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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt="Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim" }} **Dunya (is) running to its end**

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahu mina shaitani rajim
Inna li-llah wa inna ilayhi rajiun, fa-l hukmu li-llahi ‘Aliyu-l Kabir…

Our Dunya (is) running to its end. It is not stable, because everything that belongs (to the time) before (the) Last Day, everything must finish in fana, finishing. And Allah Almighty (is) ordering to Archangel Israfil…

(Someone is interrupting, there are people asking to see the Sheikh)

Shaitan ready to make a trouble everywhere and it has countless agents, countless supporters in our days everywhere you can find it and its supporters…and this is the time that Shaitan just reached to his last limit, top limit that it was asking to reach, thinking that now whole world under my command, I can do everything! But I am making that Shaitan and everyone supporting it under my feet! I shall show Shaitan and its supporters what is the power of servant for Allah. I am weakest servant! Dog of this world, Shaitan, thinking that it has power- therefore I am not saying he, (but) ‘it’- thinking that everything under its command. No!… Astaghfirullah…

Till Allah Almighty (is) ordering Archangel Israfil (for) blowing (the) trumpet, everything up to that time is going to die and everything, every living ones (are) going to be passed away, dead, (and) Dunya (is) going to be empty for 4o years. That is the limit of this life. And whole angels also (are) dying, falling down … And after 4o years Allah Almighty (is) ordering to Archangel Israfil- making Israfil to stand up and (he is) coming and blowing by His Allah Almighty’s holy Command- (making him) to blow (a) second blowing of (that) trumpet, and every living ones from (the) beginning of our period up to that time, they are standing up. Every living one (is) coming once again into life.

That is (the) second stage or (a) new beginning after (the) ending (of the) first period that people were coming, generations after generations and ending. Then (is) coming a new beginning. That new beginning- (the) first (blow of the) trumpet (is) taking life from every living one- Shaitan also (is) going to die. (And the) second blowing (of the trumpet is)giving life. (The) first trumpet (blow is) taking life from living one and (the) second trumpet (blow is) giving life. When standing every living one, they should be forever alive. They are passing to (the) eternal world, passing to eternal life either through Paradise or through Hells- everything (is) going to be up to eternal after (that) second trumpet (blow). (The) first trumpet (blow is) for everyone, must take their shares; should be taken from them their imitated or periodic lives. (It is) just taken from them and (then the) second blowing (is) giving eternal life for every living one from man and from jinn and (from) angels.

Therefore now we are running and struggling, because people they are drunk, they are heedless. They are looking every day what (is) happening around themselves or through East and West: that people (are) always taken away, but they are heedless to look and to understand, because they are drunk through Dunya. Because their main target is Dunya and everything in it (is) their targets. And they are not looking to understand to where they are running. They are thinking that they may live or they are going to live eternally and our belief is ‘ba’thu ba’dal maut’- (resurrection after death)- no one can reach eternal life until he should taste to be dead, to die, and then (only he is) coming (to the) eternal life. If not passing that bridge, no one can reach eternal life.

And Shaitan (is) making to drink people as much as possible from (the) dirty love or imitated love of this life and making people to give every chance that they have been granted (for this dirty life)- to put everything (for Dunya). As a person who is gambling: (Shaitan is) coming to them and saying: “Oh, don’t put one Pound, two Pounds, ten Pounds, hundred Pounds or one thousand Dollars, no! Put everything and you should be so… because you have a chance for gambling, put everything and I am guarantor for you!” Allah, Allah, what a guarantor! Shaitan (is) saying: “I am guarantor. O my people, you don’t believe in me? I am training you and I am teaching you and looking that you have such a chance. If you put all, you take everything. They must put also everything (and) you are going to collect everything and I am guarantor for you…” Good guarantor? (Shaitan is) for whole people guarantor! We are also asking, Cypriots (are) also asking (a) guarantor… asking Arabs also… and Shaitan (is) saying: “I am first guarantor, why you are asking anyone else? What is that? Put everything and take! (You) must be (succesful), how many people (are) there, all of you put everything… and I am saying, I am giving to you guarantee that you collect everything… .” Then (Shaitan is) coming to (the) second one and saying: “Don’t worry, I am guarantor for you. Put everything. Look, they are putting everything at once. Quickly, you are taking everything! Therefore don’t worry, put!”

And whole foolish people now living on earth they are believing (in the) guarantee of Shaitan and (they are) putting everything, every effort for Dunya and (they are) saying for Akhirat (nothing)- they are not interesting in Akhirat anything, saying: “Oh, I am putting everything and taking everything” and just that moment (when they are taking their last breath)…coming Shaitan in front of him (in his) last moment. (And the person is) saying: “Ya Hu, I am passing, I (thought that) am going to be something, (that it is) going to be with me something- what is that?” (And Shaitan is coming to them at that moment also, saying:) “Don’t worry, just now you are reaching your last point. I am your guarantor. Now you are changing (from) this life and taking everything! You are accepting me? Quickly say: ‘Yes, I am trusting.’ You are trusting to me, my guarantee?” “Yes.” “Make your head down for me that you are accepting me as your guarantor.” And (that person is) making like this (Sajdah), his soul (is) taken away and he made Sajdah to Shaitan and lost everything… That is (the) general view of mankind under the guarantee of Shaitan. “(I am) guarantor” he is saying…

