Maulana Sheikh NazimDoing nothing is also a profession

Doing nothing is also a profession. I will make x. head of those who do
nothing. This rain is rahmet for believers, and niamat, a divine favour, but for the
kafirs it is bela (trouble). Stay among the believers, then nothing can happen to you
from bela, and rahmet will come on you. If you get out from the class of
believers, bela will come on you. Allahumma zi wa barik, wa la tukhallil! O
Allah, we are Your servants, we don't want to be servants of anyone else.
Therefore leave your ego. All of those, who are fighting Allah and become
proud, will be destroyed. Allah is dealing with them in different ways.

There is a kind of dragon in the jungles of Argentina and Brazil. It gets on
trees and looks itself like a tree, so you can't see it. It is hitting so
fast that none of its victims can escape it. Only a cat is faster, the
dragon cannot do anything against a cat. It looks like a pine-tree and
squeezes its victims, until they are so smashed, that you can't recognize
them anymore, making them salami.

Now the unbelievers, who don't follow Allah's laws, will be hit by such a
bela, that they will become like salami, ready to be swallowed. That will be
the end of all those, who are not listening to Allah. It is finished for
them. It already started, but yet they are not saying 'Allah!'
That is the meaning of the crises. And they say: 'Fasten seat-belts.' No one
of those, who say: 'Shaitan' will remain, and his Sultanate will vanish
along with those, who support him. The future belongs to the believers.
You say the Heavens should not interfere on earth. Okay, I will put clouds
in front of the sun and take away light and air, so you cannot see or
breathe; they will not know anymore where they are. There will be a fog that
makes Heavens and earth one. So many will die from that fog. Storms will
make the electricity to break down, and in one year they will not be able to
fix it. Water pipes will break, gas pipes will cause fires. Everything is
coming on them, until they say: 'Taubah, ya Rabbi!' If not, it will get
worse and worse, one blow will follow the other. The Bosphorus will be
frozen. They should come to senses, but they are fighting Allah. Heavy clouds
will come with lightening, hitting so many people. You cannot joke with
Allah, don't go against Him. The dragon has started to squeeze. It will
swallow those who are not making sajdah.

I was going to speak something in English, but this was coming in Turkish
for our people, who became so proud. It is important for them.
Salvation will be only in the mosques. Who is not praying, will go. Don't
look to me, but look to the One who is making me to speak. Believers will
find air to breathe, food and drink and open ways for themselves. Who is
going to the mosque and for prayer, should find his way open. Who is going
anywhere else, to coffeehouses etc., will not return to his home.
We are at the end of time. Times like ours have never been before. We are
only at the beginning of winter. Airplanes and cars will not be able to move
anymore, the roads cannot be seen anymore.

Come to senses! O Allah, Don't leave us in the hands of our bad ego!
Now from the end of Shawwal next Saturday everyone will move at his own
responsibility. I will not take responsibility for them. Everyone must look
after himself. Nobody should wait here anymore, but be in his place and
trust in Allah. Only those who are free, may stay, the others I am sending
home. For those, who are with Allah, what is coming is rahmet, for the
others it is bela.

The best thing is to try to carry people. Everyone has so many mistakes.
Some people hold grudge for a long time, for years, never forgetting. And it
is not good. When Allah looks to the heart, He should find it clean. Most
heart illnesses are spiritual. Don't keep bad memories! What happened, after
two hours don't mention it anymore, because it creates bad feelings. It is
fitna. It is making the face ugly, because when the heart is in trouble,
coming on the face, taking familiarity and coming wildness on the face.
Don't look after what people did some time ago, to keep and to speak on
it. But people have nothing to say, only this. But you should never forget the
goodness, someone did to you.

Now divine revenge approaching people. For a few days now I am seeing the sky
red. It signs either war or an earthquake.

Black holes- Allah is creating and creation appears through His Zahir-Name
and disappears through His Batin-Name. Creation continues without stopping.
Black holes are centres of gravity, high point, quickly taking it and
changing it into power-ocean. From another side there are white holes, and new
creation is coming from that way. Both kinds belong to Allah Almighty's endless
power-oceans, never stopping. Coming, disappearing and appearing. We are saying
Tajalli, manifestation. Never stopping. There is not only one black hole, there are
countless of them, and also countless holes of another kind. Some of them
coming, entering a tunnel, from one side coming with another way in
existence. Disappearing and appearing. Countless worlds, universes.

Lefke - 05.01.2002

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