Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Heybet (dignity) of the servants of Allah Or: Let Allah reward you

(summary from Turkish part of the sohbet)

For what Allah created us? And what are we doing? Allah created us for
His service, not to be slaves for our ego, servants of Shaitan and
Dunya! I am looking: for whom are we working every day? For Allah or for
our ego? We are thinking that Allah has created us for the service of
our ego- how strange! Everybody is working for his ego. I don’t see even
one, who is working for Allah. If you see someone, tell me so that we
can go to him and kiss his hands and feet! That is why everything we do
is half-half and vanishes.

Allah wants Hayyatan tayyiban for us, a clean life. “How do you see
yourself? Do you live a clean life?” “Everyone is dirty, so we also have
fallen into the dirt”, you say.

Who is working for his ego, doesn’t find a clean life. La haula wa la
quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim! “Are you praying?” “No.”
“Before yes, now no.” “Every Cuma.” “Every day?” “No, every now and
then”… “One prayer for Allah- if you don’t take the time for Allah, how
Allah is going to open a door for you?” (He is going to say:) “Because
you are not working for Me, go, where you want, up to Hell!”
Why you only pray 2 Rakaat on Cuma, why not 2 Rakaat daily?
Therefore I am thinking: Ya Rabbi, You created us for Your service; we
are not doing it, we are working for our ego. And our body is from
earth, it lasts only for some time, then it finishes. 4o years is
maximum, then it comes down, illnesses come and no Doctor can help you.
“Go to the mosque and pray!” “No, I am not well, I am going to the
Doctor”… no one can help you anymore. You are running from one Doctor to
the next Doctor, you go to England, to America, where they shout at you…
In America they have the ‘Greencard’, in Russia it is yellow, ours is
pink… “What you do with the Greencard?” “She will make us strong!” “So
put it in your tea and drink that, to be much stronger”…
Work for Akhirat!

There is the Berrat-Night in Shaban. The sincere servants are waiting
for it, because in it the sins are forgiven, Khair is accepted.
They give their life, to gain the Greencard, but not, to gain Akhirat-
what you are going to say, when Allah is going to ask you, for what he
has created you? For His service, His Pleasure- but they are not thinking
about it. Every day millions of people are leaving this world- they are
not the same people every day that you see in the streets.

Use your mind and know for whom you are working! If for Shaitan, he will
make you slave for your ego. He will give you ‘freedom’, so that you
will not know Halal and Haram anymore. The Kufar could not do anything
against the Muslims, until they gave them Haram to eat and convinced
them to become ‘modern’. They told them “You are backwards”, and like
this Shaitan was catching them. “It is because of your faith”, they told
them. If it was like this, since the time of the Prophet our faith would
have died, but Islam has become stronger! It reaches from East to West,
in all places of the world.

Once we had Heybet! (Dignity)

A story at the time of Harun Rashid, when the Greek Emperor of Byzanz
wanted to conquer Konstantinople. The Prophet sws said that the capital
of the Greeks, Konstantinople, would be taken. The Kafir have no mind,
or else they would come into Islam. They make women their heads, they
leave women to govern, they have Presidents and Queens. Is a King like a
Queen? Allah is saying: “Ar rijal aqwa mina nisa- men are stronger than
women. Rijalallah, the Men of Allah, that are on the way of Allah, they
should govern the women.

Allah has given to women from His Attribute of Zahir Jamal, and to the
men from Kemal with Kudra, to be representative. He has given women
their job and men their job. In Islam women don’t govern. The head of
the family also is the man. Can a women look after a man?
In London I saw police-forces. They make women also police. After the
Terawih prayer, nighttime, I saw one police-women on patrol with two
police-men. If a women could look after herself, then she could also
look after men. Leave London to the police-women for one night and you
will see what is happening to London and these women! They would be
finished! They put the women with the men to amuse themselves. They are
not really in need for women as police, but the men like to be with
women, it is their nature. What are the women doing there! It is not
good for you and for security!

Women are weak and cannot do what men can do. Their work is in the
house. On TV they talk about “Women’s Rights”. I am saying: “Men are
cruel! How many MPs are women? 40-50 and 500 men! You women have to go
on the streets and make a demonstration and ask for your own Parliament,
your own President and your own government!”

Women should not govern. In Islam there are no women in government.
At the time of Harun Rashid there was a Queen in Byzanz; she was the
daughter and only child of a King who passed away. It doesn’t suit our
belief to have a women at the top, we are asking a man! This Queen had a
son who then became the King. He sent a letter to Harun Rashid, the head
of the Muslims, saying: “You have taken treasures from my weak mother,
because you made her afraid. But now I am on the throne and I am
demanding the treasures back that you took without right. If not, I will
do something against you!”

Harun Rashid said: “Write: O dog, son of a dog”- who dares to speak like
this nowadays?- “What do you think about us? I will challenge you,
come!” That King was trembling along with his throne! Allah dressed
Muslims that time Heybet! What about us now! A man has to show himself
as a man! Today we are in the last row, yesterday we were in the first
row. The Ottoman Empire was first in the world, then England, then
Germany, then Russia, then France, then Italy… We are working for
ourselves, not for Allah, that is why! That time they took the sword,
saying: “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar”, fighting for Allah
and to destroy the kingdom of Shaitan, and therefore Allah raised them up.
They want to go to Europe- to clean the streets there. They think that
with the money they earn there they have something good. Don’t work for
yourself, for your ego, but for Allah, so that He gives to you!

O people! Think what Allah Almighty saying to you! O people, if He is
going to ask you to whom you were serving, to whom you were servant
through your life on earth, (what you are going to say)? He should ask:
“24 hours- for whom you were working? To whom you were giving your
effort? For yourself or for your Lord?” You were working for your ego,
for Dunya, not for Allah! Therefore as long as you are wasting, giving
your effort for Dunya, you are coming down. As long as you are accepting
your Lord and His heavenly Orders you are going to get up, up, up! That
is the reason that whole world now in dangerous point, falling down,
because not working for Allah, working for their egos.

O people, change that, your mind and put everything on its real
position! Allah created you for His divine Service, not for Dunya. If
you are working for Allah, you are happy; if working for your ego, you
are falling down, down, down, as now we are 21st century and people on
earth not knowing, they fall in chaos, never knowing a way to get out,
to be free for their Lord. And they are falling on a stage, station, or
level that it is under level of animals. Animals knowing their Lord and
glorifying Him, but man not knowing and not glorifying their Lord.
May Allah forgive us and bless you and His servants. For the honour of
His most honoured servant in His divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 11.3.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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