I am trying to say something to people in order to wake them up because people are
now either sleeping or appear to be drunk. They do not know their right hand from
their left hand. Our mission is to warn people to stop going on the wrong way. If they
go on this way they will fall into hell. Wake up and come into the way of paradise. This
is why an advisor should advice in this manner.

I heard that the Pope has made certain remarks against Islam. Why is he speaking
against Islam? Is Islam showing people to go on a bad way? Is Islam calling people to
Paradise or is it calling people to Hell? Instead of asking people to accept the Last
Messenger with his last message they are talking bad things about Islam and also
saying this and that about the Messenger who brought Islam. This is why they are lost.

They say that they are religious people and that they are the only religious people. We
are not asking religious people, we are asking holy people. In Switzerland there is a
big monastery in which is St. Nicholas. This saint was a person who was a believer in
the last Prophet. He was running away from people and was hiding himself in a hut. I
was passing by Switzerland and I had a look at this hut. It was a very small place. This
is the place in which he was living instead of mixing with people. He was saying that he
was only for Allah Almighty. When I pass by this place he is always calling to me with
his spirituality asking me to visit him. Therefore every time I pass his tomb I make it a
point to visit in his tomb. On one occasion when I was visiting the tomb of St. Nicholas I
met a person who was dressed in black with a sign on his neck, which meant that he
was a priest. I addressed this person, “Is your Holiness looking after this place?” He
replied, “Please do not call me or address me as his Holiness because I am not a holy

Even the Pope is not a holy person. He is only an official person. Holiness is
something that comes from Heavens. Holiness is dressed on someone by the
Heavens. You cannot give a person holiness and this is so even if all the people in the
world call a person his holiness. As I said before we are not in need of religious people
and we need holy people. You must understand, oh mankind that you are falling into
the valleys of hell.

Starting from now, day-by-day, things are getting worse and cursings are coming on
earth because people are not asking for holy ones. I am sorry to say that the Muslims
of today are also not accepting the holy ones or the Awliyas. They are now even trying
to destroy their holy places. If there is a holy one near us then blessings are around
that person. As people are now trying to destroy the places of these holy ones, they
are very unhappy.

I am asking the Iraqi people as to why they are killing each other and they say that the
Americans or the Germans or the English have come into their country and that they
are fighting them. I am saying you cannot fight them and that you should go to Gilani
Sultan (the tomb of Sheikh Muhiyyuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani in Baghdad, Iraq) and ask
him, “Oh Sultan, you are a big one in the Divine Presence. Please ask forgiveness for
ourselves and ask our Lord’s blessings to save us from these people who have come
into our country.” It is Allah who has sent these people into their country. Why should
the Americans come from a distance of over 20,000 kilometers in order to shoot them?
Why should they do this? Who is making them to come there? Why don’t the Iraqis go
to Gilani Sultan in Baghdad or to the other thousands of saints who are in Baghdad
and ask them for help? Why don’t they do this? Why aren’t the Iraqis doing this? No
one is asking them for help. Instead they are saying that they have missiles, rockets
and Shaitan is urinating on their missiles and rockets.

Oh people ask help from the Holy People. There are Holy People who are also living
on this earth today and there are Holy ones also in barzakh who have passed away.
They are sources of Divine Mercy Oceans. Why don’t you go and ask them to help
you? Because you don’t go to them the angels should bite and hit you and bring you
down and there is no honour for you. If people knew about this and asked from these
holy ones then Allah would never have made them be under the feet of the disbelievers
(kufars). This is why they have lost their way.

The Muslims also have lost this because they have only religious people now and they
do not ask from Holy people. Until they ask from the Holy people they will not be able
to save themselves. Therefore we are asking Allah Almighty to send us His Holy ones.
Even one of them will be enough. The world is under the power of Allah Almighty.
Therefore we are asking “Oh Allah Almighty, give Your blessings to one friend of You,
to one friend of Your most beloved servant Seyyadina Muhammed (sal). Send us
Seyyadina Mahdi (alai) because if he does not come there will never be any good on
earth and instead there will only be fighting, killing, destroying, burnings, earthquakes,
storms and hurricanes. Three years ago there was a great disaster, which went by the
name Tsunami. I have never heard of such a foolish word. Where was the technology
to stop the disaster caused by the tsunami?!

Oh man, try to learn adab with your Lord, Allah Almighty or you shall be taken away.
The angels shall then carry you away into hells. May Allah forgive us. Alhamdulillah, I
am only a weak servant asking to wake up the nations and not only to wake up those of
you who are now listening to my speech. My addressing is for the whole world and
from east to west. Sometimes, some people might understand what I am saying and
there is Heavenly support for us. May Allah bless you.

Lefke, ?.10.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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