to be low and despised like me." Go ahead O Shah Mardan, speak. It (satan)
chose the low level although Allah (swt) had given it a high level. It didn't obey the order to
prostrate. Satan disgraced itself. And now on earth it is saying - "I will rule the world" and "I
want to be Sultan of the world." Take dunya and put it on your head. Dunya can be yours,
akhira is for believers. You cannot enter. Take dunya and wear it on your head. La hawla wala
quwwata illa Billahil Aliyyil adhim.

There are so many matters. Satan's vow - "I will make mankind satans." Did it do it? Yes it did.
Everywhere is under fire and blood. Satan says - "it's almost finished, I will finish off all of
mankind from earth, until I become Sultan of the world." Take it and wear it on your head. Say
O Shah Mardan, your words are truth. Listen O Azhar scholars, scholars of Sham, India, China,
Turk, Mongol, Tatar. Say O Iranian scholars. If this statement is false, you won't make it past the
month of Rajab. All troubles affecting mankind are because they are running after satan and
following its way. And this is the situation of today. But - "Al-Haqqu ya'lu wala yu'la alayh"
Haqq (truth) is supreme. Falsehood cannot be above it. We have Haqq. Truth has reached us
from Allah's Beloved Habibullah (sws). We are above, we cannot be below.

Sawfa tara itha-n jala l-ghubaru afarasun tahtaki am himaru. Azhar scholars know this from their
literature books. And this saying is famous in Arabic literature. There are those who crossed the
limits. This saying is for them. It has been said for those who are proud & arrogant. Sawfa tara
idha l-jala l-ghubaru afarasun tahtaki am himaru. The world of today is under the sultanate of
ladies. And they think they have all the power and are riding on horses. What did a wise person
say - Sawfa tara. Amidst the dust and dirt - "I am a cavalry on horse." Your claims will come to
an end. You'll see once the dust has settled, if you are riding a horse or a donkey. Be honorable
O mankind! Take care of the honor Allah (swt) gave you. Don't kill people. Killing is not
honorable. Do goodness, be generous. This is your glory, not killing. The one teaching you to kill
is satan who taught Cain to kill Abel. That satan is continuing his work. Let's learn.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. The field is yours. We are hoping that in this holy month, with the
blessings of this holy month, those people following satan, who turned into satans...we hope a
manifestation will come to finish them. Beware. O our Lord, for the sake of Rajab that carries
Your Name, for the sake & glory of Your Habib (sws), make us glorious. "Al-Haqqu ya'lu wala
yu'la alayh" Haqq is above, never below. It will be apparent. It has started. It started from today
and will continue. With the start of Rajab Shahrullah, the spring is starting to flow. Shah Mardan
has given us this good news. Haqq is above, satan's falsehood is under our feet. Take care. Take
care of your honor. What is our honor? Servanthood to the Lord. Allah's Beloved one (sws), for
whom creation was created, when he was saying Shahada - Ashhadu an la ilaha ill'Allah wa
ashhadu anna Sayyidina Muhammadun abduhu wa rasuluhu. Master of dunya and akhira,
Sayyidul Kawnayn, he is Sultan. Accept his way. He said - "La Darar Wa La Dirar Fil Islam". O
Muslims, where are you? You cannot harm anything in Islam. And you cannot counter harm
with harm either. You shouldn't do harm nor should you harm those trying to harm you. Leave
them. Sawfa tara - they will see. Alhamdulillah.

We have reached Rajab Shahrullah. Our hearts are content, because falsehood will be destroyed.
The sultanate of satan will collapse. This new era has begun. Ya Rabbi, terrible satan has no
say... what can we do? To mention satan to Allah (swt) is leaving Adab. No. With one ant He can
defeat satan. Even one ant can defeat it. "Qalat Namlatun Ya 'Ayyuha An-Namlu Adkhulu
Masakinakum" (27:18) Allah (swt) is telling a story from the Quran. Go ahead O Shah Mardan.
The ants heard a sound when they were walking. One of the soldiers of Prophet Sulayman... the
leader of the said - "quickly move away, enter your homes and hide, don't come out into
the field, Sulayman's army will crush you." These days no one is telling this to people - Leave the
field because satan's storm is coming to crush you. Don't enter the field. Allah Allah.

O our Lord, how nicely he is making us speak. There is also someone making Shah Mardan to
speak. O Shah Mardan, give us your remarks. This holy month has been blessed for you too. We
are asking from your blessings, from your mightiness. We want a manifestation of force/ power
to destroy what satan and its followers have done. We are waiting. This month is Shahrullah
(month of Allah). A force/ power will strike the head of falsehood. It will finish falsehood. O our
Lord, don't let us be on the way of ignorant ones. You have many servants who can correct
mankind. For the sake of your Beloved Habib (sws) and Shah Mardan, we are requesting Your
protection and care. We are weak Ya Rabbi. Qawwi da'fana fi ridak. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah. We are
waiting, it's Rajab Shahrullah. We are waiting for the salvation of Sham Sharif. We are waiting
for the people whom You created, to be saved. We hope those who kill people unjustly will find
their punishments. Don't let us be from them Ya Rabbi. Allow us to be with those who keep
Your way.

For the sake of your Habib (sws)...dakhilak, dakhilak Ya Rasulullah (sws). Madad Ya Rasulullah
(sws), Help us Ya Rasulullah (sws). Madad Ya Rijalullah. We have become helpless. The world
has become the laughingstock of satan. Forgive us O our Lord. We are without a master, let the
master come. Send us a master. Amin. Send us Hz. Mahdi (as) Ya Rabbi, for the sake of Your
Habib (sws).

Wa Bi Hurmati l-Fatiha.

Lefke, 12.05.2013

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