Maulana Sheikh NazimA DIVINE TRAP

Audh billahi min ash-shaitan nir rajim, Bismillah hir-rahman nir-rahim, La hawla wa la quwwata ila billahil aleyhi adhim..Madad ya sultan al-awliya…

If you like to depend on, to entrust the protection of your back to a man … a man, if we are saying a man that means any kind of creatures… if you like to depend on someone, the most powerful ones that you are know are the rich ones. Rich ones. You think that their richness makes you stand up. And there are some multi-millionaires, but such huge riches never give that person any more enjoyment. He may have perhaps one billion dollars, or more or less, but when old age comes to him it is finished for him. That huge richness can't give you any security, whenever you are using it as a timber to keep your roof up it is going to fall down, because it is powerless.

Madad ya sultan al-awliya, madad ya rijal-Allah. Therefore, you must ask for some power that is not from the same kind of power that you invented, that you are using, no. It is so difficult for technology to give you security, to make you safe. Whoever is asking for peace and satisfaction in his life, must look for some place, which belongs to that One only, do not to say so many partners for me on this place, no. Therefore, we are asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty, and we are also saying endless shukr for Allah Almighty. As much as you give more shukr, more honour and nur, lights, will come to you, and also if a person is not saying but is going to Jama'at and they are sitting up to Doha prayers and up to midday prayers and then evening prayers and then night prayers. But it is not easy for that person to keep his ego away and to try to hold his oath to Allah from the Day of Promises.

All of us gave our oaths to Allah Almighty saying, "We are going to be Your servants, we promise ourselves to You for Your Divine Service, we promise that we shall be servants for the Heavenly Service of Allah Almighty." Now everyone must ask himself, what is his intention, or for what is he working, or for whom is he working, for what? For what purpose are we running from here to there? We must all try to think on it and know that everything that is not for Allah, even though you may spend millions of dollars on it, that it is going to be finished.

Allah knows everything, he knows that the Children of Adam throughout the 20th century were never following His Orders. Never. Never was any country following the Orders of Heavens. The Order of Heaven means the Orders of Allah. Everyone is trying to make something according to his thinking, according to his knowledge - and all that knowledge is the nonsense subjects they are reading in universities. Everything is only based on materialism , denying everything of spirituality, denying everything after this life, denying everything over this world! Any one who never thinks about his Divine Service must go down. He may even be the most powerful or richest person on earth, but it will be of no benefit to that person. Therefore try to depend on Allah Almighty. If Allah Almighty is supporting you, and you are depending on Him, no harm can reach you here and hereafter. But if you are not following even the most simple commands of Islam you should fall down, you should be taken away quickly(soon?). Allah Allah.

Perhaps these days you are finding that the taste of coffee is finished, you may see, or you may try, something and it has no taste for you. That will finish, this belongs to mankind through this millenium. In the third millenium, so many people gerbal(a turkish word?), it is a stone mill that you use by hand destroying everything, nothing is going to be used for Shaitan, because Shaitan is making every terrible and horrible thing for mankind. Satanic teachings make people think wrong, and to intend wrong, and to do wrong. Therefore it is a Divine Trap for all of mankind who think that there is no more Heavenly Involvement on earth. They are saying, "We have thrown away kings and sultans, now we are the owners of everything that we have taken from them, it is for us not for them!" So, only one intention may save people. And one word may make mankind fall down. Now his feet are down and his head is up, but mankind will fall with his head down and feet up, everything is going to be upset if people are not taking care and attention for their Lord's teachings and orders. He may take everything from you. There is no more taste for people, there are so many kinds of fruits and vegetables that they are asking to eat but they are saying, "They have no taste - nothing. That is a banana but when we eat it it has no taste, there is nothing in our mouths helping us to taste these things."

And if a person is making wudu or making ghusl, he must try to pray two raka'ats, but people have lost it, people have lost it. And nearby, step by step, we are approaching, some people are approaching the Divine Presence through their love and through their respect, they are even having their baby to make Allah Almighty happy with them. Alhamdulillah ya Rabb. Ask Allah Almighty for the best things for the new century, ask for the best ones. Anything that you are asking must be the best, it must also be most expensive. Don't ask for straw, but you may ask for a horse instead of straw , you may ask for one horse and He is giving a horse, He may order, "Give that servant of Allah Almighty, as much as you give to him from My treasures make it double and give him his horse also!" So that if any one depends on Allah, jalla jallalu, they should be victorious here and hereafter. Anyone who is asking to depend on man - man is going to die and his pillar will fall down. If a person depends on his money, money is going to vanish and change in one night, then you can do nothing with that money. So you may ask from Allah Almighty for a safe place in the coming days, with good ones around you, not to be touched by any wild animal, where you may keep yourself safe, as well as Allah Almighty protecting you.

May Allah forgive us, forgiveness and blessings coming to you from Allah Almigthy. And in this holy month some unexpected events are going to appear, day by day, and chaos is going to climb day by day, more and more. May Allah protect you, ourselves, our families, and forgive and make them good servants, and our children and grandchildren. Amin.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah!

Sultan, only Sultan Allah, we are all servants. May Allah accept our service - bihurmatil habib fatiha

Lefke - 01.05.1999

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