Maulana Sheikh NazimDo Everything with the Intention to Please Him

People gather in hundreds and thousands nowadays without their meetings having any value. Here people do not come together for any desires of their physical being. Something in their souls is asking to be here.

Allah looks at our intentions more than at our actions. Actions come alive through our sincerity. Without sincerity our actions will not be alive. Most important in all religions is for people to have good intentions. They should have the intention to make the Lord pleased with them. That is all. All other intentions are useless. Whatever you do, you must do it with the intention to please your Lord. Whoever lives for his Lord is living a real life. Who doesn't, is like an animal and will have a bad smell when he dies. Who lives for his Lord will smell of roses and his face will smile with lights. People who never asked to please their Lord look so horrible once they are dead, that you would not want to look at them.

When you look at bad things it will weaken your memory, just like when you read gravestones in the cemetery, or if you do dirty things, your memory will decrease. Whoever has jealousy will get weaker in mind and body. This is why you must have the intention with whatever you do; running, sleeping, this, that... to do it with the intention to please Him. I am a teacher, from east to west and north to south. I am teaching from Heavens to all points of the earth.

The 20th century is closing down, and like when a shop closes down, people do not usually want to take their old merchandise into the new shop. They want something new. Everything will be new in the Year 2000. Don't think that devils will be able to take their dirt from this century to the next. No! It is finished! I am asking Allah the Almighty to give me power to prevent satan and his helpers to carry their dirt from this century into the next. It is not only a new century, but a new millennium. We are expecting a Heavenly Appearance. The 20th century is denying everything concerning Heavenly Traditional Knowledge. They are putting it under their feet and bringing satanic technology to destroy everything. We want traditional knowledge.

It is a good sign that there are so many young people here. They are coming to listen to me, even though my English is so poor. When the year 2000 comes, I will try to learn Shakespeare English and La Martine French. In those days we will have the spiritual power to address people in their language. Sayyidina Solomon* knew all languages, even the language of animals and Jinn. When Allah the Almighty opens this spiritual power you will be able to do all that.

We know nothing about our real position and real location within this universe. Universities do not teach real knowledge about ourselves, because if we knew who we are, we would not be able to support any devils.

Anything official destroys faith. Everything which is official will take people away from the Divine Presence. All the Divine Presence asks for is that you are sincere in your Divine Service. In the Divine Presence the Lord made you is Deputy, which you accepted. When officiality comes, sincerity goes. When sincerity comes officiality runs away. Do you think that Prophets were paid by governments?

Look and take care of yourself and beware of the enemies of mankind. Try to be good ones within yourself and try to do your best for others. Take care to please Your Lord daily and to serve Him. Every religion has daily services, not only Sunday services, or Saturday services, but daily! You must keep that so that you are honoured and more and more enlightened.


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