Maulana Sheikh NazimO believers, this is a Khutba on the divine anger about rebellious people, who don't want to know Allah

O believers, this is a Khutba on the divine anger about rebellious people,
who don't want to know Allah. Punishment will come on them- Allah is not
going to let them get away, even He delays, until it cannot get any
worse. The Prophet sws was informing about this: 'Allah is giving chance to
the people, but they cannot escape.' Our people have gone too far. They
don't know about Jumma or Ramadan, Allah and his Prophet, Fard, Wajib, Haram
or Halal anymore. Therefore soon the Bela is coming on them-at that time, don't
shout! If a flood comes on this island, in a few minutes it will be taken
away...Why are they against Islam? When the time comes, there will be no
safety for dhalim people...

Today is a blessed day- Jumma. Alhamdulillah we
have peace here- no British or Greek people, we can celebrate Cuma.
But they want to celebrate New Year- it is not for Muslims, but they take it
as an opportunity to amuse themselves. And they will be punished. Christmas
and New Year is from their religion, not for Muslims. And their priests are
still wearing religious clothes- what about our Hojas? Where are our Islamic
dresses? There is discipline in religion, there are rules. Our people want
to be like them, they celebrate Christmas and New Year. Why you don't make
your children used to going to the mosque for Cuma prayer? Don't make them
get used to praying?

Everyone will be given his book either in his right or
his left hand on the Day of Judgment- that is Haqq. The Day of Judgment also
is Haqq. It is written in all holy books. They will ask you about your
children, if you were obeying Allah's orders and taught them their religion.
If not, your place is Hell. No more time for sleeping- you must wake up!
Who is not praying from among the Muslims, will be sorted out. You will die
and no one will intercede for you...Religion is not a joke. People are not
thankful to Allah for His favours. Now the walls of their buildings are
falling down- don't stand under them! Don't be cheated- things are going to
happen soon. Be good- that means: be a good servant of Allah. Ask yourself,
judge yourself by your conscience. You are not making Sajda, you are not
thankful to Allah- turn back and ask for forgiveness! Nobody knows when his
time has come. The souls of many will be refused entrance at the door of
Heavens, they will not be accepted in the Divine Presence...


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