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We are thanking Allah Almighty that He guided us to His Divine Presence. We ask for forgiveness for every wrong action and every wrong intention and ask that we may be cleaned from every wrong idea. I am the servant of the King of Aulias. This is according to his permission since he left the Holy Presence of the Prophet, which was 1973, 20 years ago during the Month of Ramadan. May Allah bless him and put his spiritual power all over us. When he was with us with his physical being it was so easy because he was carrying everything. Spiritually he is always with us but physically we now need much more power to be able to carry all the people of the Lord of Heavens.
It is a good sign that this way is getting bigger. More and more people are coming, so we need more and more spiritual power to be able to carry it physically and so that we can reach people in the East and in the West and in the North and in the South. Troubles on earth are growing because satan knows that his kingdom is going to be destroyed. When he now looks, he sees that he has established his kingdom and that he has made all people from the Muslim world and the non-Muslim world supporters for his kingdom. Even with one lie you support the kingdom of satan. Even with one wrong look you are supporting the kingdom of satan. Even with one cigarette you are supporting the kingdom of satan. Even with one wrong word you are supporting the kingdom of satan. Every wrong action of yours supports the kingdom of satan. Every wrong thought supports the kingdom of satan. Every bad intention supports the kingdom of satan. Every wrong step supports the kingdom of satan. It means you are a supporter of devils.

When you take the news on TV, and they say that there are about 100 or more channels, are all supporting the kingdom of satan. When you are looking at it you are also supporting the kingdom of devils. Troubles are growing because the devils want to destroy humanity. They want to make mankind to go into endless miseries. Because of this some people are now awakening. Many people are too drunk to see, hear, understand or feel anything. Most people look without seeing, hear without listening and know without understanding.

That is the empire of devils under the kingdom of satan on earth who gives people everything to make them drunk and not to see or hear or understand. That is why we are living in most difficult times for humanity. Within millions of people only a handful of people will awaken. That is why we ask for more physical power supported by spirituality. Every activity in which you cannot find spirituality is a trick of the satanic kingdom. You can find so many activities in England and in Europe and in the US. But if there is no spirituality, it is a trick of the kingdom of satan. They want to damage even more. They do not want truth to come out. If you meet people from whom you do not get the feeling of spirituality then leave them. Run away from them! They are agents of devils, agents for the kingdom of satan. Don't believe them.
During this Holy Month you must ask every night to get more spirituality. I heard that some prisoners who had been captured in Bosnia had seen some people with turbans on horses in their vision. I ask from the Muslims who are going to fight in Bosnia: are they going to keep the crown of Islam on their heads? If they do not, there will be no support for them.

Grandsheik is supporting us. I am only translating what I am getting from him to you. He is telling me, 'Once some followers of the Prophet had been sent for an operation. They saw that it was not going to be successful. So they tried to find out why they were not the winners. They went to get miswags to clean their teeth because that was the custom of the Prophet. While they were shining their teeth, the enemies saw them and they thought that they were preparing themselves to bite them! So they escaped.' Allah Almighty changes the hearts of the people. In this case He put fear into the hearts of those people who thought they were Christians, but who were not. No-one was able to make them stop fighting and not to kill or burn, only Allah Almighty.

I would have been happy if volunteers would ask to go to Bosnia to fight, even if they were only going with their turbans and their swords. It would be enough and more than machine-guns and guns. For people here in Europe to make a show out of the fact that they belong to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, by dressing the way he did and to wear a turban, is like a jihad. May Allah forgive us and give us more courage to show our faith.
LONDON - 23.02.1993
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