Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Divine Honor of Having Been Given Existence

Only for You, not for anyone, not for anyone, nothing in existence except You, Allah Almighty, except You, Eternity....Your Divinely Attribute!

We are so happy ones, pleased ones, we are thankful to You from pre-eternal up to eternal. You are granting us to speak about Eternity, Eternity, Allah, Allah, Allah, what you are granting us for Eternal positions, Eternity without beginning without ending, Oh our Lord! We are so happy ones, so lucky ones, so proud ones, that we belong to Your Divinely Existence! If You are giving a chance for every creature, for heavenly ones or for earthly ones, to write or to know about your Eternal Being, no one reaching even using whole oceans as ink and whole trees to be pens or pencils—never reaching anything, because You have Real Existence, our Lord Almighty! Allah, Majestic, we are nothing! We are proud that our existence belongs to You, to Your Divinely Generosity, You are so, so generous! It is impossible to give even the smallest description about Your Generosity, Allahu Akbar! You are our Lord, most respected, majestic, glorious, Allahu Akbar! We are so happy to speak, even our most high respect, most high glorifying, most high majestic, it is nothing, nothing, nothing! Oh our Lord! Grant us the pureness from Your Divinely Oceans, never-ending Oceans from glorifying, never-ending from You, never-ending Almighty. But it is granting from pre-eternal to eternal, countless creatures, they're taking such pleasure, so honor, so glory (that) You created them!

We may look at some smallest creation, and we can know it's pleasure and its iftikhar (honor, glory) their happiness and looking so greatness, that they have been granted. If an ordinary man knows, may fall down unconscious....hmmm, falling down, from where, from what? Some people falling down and losing every feeling, is finishing. We can understand the pleasure (of) the smallest creatures in existence, and Who giving that existence to it? What glory, what Majestic for our Lord, they're so happy and proud and in plain pleasure, that it is in existence, and his existence from the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Creation, that Mankind may understand that the smallest thing in it has, the smallest pleasure, may fall down in the endless Ocean of Pleasure!

I'm sorry to say that people are far away to taste such majestic, such glorious pleasure; majestic also granted to smallest creatures, granted from endless Pleasure Oceans, majestic, Glory Ocean, that the smallest creatures feeling, that no one can stand up. I'm sorry that 21st century people are not interested through these subjects; they are running away, never tasting such a spirituality, such a holiness, such a pleasure, such an enjoyment, such a proud. The smallest things in existence are so proud, because they're saying, “We're belonging to our Lord’s Creation Oceans!”

Oh heedless ones, after you are running and wasting your whole life for nothing, and you're not coming to understand the secrets of your being, and you're not interested in that One who brings you in existence, oh Mankind! You're running after nuclear bombs! We are only, we are only, we are only, we are so happy to invent such instruments for killing, and the Lord of Heaven is saying, “Oh men don't kill, don't be oppressors! Oh men! Be respectful for every creature and for creation of the Lord of Heavens, sending thousands of his beloved ones from His Divinely Presence to teach you and grant you something, and you're giving your will to the hands of Satan. And Satan cheating you and making you enemies to each other, and Satan teaching you not to be respectful to everything. Everything in existence is respectful, everything from atoms, everything are respectful. Oh men! You're appointed by Divinely Will to be My deputies—deputies means they're respecting everything and keeping their eyes from smallest one to biggest one. You've been granted such a high respect and you're running after Shaytan, and he says “kill and destroy,” but don't give a chance for everything that is Shaytan teaching for 21st century people!

Oh Mankind! Come and listen from holy books; holy messengers coming to teach you how you should be, how you should do, and the Lord of Heavens is asking you, “Oh My deputies, try to be kindly to everything, try to be mercy for everything that I've created, try to be kindly to everything, I'm never oppressor, I'm granting, I’m making oppression forbidden for everything, and you must keep the way I am making for you, to be honored in My Presence and be elevated higher and higher.”

Oh people! Keep giving everything their rights and everything going to respect you and bring to you happiness here and Hereafter, oh Mankind! Shaykh Adnan Effendi, people they lost it; they only try to give trouble to others, and main appearance for whole people living through 21st century, all of them, is written under the title of troublemakers. And then secondly they are written under the title of “troublemakers and oppressors,” no one carrying a real position, you may say, no one keeping their real mission, all of them changed. They've been created to be holy ones and instead their names just written to be not under the holy ones, but under Shaytan, oppressors and troublemakers!

I’m only a weak warner to whole nations. I’m translating to you something from heavenly thoughts through Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Holy Qur'an. I’m trying to translate something, (telling you) not to be oppressors or troublemakers. Everyone is asking to be dictators, everyone asking to be like a pharaoh. They were worshipping and now they're on same line. Our leaders are asking to lead mankind, all of them are oppressors, pharaohs with no mercy for people, no merciful people.

Oh troublemakers! Oh Shaytan! No inheritance! Come and listen, if not coming on your head, what just came on Pharaoh and Nimrod, all pharaohs; they've been sunk under seas and just disappearing and Nimrod sending on them mosquitoes, small ones, unseen ones, to take heavenly revenge. Oh nations, beware! Oh leaders of nations, beware! Be on right way, coming something on you that you may not be protected. Fatiha.

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm…
Oh no-mercy people!
Oh followers of pharaohs and Nimrod, beware!
Just approaching to you heavenly revenge,
you can't understand it till reaching to you.


Huuuuuuuuuu, Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu, only Youuuu Huuuu,
heavenly singing coming to you.
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm…
Follow the ways of heavens,
follow the ways to your Lord’s Divinely Presence.
Oh men, come and follow the ways of heavens
and you will find absolute pleasures.

Tomorrow you're going to be under this earth.
Oh men, keep your good manners,
come and obey to the Lord of Heavens.

Fatiha. Salam, Allahu `afuwan. Allahu Haqq, Allahu Haqq, Allahu Haqq, Allahu Haqq! Fatiha.

Lefke, 10.08.2009

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