Maulana Sheikh NazimDo You Have a Clean or a Dirty Face?

A part of secret knowledge is to be able to distinguish a clean face from a dirty one. It is a Divine Service to give your best to other people. That will clean your face. Some faces show wildness and violence. When a person has a dirty face he must try to clean it. Everyone has been given a clean face by Allah. We are the ones who make it dirty. Everybody must learn what makes a face dirty and what will clean it. These two facts should be well-known. Some actions clean you, others make you dirty.

Islam calls people to unity, it calls people to come together without being jealous, envious or bad-tempered. It prevents its followers to be hard, difficult or lazy... You must try to come and ask what it is in Islam that gives peace to people and what it is that takes peace away from people and from their homes.

It is good if you are working. Men should not take any social benefits. When you are established by working, look for a marriage. In every religion marriage is a top point which people must ask to reach. It is the highest degree, even though compared to the Divine Presence it is so small.

When you give up bad actions He will forgive you. As long as you are doing bad actions you will be blamed.


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