Maulana Sheikh NazimEating Plastic Cannot Fill You

If He wanted to make every person the same, He could. Like in a factory: all the same form, colour and size, and everyone speaking the same language. But Allah the Almighty didn't. You cannot find two identical people. Everyone is unique in their creation. Allah does not need to make copies of people. Everyone is different, but all belong to the same mankind.

Everything is created in a different way. Even a grain of corn is not identical to another, or a grain of wheat. You must try to get to know His greatness and power! Everything which is part of Him is without limit. His existence is unlimited from pre-eternity until eternity. He is the First and He is the Last. Do you think He was starting to feel old and therefore needed a son? He exists from pre-eternity to eternity. That does not mean that He was young during pre-eternity and then became old during eternity so that He felt a need to create a crown prince as a successor! It is impossible.

The people of the 20th century are not using their mentality and their mind, so they attack Islam. Even though Islam brought the perfect description of the Lord, Almighty Allah. I am angry. Why? Last week I was in the cathedral built in the grand mosque of Cordoba. It is full of imagination. They picture an old man sitting. To his right hand there is a young person, at the other a lady. That is a creation of their imagination. They want us to believe that the old one is the Lord, who has taken the young one from earth to sit next to him. I feel so ashamed. The Christians are to blame for this. They have created it and they believe in it.

We are living in the 20th century. Within this huge universe we are like an atom. When we look amongst ourselves we see different kinds of people, of all sizes but never bigger than 3 meters. Do you think that even a huge person like that would be able to create such a huge universe, and then be able to die? How could Christianity develop in this way? Are these the teachings of Jesus Christ*?

All prophets, including Jesus Christ*, brought real descriptions of the Creator. But there are people who have changed the originality of Christianity. They exchanged every truth with plastic. This is why Christianity does not give satisfaction to the souls of people. It is impossible when you eat plastic food to be full. That is the real problem in this world at the moment. People are spiritually hungry, they want to be content and satisfied, but they cannot find it. If anyone asks for real food while they are being offered all this plastic, the sellers become very angry and will tell them, "Islam is not good!"

Have these people really tasted Islam before giving such a judgement? How can you judge something without knowing it or having tasted it? That is being prejudiced, which is a sin. It is a great lie to accuse someone of something without having proof. We look at the Old Testament and the New Testament, we are not afraid of doing that, but Christians are not allowed to read the Holy Quran in their churches. Why are they prevented from doing that? Read and comment! If you haven't read it, don't say anything. If you read and you don't understand, then ask those who do. A new millennium is approaching and still Christians believe that the 21st century will be Christian. They say that Islam is out of time and not suitable for this age. They should prove that Christianity is suitable!

Mankind has lost every value of being human. It has no value anymore, and Christians and Jews are inventing such terrible weapons which will destroy everything civilisation has built in thousands of years. Islam comes for peace, but the learned people within Christianity know very well that Islam is the last message which has come from Heavens to guide all nations.


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