Maulana Sheikh Nazim The ego is asking from everything a share for himself

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim… Meded ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded ya Rijalallah…(We are) asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty…

It is an association. Always our ego is asking from everything a share for himself. He is saying that: “I must have some share from every activity that you are doing. I like you to be for me only. Everything that you are doing must be for me. I don’t like (any) partner!” Everyone’s ego (is) saying this and therefore it is (the) most difficult struggle or fighting to make our egos to surrender. And when you are going to be a real Muslim? When you are going to be able to make your ego aside and to do everything (only) for your Lord, for your Creator!

Why our ego is asking to be everything for him? Our ego, which thing (it is) giving (to) ourselves and asking (you) to work for him? Why? The ego created us? No. He is our provider? You think our ego is providing for us? (So) why (our ego is always) asking (a share)?

Allah Almighty (is) asking from you, oh mankind, to be only for His divinely Service! He has 1oo% Rights to ask this, yes, (because) He is our Creator and His Favours (are) covering ourselves. He has Rights to ask thanks and praising and glorifying from you, because He has Rights on you! You were nothing and (He is) bringing you to be something; He created you, bringing you in existence and honouring you to be from mankind, not making you from animals! And He has Rights (on you), 1oo%, to surrender to Him and to glorify Him and to praise Him Almighty.

He has Rights, but what about our ego? Why (it is) asking (a share)? Our ego is (only) running from one dirty place to another dirty place. It likes to be always through (the) channels of sewage, asking to be there and (it is) asking from you: “You just follow me, you must make for me more and more channels of sewage. You must try to make through your home more than (only) 1, (but) 2, 3, 4 channels of sewage, because I am making my morning pleasure in one sewage and lunchtime I am running to another channel of sewage, (then), (in the) afternoon- as English people have tea-time- tea-time you must prepare for me another channel of sewage, (so that) I may enjoy…(swimming in it:) lab, lub… I am practising myself… and Maghreb, sunset time, (there is) another channel of sewage… .”

(Your ego is) making you to prepare (this), oh man, your ego (is) asking to make you (a slave) for its pleasure through (the) dirty channels of sewage and (it is) saying: “I am not leaving you to look (after) anything else. You must prepare always for me new channels of sewage!” That is wholly (our) ego’s main target and pleasure; (it is) making you to be his servant through sewage channels, to keep (the) towel (for it), to follow his orders, to prepare everything through channels for it. Therefore (it is) saying: “I am not leaving you to do anything else except (to work) for me”, and foolish people (are) running to that sewage channels to prepare for their egos breakfast, lunch, tea-time (in the) afternoon, dinner and supper nighttime also…

And you are a perfect creation- Allah Almighty created you on a perfection (which is) not granted to any other creature. Your Lord, who created you on a perfect form (in your) outlooking and (in your) inner life, He is asking (from) you: “Come and fulfil your oath with Me (from the Day of Promises) that you should be only for My Divinely Service”, (but our) ego (is) saying: “No, I am not giving a chance to you, except (to be) for me!”

Look now through whole mankind- what they are doing? They are running after sewage channels, they (are) never thinking for their Lord’s divinely Service. He Almighty is calling (them saying): “You are My servants, because I granted to you everything, every goodness here and Hereafter- come and fulfil your oath with Me!”, (but our) nafs, (the) ego (is) saying: “No, I am never giving a chance to you (to do that). Even (there are) 24 hours, (but) I am not happy to give you (free for even) 24 minutes!” “What about 1o minutes?” “1o minutes also I am never giving to you (to be) free for anyone else!”

What (a) bad position or situation for mankind without thinking on that point! 24 hours (you are) running to prepare new sewage channels and leaving our Lord who created us to be in existence and giving us (the) crown of being (the) most honoured creatures and also putting on our shoulders (a) most glorified dress from His divinely Presence. You are leaving that and you run to fulfil Shaitan’s, nafs, our egos’ desires that are all dirty desires.

