Maulana Sheikh NazimDOMESTIC ANIMALS

The animals that Muslims are using - either to help them. Helping animals that people need for themselves, particularly peasants in need, because cars do not go where animals may go. The Creator created animals - donkeys, mules, horses, camels, oxen - for such purposes. You can use all of them to help you. Some of them for eating, like hens, geese, turkeys and such domestic animals - you may keep them in Islam, you may eat their eggs, their meat. And those domestic animals may eat what we don't eat, so that never going to be waste - they may grow and it is a benefit for mankind. Everything from them is useful for the earth, for trees, giving more power to the earth. It should also be used instead of fertiliser.

But there is advertising against domestic animals that they shouldn't be kept. That is completely wrong. It is good to keep domestic animals. They support the economy of common people. They were happy with domestic animals - with their eggs, with their chickens. But now, everyone is asking to get everything from the market and because of the demand markets are going to be forced to prepare more chickens through using injections, by preparing food with poison. Therefore, I heard now that the flesh of thousands of bulls is thrown away, thousands of bulls and sheep are killed because they have some poison coming from their food. You know that in England recently millions of eggs were thrown away. What is the reason? One foolish rule prevents people from keeping domestic animals so then millions of eggs are wasted through organic injections bringing hens to overproduction. That is harming people and the government is ordering the destruction of millions of hens or eggs.

Therefore, Islam is against such a thing and domestic animals must be given permission to be in every garden and English people may keep them cleaner than everyone, keep them all right. Every gardener must have a domestic family in their homes, but so many foolish people are saying they are being disturbed by the sound of cockerels - they are dancing until the morning and in the morning the hens are waking, the cockerel saying get up, and they are very angry with the cockerel. Keeping domestic animals will change the economic face and the health of countries.

Instead, do you think that dogs are cleaner than domestic animals? Now in Europe everyone has a dog, or two dogs, or three dogs, or four in his home - each family member has a dog. Are they cleaner than those animals? What are they saying? It is a kind of madness to keep such dogs and to look after them. Man is not created to be the servant of dogs. What is that civilisation in western countries. They are thinking that they are serving dogs, making themselves servants to dogs - what is the honour for mankind in western countries? Dog-servants - instead of being the Lord's servants they are going to be dog-servants. And they are saying they are the most civilised people. What is that foolishness? Is Jesus Christ saying, keep dogs and leave the Lord? "Keep dog, leave Lord!" - that is the slogan in western countries. Islam is against such foolish rules - preventing domestic animals and giving permits for dogs. Why? Dogs bring so many illnesses, dangerous illnesses. Why? Why is that mentality in western countries? Islam is preventing dogs, saying, don't let them approach your house, your home, your rooms, your place. If they are eating from a plate, you must clean it seven times, once with earth. And Islam is perfect.

Cats are all right, because cats keep away snakes, scorpions, spiders, mice. They are good guardians, but dogs never do anything, only shouting and biting. Shaitan is with dogs, always, but not with cats. Cats are good guardians and they are lovely for mankind, not dogs. You must keep cats. Every house must keep a cat, that is good - in the garden and in the home. But in our homes it is difficult for cats - you must give cats a chance to run away, through streets, in gardens, for hunting snakes, scorpions, centipedes. This hunting is important for cats, they are running after these harmful insects. And they look very nice, not ugly like dogs.

If you are looking at cats you are taking pleasure, but those dogs look terrible - leave them. I heard yesterday that dogs are killing a little girl. Why are you keeping dogs? Twentieth century madness in Europe. And fish are good. It is all right to look after fish ponds. Birds are no good, it is no good to imprison birds. Islam is saying leave them, let them come to you by themselves. When you love birds, they will approach you by themselves - there is no need to imprison them in cages, it is no good. Islam does not accept to imprison any creature. You may keep parrots and from time to time you open the cage for them to have their freedom, going around and then coming and sitting backin the cage - parrots are happy then.


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