Maulana Sheikh NazimZikr, the Security System for Your Heart
We thank, glorify and praise Allah for creating us as humans. We are surrounded by countless creatures on earth, in the oceans and in the skies, but we were the only ones to be honoured. Donkeys are happy to be donkeys. Do you think that any cat is objecting to being a cat? Do you think it would be jealous of a dog? Are oxen unhappy about not being horses? Only mankind is unhappy with their creation. If you could hear how many complaints I get every day! Endless complaints... Where are your manners? Put your head into prostration! Even if you would be in prostration from morning until evening, it would not be enough thanks to Him, the Allmighty Allah.
In our days most people are ignorant. Allah is teaching us in the Holy Quran, that whoever accepts Muhammad*, accepts that there is no prophet after him. Jesus* will come, but he will not be a prophet this time. He will be a follower, not a followed-one. The Holy Laws of Moses*, which Jesus* was also following, will be finished. The Sharia of the Christians will be finished, just like their religion. It is dead. People are sometimes more honoured when they have died, some are even immortalised in statues. But do you think that the statue can be compared to the one who died? Never! Christians and Jews are trying to introduce their religion as something which is alive. It is dead! It has no affect on people. They are giving so many names to their churches, but it is all in their imagination.

The religion which is alive is Islam. The Holy Quran addresses you: "Oh, the nation of David*, be grateful, give your thanks." It doesn't only ask of you to say thanks, but to give thanks. Thanks belong to your tongue, to your organs, to your heart. Whoever wants to give thanks to the Lord, must first say it, give the thanks of the tongue. Then your body must give it. It means; keep your eyes from bad looks, don't let your ears listen to bad things, don't let your tongue speak badly, don't let your hands steal or reach anything which is forbidden, don't let your legs step into anything forbidden, don't let your stomach accept anything which is forbidden, don't let your hearts be ungrateful and don't let anything live there except your Lord. Your heart belongs to Allah.

That is the perfection of Islam, because it comes from Heaven: don't think bad thoughts, don't have bad ideas or bad intentions, don't open your heart to satan. Look after your heart! In which way can you protect your heart? Even buildings have security systems nowadays. So what about your heart? The protection you have is zikr. But so many square-headed people are denying the power of zikr, they are against the Ahlil Sunna wa Jamaat. If you remove the zikr from Islam nothing remains. It is like taking everything away from the body and leaving only the skeleton. Would that be of any use for you? Can you sleep with a skeleton? Can it make you happy? If you take away the zikr from Islam, nothing remains. But those square-headed people are telling us not to make zikr, even though Allah told us to. Our hearts are making zikr. We have a tongue, eyes and ears. Our heart also hears, sees and talks. All our feelings are there. If the heart does not work, a human is finished. We have a tongue in our heart which makes zikr. It says, "Allah, Allah, Allah...". Every breath we take says, "Hu, Hu, Hu...". Zikr is the protection we have for our heart. It is our security system.

Satan has a trunk. Whenever someone is not engaged in zikr, he will put his trunk into the heart of that person and whisper. If a servant says, "Allah", satan will quickly remove his trunk. You must be very careful that satan will not enter your thoughts, intentions and hearts. If you let him, he will take you with him. Wherever he goes, you will go. Do you think that he is going to Paradise? He is going to hell. If you leave your heart in his care, if you are not well protected, satan will take you with him to hell. No-one who follows satan is happy. No-one who follows him will have peace and reach paradise. If a person like that dies, the angels will take his soul to the first Paradise. The Angel of Death will ask them,

"Who is with you?"

"Kick him down, because he is coming with satan. He cannot enter Heavens."

That means that there is no way to Paradise for the followers of satan. Oh believers, you are living in a country in which satan has put his biggest headquarters. Beware of satan and of his followers. As I was coming here I saw a poster with a big boy offering drugs. The poster was saying, "Save us little boys from the big boy!". That is the kind of country we are living in: a country which is free for every satan, every devil and every evil. Protect yourself and follow the way of Allah, Who puts His people on your way for you to follow. Don't follow satan or his representatives. Time is over. Don't think that this world will last more than this century. According to the hadith, Muhammad*, who knew everything about his nation until the end, was telling us, that if his nation would keep the rules of the Sharia, He would grant them one day. If they would go against the Sharia, He would give them half a day. Muhammad* explained, that in the accounts of Allah, one day is equal to 1000 years. So it means that his nation, the people of Islam, would be on this earth for 1500 years. No more than that.

We believe in what the Prophet* said and the Last Days have started to appear. The 21st century of the Christian calendar is approaching, but I don't think that we will have a 21st century. Time is finishing. Prepare yourself! Everyone is being called back to the Creator. No-one comes here with a permanent residency, everyone is temporary. He knows if your time is short or long, only He knows. Everyone is on their way to reach their end. Take your care and keep the path of Muhammad* and his followers. That is your chance to be saved from the anger of Allah. If we follow good people Allah can grant us, for their honour, to be saved.

We know that it is a difficult situation in the western countries. Our advice for young people is to be outside in daytime, but keep your children inside after sunset in their homes. All young people should try never to be outside in the dark. These are dangerous times. No-one knows what is happening outside now. Whoever wants to keep their faith, dignity and honour must abstain from night life. Stay at home. These are dark and dangerous times. If something comes, you will repent. May Allah forgive and bless us. Only very few people give their thanks to Allah. Try to belong to the group of people who give their thanks to the Lord, the Almighty Allah. If you make Allah pleased with you, He will make you pleased. Whoever is not trying to please Allah, will not be pleased by anyone or anything. Even if gold rains on him day and night, he will not be pleased. Oh believers, give thanks! Don't complain. Let Allah write your name on the board of the ones who give thanks.

Oh Allah, send the Sultan of Islam, the Sultan of Sharia, send the Sultan of this world! Amen.


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