How we can find a way to be clean? All Prophets are coming to show the ways of cleanliness from our egoistic desires that are all dirty things, and (they were) coming to teach us how our relationship with our Lord should be, how we can find a way to His divinely Presence. They were coming to teach that. Therefore it is not true even one moment to make (the) ego the partner for our Lords Divinely Service! (The) ego, nafs, can’t enter to Divinely Presence, because it is dirty. What is the dirtiness of egos?

Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Everyone who (is) leaving Me and leaving to be My servants, they are dirty ones!” Even (if) you are giving (only) one moment for your ego, (this is) making you to fall into dirtiness and therefore we are ordered to clean ourselves by saying: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Sayyidina Muhammadun Rasulullah sws.” This holy Word brings cleanliness for man, to be able to be Allah Almighty’s servants, to be in their Lord’s praising area and (to do) glorifying. But (our) nafs, (our) ego (is) saying: “You must work for me. Everything you must do for me, not (for) anyone else!”

All Prophets (were) coming to teach people (their) real situation, so that they may prefer and choose the right path, (the) honoured path and (to reach to be an) honoured creation, (in an) honoured situation, (with an) honoured dressing in (the) divinely Presence. As long as they are running away, they are (remaining) dirty ones.

Man (is) coming clean from his mother’s womb, but after their maturity age they are becoming to be dirty ones for (the reason of) their dirty desires that belong to our egos. Our egos (are) asking to enter through dirty channels, through sewage channels, and (especially the) new generation (is) thinking that to run through dirty channels of sewage is their target, and they are running on it, thinking nothing beyond that (aim) and their pleasure and pleasement is always to be through (these dirty) channels. Prophets (are) coming and (also) Awliya, Saints, to take them out (of these dirty channels) and to clean them, (and) cleanliness (comes) with Divinely Service.

Everything that you are doing, through your intention (it) may be for Allah, only for Allah, or (it may) be only for (your) ego, or (it may) be for Allah and (also) for (your) ego- but (those) who (are) working only for Allah- they are (the) most near and most honoured ones in divinely Presence- they are Prophets and their inheritors. Then people, according to their efforts, (they are) coming slowly to be in a good position; slowly they are cleaning themselves to be ready for entering divinely Service. (But) some of them (are) never taking any care (to clean themselves) and (they are) happy to be through sewage channels…

Therefore we are asking forgiveness! You are praying- we are translating (now) from our headquarters, (saying) that: even you can pray, (but) your ego (is) asking a share for itself, (so that) if your are praying, (it is) saying that: “I am so important one for praying, no one can be like me.” And really (our ego is) asking to be said for him that: “You are someone that you are going to be glorified”- asking glorification for itself, ego, never asking glorifying for its Creator, for Allah Almighty. (The ego is) never declaring that every glorifying and praising and thanks (is due) only for Him Almighty, (but it is always) asking a share from that (glorifying) to say (about itself): “I am this one… (I am) that one… I am someone that no one can reach to my level for praying… No one can be like me an Imam… No one can be a perfect one for advising people… I am such a one!”

And through that way (the ego is) asking through glorifying to be for him a share. It makes him happy to look to himself and to say (that): “I am someone! No one can reach to me as I am praying, as I am making Dhikr, as I am knowing, as I am doing…” This (ego is) taking everything (and using it) to be for himself.

That is Kufr, that is partnership that Allah Almighty never likes! Therefore He is ordering to His servants, whom they are asking to come to His divinely Presence, to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, and your ego (is) saying, “No, you must not say this! You must say: La ilaha illa ana (Arabic, meaning: me), illa ana, illa ana…”. Instead to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, ill-Allah, ill-Allah…”, asking to say: “La ilaha illa ana, illa ana, illa ana”, asking a share from everything, from every movement (it is) asking to take a share. When you are giving a share to it, (you are) making that one a partner for your Lord Allah Almighty, because every glory and praising, ever-ending glorifying, praising and thanks (is) only for Him, Allah Almighty!

May Allah give us an understanding to know (the) secret tricks of Shaitan and our ego, (that are) asking to put us in a big cage. Beware from your ego! Don’t say: “I am this, I am that.” When you are saying: “La ilaha illa ana”, you are not on His service, you are working for Shaitan and your ego!

May Allah forgive us and give us that good feelings (inspirations) that we may know for whom we have been ordered to be servants. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 15.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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