Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah is saying: This earth is enough for you! Or: Dunya is reaching its final station

As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alaikum! Destur, ya Sayyidi,ya Sultanu-l
Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim! La haula wa la
quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim.

May Allah forgive us! Try to reach forgiveness from Allah Almighty! If
you are not reaching forgiveness, (there will be) no blessings, no
mercy, no Paradise, no peace, no pleasure, no life forever. Therefore
(the) first aim must be, for mankind, to try: How I can do my Lord to be
happy with me? How I can be able to make (the) Anger, (the) heavenly
Anger, to run away from me? Because (the) divinely Anger now… there is a
storm, going around, taking (everything) up and coming… that is the
beginning of that storm, (a) terrible storm, so that man (is) going to
run and to cry: “Aina-l mafar? Aina-l mafar? Aina-l mafar? To where I
may run?”

And “…‘Ardu-llahi wasi’a…”; this earth (is) so wide, so big, you can’t
imagine! No one can reach the last point of any continent; if he is
running to find and to see the end of any continent, it is going to be
impossible, you may run, you can’t find. And: “…’Ardu-llahi wasi’a…”
that means, Allah Almighty (is) making this world so big, so wide, but,
o believers, who (are) believing in Allah Almighty that He is (the)
Creator and He created (the) first man and He (is) giving accommodation
for him on this planet Dunya- He is saying that this Dunya, this planet,
(is) so big, if Allah (is) saying: “’Ardu-llahi wasi’a”- this earth that
He created and (where He is) putting you on it to live up to a period-
(He is) saying: “O My servants, just I made this planet so large, so
big: Ardu-llahi wasi’a!”

Everything that belongs to Allah, you can’t bring any measure for it!
Which scientist you heard that he measured this world from one end to
another end? Wasi’a- so big and wide! Not only (during) your short life,
(even) if you can live (years)- that you are living here now
perhaps 5o years, 6o years, 8o years- (even) if He (was) making your
life (to be) times more, you can’t reach (to measure it). If
Allah (is) saying ‘wasi’a’, wasi’a (means): so big, so wide. People
(are) saying that: “Just we reached the end of this world from (the)
East”, some of them are saying that: “Just we reached the last point of
this earth from (the) sunset place, where (the) sun (is) setting down.”
Both of them they never can say with a no doubt (the) balance, no doubt
(the) measure from East or from West. But, o people, Shaitan- Allah (is)
cursing him- He is making so big world (small and he is) saying: “It is
so narrow; you must get out from your borders inside, because your place
(is) so small, narrow. You must look (a) larger country!“

That is Shaitan’s advice to his friends. And I don’t think that you can
find now on earth even one from 100% to reject Shaitan and saying: “You are
wrong! Dunya is not narrow, it is so big, because our Lord (is) saying:
‘Ardu-llahi wasi’a’! You may measure it, you may find it kms;
(but) I may say: ‘Measure it again’, you should find (it) kms!
He is the Lord, He can do everything!” You must believe or (the) whole
Dunya (is) going to be like a prison for you!

Such a room (like this here), if you are imprisoned in it, you are going
(to be) so unhappy and (there will be) no peace for you, because you are
saying: “Just I am in a short place.“ And if I am making for you- this
is a village- (if) I am saying: “You are… I know that you are not so
happy and in peace through this hall, just I gave to you whole Lefke”,
after a while, (the) teacher of foolish mankind, (the) teacher and
friend for heedless people (is coming to them and) they should say: “For
what Lefke? Lefke? There is some other place, I may reach there”, so
that you may jump from (this) island (Cyprus) to Syrian beaches or to
Turkey… You are looking: “This (is) finishing also”, they are saying:
“Oh, we must look another, Greek beaches or Egypt beaches and then you
must run in it” and reaching up to Japan, they should say: “Oh, we are
in imprison!”

Shaitan (is) making people not to believe and Allah (is) saying:
“Ardu-llahi wasi’a”; the earth that we are living on it, (is) so big
(that) you can’t reach the end of this earth! But Shaitan (is saying):
“No, you are imprisoned on earth! You must do some instruments, to take
you from earth to Mars!” “Where is Mars?” I am saying, “That Mars, its
name (is) written on it? Anyone can say that ‘This is (the) Mars’!” When
you are coming to London, it is written- or (to) Larnaca, it is written
‘International Airport of Larnaca’… or ‘International Airport of
Heathrow’ (and) you are understanding that just you reached London or
you reached to Larnaca, or you reached to Istanbul… (because it is)
written! If (it is) not written, you are not knowing.

“What you are saying: ‘This is Mars’?” I am saying, “(Is there) written
on it: ‘International Airport in (the) Solar System, you reached,
welcome to you’? What is that?” Or reached: “(Give us) one bottle (of)
water, we are so thirsty!”

“O people, this is (the) Mars, you can find (here) only just melted
mineral rivers, nothing else!”, but people (are) running, asking to go
much more inside through (the) universe, because their feelings (are)
saying to them: “Ohhh, we are in prison in Lefke, in Larnaca,
Geek side, Turkish side, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt… we are in prison, we are
asking (a) bigger land!”

Why? Why you are claiming this and when Allah Almighty (is) saying:
“Ardu-llahi wasi’a”, why you are running out of this world? (This) earth
is not enough for you? But you are looking (to) your teacher and best
friend Shaitan, (who is) saying to people: “It is (a) so narrow planet,
you may look another planet. Perhaps you may bring water from earth to
that planet with pipes, you may do on that planet gardens and forests
and buildings… you should be there in such a good condition!”