Even I am asking and saying: “O people, o believers! You have not (even such) a short time to make two Sajdas through 24 hours. You are unable to make two Sajdas for your Lord, saying: ‘No, no, we are busy…’” - busy, because Shaitan gives guarantee to them and they are gambling and everyone less or more they are believing or trusting Shaitan’s guarantee and (they are) going to be repented finally. If (someone is) making two Rakaats daily he should be repented: “Why I am not making it 2o?” Who (is) making (prayer) from Cuma to Cuma they should be repented: “Why I am not giving my good deals with my Lord every day?” And everyone should be repented, because they have been given or granted a chance to do more and more, but laziness, atale, (the) laziness of our egos and Shaitanic urging (is) making them not to do anything!

And people, some Awliyas they are saying (that people) they are like a caravan. It is written through traditional Books through traditional knowledge from Prophets and Saints that people are like a caravan people: they are going from one country to another country and night time they reach to a valley and (there are) no lights. They are landing and asking to sleep there and when (the) day (light is) shining they may move. And one of caravan people (is) saying: “O people, this is a valley (that) whole stones (here) they are jewels! Collect! As much as possible try to collect, to take. And some people (are) saying: “Ehhhh stones, so many stones, I am not listening, I am so tired. I am not listening to such a things”… Some of them (are) saying: “Eh, I may take some to put (in) my pocket”… Some of them (are) taking as a sample: “I may take some, a handful I may carry”… Some of them they are believing that person who said it is true and they are making their sacks empty and filling (their sacks), instead (of) their goods putting in it from that stones (and loading) on their camels… And then the trumpet for leaving this valley (is blown)- it was darkness of night (and) they were taking a rest- and (then they are) beginning to go. They are passing through a bridge and reaching to a place and then (the) sun (is) shining, (the) day (is) opening… When (the) day (is) opening they are looking that really that stones (are) sparkling (and they are) so beautiful jewels. Beginning those people that (were) never taking anything to hit their heads and other people that (were) taking for a sample they are also repented and others that they are only taking for their pockets they are also repented. Only those people that (were) making empty their sacks and filling (with these stones)… Ohhhh, they reached (the) top of their happiness and pleasure, wealth… But (there is) no way to come back to that valley. It was only once, one way, that you are passing through that. It is impossible to come back, because (the) way (is) just blocked with other people (and) you must move…

And this life- people whom they are believing in Prophets, they may reach, as much as they have from effort, to take more for Akhirat: Prophets, Saints and strong believers. Other people: Oh! They are coming and landing, (then) people (are) burying them into their graveyards and (they are) looking (that there is)- nothing. Not nothing, but (their grave is) full with snakes and scorpions and poisoned spiders, and such terrible insects they should find them in it. They should be in fire from inside, from outside. (But) those (other) people Allah Almighty (is) ordering to be for them a Paradise garden…

Therefore, o people, even take for samples! Don’t go (from this life) empty hands, no! As much as possible do for your eternal life! And eternal life’s levels (are) countless…And most pleasure (should be) for servants whom should be on (the) first row (there) and behind and behind and behind (that pleasure is) coming less, coming less…Therefore Prophets they were urging servants to run to reach a seat from (the) first row that (there are) countless seats also in (the) first row, and (they were) urging people (and saying): “Run and take!” But people they are so lazy, they are saying: “It is enough what we are reaching”- but (they) should be repented that time!

May Allah forgive me and give ourselves good understanding not to be cheated through this short life, tasteless life. Look what (is) happening everywhere! And (the) Prophet was saying: “If fitna, trouble (is) reaching to Damascus, Sham, if that trouble that (is) coming through unbelievers (is also) reaching to Damascus, Sham, you can’t find any place safe on earth!” Now we are hearing that that fitna, that trouble (is) reaching to the center of Damascus and people (are) running after some useless and imagined titles. They are not saying: “We are the nation of Muhammad sws”, but they are saying: “We are Kurdish”, or: “We are Turkish”, or: “We are Arabs”, or: “We are American”, or: “We are Iranian”, or: “We are Egyptian”, “Libyan people”, “Palestinian”- they are not coming to say: “We are Ummati Muhammad, the nation of Muhammad sws”, and trouble (is) coming on them. To kill Muqmin one Muqmin its punishment (is) to be in fire forever! For the name (of) imitated honours! Every tribe they are claiming and saying: “Oh, we are Kurds”, “Turks”, “Arabs”- all those people they are running after imitated honours, that (have) no value in divinely Presence. Therefore Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Ya ayyuhal ladhina amanu”, not saying: “Ya ayyuhal Arabs”,” ya ayyuhal atrak”… no!

Everything Shaitan (is) making for cheating people! But insha Allah should be under my feet everything that it did against the Children of Adam! May Allah give us much more power! I am the weakest and the strongest ones they are occupied in (the) divine Presence. For this dirty Dunya I am enough, insha Allah. Weakest… May Allah forgive me and support His believers against Shaitan and his supporters, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 14.03.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryDunya, CategoryShaitan, CategoryArmageddon
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