Maulana Sheikh NazimDon't move!

Z: Sheikh Nazim! As salaamu alaykum, how are you?

SN: I am shaving.

Z: You are shaving? Ma shaa'Allah! Please pray for us.

SN: I will.

Z: You know, Mr Page passed away. Tomorrow we are going to have a Christian-Muslim funeraljanaza, because he said that he is a Christian and a Muslim.

SN: Better!

Z: Yes, so we are having one priest, he is coming and will do a service for the Church of England and then Jafar is coming from London to wash his body and then we will put him in the Muslim cemetry in Bath. It is a very good place and I think it is the first time that we have a combination of Christian and Muslim funeral, al Hamdulillah! He was so peaceful when he passed away on Tuesday. Please pray for him.

SN: I will. 90 years?

Z: He was 89, yes!

SN: 89 – ma sha'Allah. Very holy month, this month – holy month of Shaban.

Z: Al Hamdulillah!

SN: He is guest of the Prophet, sallalahu aleihi was salim. Any news?

Z: Well Sheikh Nazim, tell me, when is Ramadan starting, on Friday?

SN: Friday, must be Friday!

Z: Friday! That is good news! So we start fasting next Friday, yes?

SN: Eh, OK!

Z: Insha'Allah. OK. Sheikh Nazim I wanted to ask something about this war: is it allowed in the Sharia to use any weapons of fire like guns and bombs – are these things allowed?

SN: For who?

Z: For anyone who is fighting. Are you allowed to use fire when you are fighting?

SN: How they are fighting that person must fight, same weapons.

Z: Yes, but someone said to me that in Islam you are not allowed to use any fire weapons. You are not allowed to use a gun or a bomb or anything like that. You are only allowed to use the sword.

SN: We are not living in the time of the Prophet, sallalahu aleihi wa sallam. Before you are reaching with your sword, that one shooting you. How it can be? That is going to be in the time of Mehdi alehi salam, not now.

Z: I see – But what you are saying now, is that when one person has one weapon, the other one must also have the same?

SN: Yes, yes.

Z: Aha.

SN: Using aeroplanes, that must use same weapons.

Z: So that means, what they are doing now, to throw these bombs on Afghanistan is not really halal?

SN: Allowed? America is not a Muslim country to say halal or haram.

Z: I see.

SN: But Afghan people who are fighting and they haven't such a weapon it is like suicing themselves. And they are making a way to be killed children and innocent people and to be destroyed their homes and their fields. Their leaders carrying all the responsibility about that.

Z: Yes – But tell me Sheik Nazim, this Osama Bin Laden, when you see him on television he has got so much nur (lights) coming out of his face!

SN: Never!

Z: Never?

SN: Never!

Z: You know what I thought, Sheikh Nazim: maybe his family is cursed because they were destroying all the cemetery of the Sahabas (companions of the Prophet) in Medina?

SN: Yes, they destroyed everything!

Z: That's it! So do you think that there is a curse on the whole family?

SN: Yes!

Z: Because of all the things they did in Medina and at the Kaaba?

SN: Yes, yes – that is a punishment. The war reason is only one man. If that man surrendering himself no more fighting should continue. But as long as he is insisting not to surrender, or to leave Afghanistan, he makes people to be killed and destroyed their homes and fields.

Z: But don't you think he has got a good intention?

SN: Why he is not going to his home land? Why coming to Afghanistan? What is his good intention? For what going to a poor country? What he was doing there? Why? Why he left his country and coming there? That means his country is not happy with him and sending him away! Or he is an agent from his country to make Muslims Wahabis in Afghanistan! One or two!

Z: What a pity that he doesn't have a Sheikh!

SN: No Sheikh!

Z: That's the problem, isn't it?

SN: Yes – Shariat says that you must have a Sultan for Jihad. He is not a Sultan, he is not a Imam, he is not a Khalifa to say: I am declaring war against whole Americans and whole non-muslim world. He can do this? He must be a majnun (madman)!

Z: Yes, yes – Ah, Sheikh Nazim! Sultana just came back. She was one month with her father in Rome and she is very sad and saying: please, please pray because it is so difficult to see all this happening to her country. So she is just saying to please pray for her father.

SN: It is 25 years that people are killing each other. It was not a pity (officially considered to be a pity). Now Bin Laden is saying it is pity. 25 years Afghan people going to be so many parties and killing each other. No one was saying: it is haram, it is not good, you must come to the justice of Allah the Almighty. But now when this happened the whole world is coming and saying: oh Afghan people, they are such innocent people, just going to be killed by Americans. Why before they were not saying that each other 7 Emirs, 7 leaders, they were together until Russians they left Afghanistan and after that they are fighting each other and saying that: "I must be the governor, or president for Afghanistan, I must be number one!" For that reason they fought 25 years, until Bin Laden coming from Saudi Arabia and making himself there to be King, to be President.

Z: The problem now, when they are asking Sultana's father to go back is that they don't want to give him any power, they don't even want to give him the title of being the Sultan. They just want him to sit there, that is why it is not working. Oh, Sheikh Nazim – one more question about the Sharia, please: is it allowed in Islam to use Secret Service? Because I thought that in Islam you are not allowed to spy on someone, so Secret Services are haram, aren't they?

SN: Yes – every evil is prohibited in Islam, every satanic work is haram in Islam.

Z: Sheikh Nazim when you are saying that Muhiddin Ibn Arabi was saying these things about what is going to happen, which book is that?

SN: So many books mention.

Z: But the one where he is talking about the Russians and the Japanese and, you know, all these stories – which book is that?

SN: Hm, hm – oh – (long pause) There is some booklets in old libraries in Turkey, that mention about coming events.

Z: And what is their name?

SN: That is the, I think, I am not remembering but it is 'anqa', there is a strange word: 'tayr', or 'anqar'. Ask! So many people they know it.

Z: Thank you, thank you, Sheikh Nazim! Now what about Ramadan? So many people they want to come and see you in Ramadan in Cyprus. Are they allowed to come?

SN: No, no! No, no!

Z: Nobody?

SN: Nobody comes here. Everybody must keep themselves in their places.

private phone talk London, 08.11.2001 Transcribed by Zero Quensel

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