All if it is (a) bigger lie, bigger than another lie!
This is the false and wrong of man not to believe; (it is) making man to
fall in endless troubles and endless problems unsolved! Or Dunya, if now
5 billion (people) may live on it, (even) if (there were) now 5o
billions, (they could live here), if Allah (is) saying: “Ardu-llahi
wasi’a’, this earth (is) so big!”

And Shaitan (is) making people not to reach a peace. They are saying:
“It is (a) small place, (a) small territory! Why (the) Turkish side is
only (a) very small piece?” (The) Greeks (are) saying: “Why we are
living in a (only) little bit bigger place on this island?” No one (is)
saying: “It is so big!”

Sometimes I am looking from one side of (the) mountains to another side
of (the) mountains and (I am) saying: ”Ohhh, if (there were) no cars,
how I can reach from here to that mountain?” But- insan (is) like (a)
small figure, but their eyes (are) never getting to be satisfied (with)
the bigness of their land (that) they are living on it. That (is) giving
trouble. Shaitan always is saying: “You have (a) very small territory;
you must reach more…”

Russians, (they have) half of this world, but they are asking to reach
another part also. Americans also, they are saying: “Why (the) Russians
(are) coming? We may reach to (the) end of this world.” No one of them
(is) reaching to another end, because Allah (is) saying: ‘Ardu-llahi
wasi’a: The land of earth that Allah Almighty (is) landing you on it to
live on it for a time, for a while, (He is) making it so wide, so big!

O people, if you are not happy here, move through East and West! You can
find so big lands! That is the source of troubles and wars that people
(are) killing themselves by themselves, because they are not believing;
not believing in Allah Almighty, (but) believing in Shaitan, saying:
“Shaitan is our best friend and his teachings (are the) best teachings!
We are not in need (of) any (other) teachings, (any) heavenly Teachings,
we are not taking care!” As long as you are not taking care (for)
heavenly Teachings, you are going deeply, more and more (into) darkness;
(it is) coming to your hearts, coming to your eyes, coming to your minds
and never you are going to be happy!

O people, be pleased (with) what Allah Almighty granted to you! Believe
in Allah! When you are believing in Allah, you should reach satisfaction
and happiness through yourself! That is Paradise for you, for your mind,
for your heart, for your body. If not, you can’t be able to reach a
peace through your mind, through your heart, through your physical
being. You can’t reach to be a peaceful community and to give respect
(to) others and you should find yourself surrounded by Hells!

O people, don’t go to universities! Universities (are) changing your
minds, because universities (are) against (the) Holy Knowledge (that is)
coming through (the) Prophets from Heavens. Because universities, their
teachings (are) shaitanic teachings; they are always fighting (the)
heavenly Teachings that Prophets just brought it!

What I am saying? I am saying nothing! It is soo small point that you
can understand: This Dunya (is) so big, “(Ardu-llahi wasi’a)…fa
taharraju fiha…”! Allah Almighty is saying: “If you are finding yourself
in a narrow situation, run to another part of this world; you should
find some lands, some places, that give to you or should give to you
pleasure and peace and pureness through your mind and through your heart!”

What we shall say? People they are not following Prophets, but (they
are) following satanic teachings and (they are) going to be in a more
worse situation (like the one) that just reached (the) Nation of Noah...
Huuu!...O people, come and believe in your Creator, the Lord of Heavens,
the Lord of Creation! Whole Prophets (were) coming to teach you that
point. And you are not going to find any peace through East and West, as
long as you are following shaitanic teachings!

“Salamu-llah alaikum!” Allah (is) giving His Salam, saluting you! O
people, believe in your Lord Allah Almighty, then you should reach
satisfaction through your heart, satisfaction and contentment through
your heart. You should be happy, when you are awakening, you should he
happy, when you are sleeping- every goodness should run after you! But
as long as you are running after every evil and devils, always troubles
should run after you, to make you unhappy and no peace…
O people, come and believe through your Creator, Allah, Jalla Jalaluh,
the Lord of Heavens!

It is… just some years only (Are) remaining to reach our land to its
last station. O people, all of us (we are) going to (the) divinely
Presence for (our) Judgment! That is the Day of Judgment- prepare
yourself for that Day! If Allah Almighty (is) saying: “O men”,
if you are not doing, what He is saying, He is not saying to you: “Abdi,
My servant”, no! Who (is) following Shaitan, Allah Almighty (is) never
calling them: “Come, My servant”, no, (but He is going to say): “Take
this servant, (this) bad servant, (away)! Take him to Shaitan that he
was following him! He is not My servant, take him away!”
It is enough for a man as a dishonour to be said for him: “Take this
creature that I created him in (the) best form and (who) I just honoured
him to be My caliph, representative on earth, but (who) he (was) never
believing, never keeping that honour that I honoured him! Take this bad
servant (away) with (the) bad servant Shaitan!”

O people! Dunya (is) running to its last station! Beware for Shaitan,
not to cheat you and to take you (to) the way of Hells! If you like! If
you like, take (the) satanic teachings, follow him!

May Allah forgive us! It is an important point to be known. You must try
to teach your children first of all who they are, for what (they have
been) created and who is their Lord and what is their missions on earth!
O people, take your care! Think on it, because Dunya now (is) running
after Shaitan and Shaitan (is) carrying them to Hells!
May Allah forgive us and bless you! For the honour of (the) most
honoured servant, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 15.7.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryDunya
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